Broken moral compass

  • Introduction – utter failure of Western Conservatives
  • Alternative Media and Conservatives welcome war and mass murders: why?
  • Existential threat or exceptional stupidity?
  • Some Nations might be so bad they have to be exterminated, say Western Nationalists
  • Revolutions good and bad: good are only those which suit Conservatives narrative   
  • If there’s no Ukrainian Nation, why do I feel enraged, offended and insulted?
  • Ukrainians as sub humans are in good company, together with Anglo-Saxon sub humans, French, Spanish, etc.
  • Independent journalists and bloggers – useful Western idiots
  • Russia is under globalists control, one must be blind not to see it
  • Russia is depopulating, fast
  • Hate but support, nevertheless
  • Putin and Russia don’t fight globalist agenda, they support it
  • Conservatives and AM lit up with glee at Ukrainian genocide
  • Crossing over to dark side, believing they fight Darkness
  • Conservatives and AM ruined their reputation and credibility
  • Conservatives and AM support NWO agenda for quite some time, because of ignorance, or worse
  • Conservatives and AM can’t be trusted because of faulty moral compass 
  • We’re left alone, surrounded by enemies
  • War in Ukraine is only part of much bigger threat
  • I fight my small war and will keep fighting

Introduction – utter failure of Western Conservatives

I wrote this long-read mostly with the purposes to remain at peace with myself and to outline my understanding of the mess we’re in now, becoming much more messy recently after Russi.vs.Ukraine deadly conflict started.

To say that I was shocked by Russian invasion is to say nothing, it was much more than that, and it can be said about millions of people, both Russians and Ukrainians. It was a physical shock – during first ten days, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and literally fell ill. I was born in Russia and grew up in Russia, I’m Russian citizen and was in Ukraine just once, in 2010, for two weeks, visiting Odessa and Kiev. But my father was native Ukrainian, so I’m half Ukrainian. Above said is necessary to explain my feelings and feelings of hundreds of thousand if not millions, of Russian citizen, who like me, have Ukrainian roots.

The main topic of this long-read article isn’t RUvsUKR conflict itself, it’s something I believe, unexpected: it’s the reaction and stance of Western so-called “Alternative Media” (AM), of all so called truth-seekers, freedom fighters, self-proclaimed nationalists and conservatives, etc.

For at least 3 years, specifically during “pandemic” times, Alternative Media were for me, the main source of information. Starting Feb 24 (the date Russia invaded Ukraine and Putin declared so-called “military operation”), I broke off from visiting Alternative Media sites and channels,  I just can’t stand them any more, all of them, including most popular media and influential bloggers,  like Infowars, UK Column, EuropeReloaded, David Knight Show, Nick Fuentes, Mike Adams (fantastic fool), Remnant TV, Dustin Nemos, or outlets believed to be “respectable” like The American Thinker or National Interest.

This article is an attempt to explain and analyze total failure of Alternative Media, both as observers/experts/analytics, and as human beings with basic understanding of “right” and “wrong”. Where their collapse leave us, those who see UN/WEF as the biggest threat mankind ever faced.

Alternative Media and Conservatives welcome war and mass murders: why?

AM have been hailing Putin and Russia for a long time, presenting Russia as the main and only nation in the world openly fighting New World Order, a breakaway from globalism. When Russia invades Ukraine, AM became literally, hysterical, supporting war and fiercely attacking any criticism of Russian aggression. I vividly remember first days and even hours of the invasion, when all the AM gleefully predicted the quick fall of Ukrainian State, imminent occupation of Kiev and other wonderful things, a great Resistance victory – no less. Several days later and until now (May – June – July), they stick to their narrative, rebuffing all the atrocities committed by Russian army, as “fakes” and “propaganda” inspired by and paid for, globalists.

What are their main reasons behind supporting Putin, and justifying the war? They’re laughable and don’t stand close scrutiny:

Existential threat or exceptional stupidity?

Russia is wholly justified in fighting off NATO expansion, because for Russia, it’s “existential threat”, so when/if Ukraine becomes NATO member, it will inevitably lead to aggression against Russia. Ukraine, in fact, was preparing to invade Russia, being armed and trained by NATO.

For all those who know Russia and its’ history, for those who know Ukraine, for those who know even on amateur level military art, such reasoning is a joke. Russia throughout its’ history, is always proclaiming to be under “existential threat”, but miraculously, it doesn’t build up its’ defence, it’s always ramping up its’ offensive power. Take a look at Russia’s neighbouring countries and the history of their relations with Russia, it speaks for itself. Ask Finland or Poland, or Romania or Baltic republics, or Central Asia States, or Caucasian Nations, what do they think about Russian peacefulness, they have quite a story to tell, to prove that the reality is on opposite course with Russian everlasting “existential threat” narrative.

Each and every Russian neighbour was, throughout its’ history, invaded by Russia, not vice versa.  

I want to ask those hordes of useful idiots (be they AM or bloggers, or “experts” like “political scientist” John Mearsheimer), how exactly invasion of Ukraine is removing “existential threat”, how will it make Russia any safer? Ukraine is already flooded with NATO arms, and whether NATO member or not, Ukraine will be NATO stronghold after this war is over, no doubt about that.

Finland and Sweden, both having their historical experience of dealing with Russia, are to become NATO members. Georgia (Caucasus) is more hostile towards Russia, than ever. All Russian neighbours are scared, all they think about is how to distance themselves from Russia, and how to guarantee themselves from centuries-long Russian threat and imperialistic ambitions.

Some Nations might be so bad they have to be exterminated, say Western Nationalists

According to AM “thinkers” and numerous “experts” like shamefully immoral John Mearsheimer, with his no less immoral “offensive realism” theory, there’s no such State as Ukraine. It’s a failed State, a fake, phantom created by bolscheviks, with no history of its’ own. One must be Western “political scientist” to claim something that stupid and false. What about medieval Eastern Europe State Kievan Rus (Kiev’s Russia), which existed long before Moscow was founded? What about many centuries long, painful history of Ukrainian relations with Tsarist Russia, with Poland, with Turkey, with Sweden, with Lithuania, etc.? All in all, those in the West who refuse Ukraine in its’ right to exist, retranslate the worst, the lowest fakes of Russian propaganda, without any thought of their own, or homework. It makes AM “thinkers” job much easier, you see. Amazingly ignorant people run AM, their ignorance being exceeded only by their self-conceit.

Interestingly, as of recent, Russia began printing out new history textbooks both for schools and universities, with as few referrals to Ukraine, Kiev, Kievan Rus,, as plausibly possible, with negative undertones. Ukraine is to be obliterated, both physically now, and historically later, both from reailty and from memories. What country is next in line? Poland, Finland, Baltic Republics, Germany, France? Russia, according to Russian “history scientists” and Eurasia apologists, is the mother of all and everything, with inherent right (more than just right, it’s their historical mission) to rule all the Eurasia mainland, from English Channel to Alaska. Happy with that, Westerners?

Revolutions good and bad: good are only those which suit Conservatives narrative    

Absolutely false is their other claim of artificial, alien revolution, which brought down “rightful” Ukrainian President Yanukovich in the course of the coup, inspired by, paid for and generally, carried out, by CIA, Soros, globalists, etc.  In year 2010 when I visited Ukraine, I had talks with high-ranking Ukrainian officials, and was offered to move to Ukraine for constant residence, but they honestly warned me, that if Yanukovich wins in coming elections, I’d better stay clear of Ukraine. I’ve been in constant touch with Ukrainian ship managers and owners, it was a wail  filled with anger and frustration during all the long months of Yanukovich ruling, it was that corrupt and pro-Russian, a sell-out of Ukrainian economy to Russian oligarchs. I’ve been closely monitoring Ukrainian revolution which ousted Yanukovich, it was people’s revolution, with or without CIA participation. To say that it was CIA and whoever else job with Ukrainians being nothing more than puppets, is to insult Ukrainians. Well, no surprises here, because according to numerous “scientists” like Mearsheimer, there’s no such thing as other nations except superpowers. There are no people with their wills and aspirations, they’re all pawns or foot soldiers on the checkerboard of the “Great Game”. Absolutely disgraceful, shameful theory”, but Mearsheimer and the likes, including AM talking heads, don’t know what shame is about, or morals, or the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

If there’s no Ukrainian Nation, why do I feel enraged, offended and insulted?

I wonder how I and hundreds of thousands of other Russian citizen like me, with Ukrainian roots, who were born and grew up in Russia, suddenly found ourselves deeply offended, insulted, both by Russian anti Ukraine propaganda and AM racial Ukraine related “theories” and language. How come that I experience surge of something deeply nationalistic, pro-Ukraine, something I didn’t even suspect exists in me? If there’s no such nation as Ukraine, if there’s no Ukrainian history, if everything Ukraine is fake and false and Soros/CIA scheming, I shouldn’t feel what I feel, I should agree with Russian and AM disgusting propaganda, acknowledging all Ukrainians fighting Russian aggressors as damnable nazies. I should wholeheartedly support Russian State TV Channels talk shows with their demand to exterminate Ukraine and everyone calling himself Ukrainian, to filter them via concentration camps and either shot them, or send them to GULAG (in stated above there is absolutely no exaggeration, this is what Russian leading media anchors and disgusting “politicians” talk and demand 24/7, on main TV Channels and in main media outlets).

Ukrainians as sub humans are in good company, together with Anglo-Saxon sub humans, French, Spanish, etc.

Russian pseudo-patriots (a very big percentage of Russians,  regretfully) hate Anglo-Saxons no less or probably more, than they hate Ukrainians. They hate USA and UK, and Europe, and openly and unabashedly welcome insane ideas of nuking all the West, or invasion of Europe, at least eastern/central parts of it. How would Alex Jones and other AM scumbags like being announced and propagated as sub humans, as creatures not worth living or having equal rights? How would they like their nations and history slandered as fake and false narratives concocted by Soros?  With some AM gurus, I am sure, it’s the question of their personal profits, so they wouldn’t mind much being labeled as sub humans. What about their followers? Are they that stupid?

Independent journalists and bloggers – useful Western idiots

Now to most funny part of AM pro-Russia agenda – the one which claims, that Russia is the stronghold of conservative values, religion, family values, etc. Russia is a breakaway from globalism, from New World Order, from WEF and UN, short of being the only hope humankind has.

Why do AM make such idiotic claims? Why, because Putin said so! Putin said, addressing the West, that modern West is Evil and Satanic; that he and Russia stand for family values; for conservative values; for Christian religion and other fine things in this sorry world. Did he say it? Yes he did and repeats, from time to time. Whom he addresses? West and West only, because Russian people know better, than take these claims anywhere seriously.

There’s the whole pack, some new breed of “journalists” originating from West, mainly Anglo-Saxons, who infest Russia, Crimea and war-torn Donbass, for a number of years already. They’re not so much journalists, as bloggers – “independent, crowd-founded” bloggers, truth seekers and defenders of all the good things in this world, meaning Russia. They diligently retranslate and propagate Russian media propaganda narrative, and according to them, Russia is the bastion of Good.

Be they anywhere close to their “independent” status, they’d find out, long time ago, that Russia isn’t and wasn’t conservatism and Christian values stronghold, that Russia is at least as controlled by UN/WEF agenda, as any other Western country. At most – much more controlled. There aren’t much conservative “values” left, Russian population isn’t growing but declining and there aren’t much families left having 2 and more children. Why? Because incomes are too small, life is too unpredictable, education is more costly with each passing year, there is no welfare, medical care is as good as non-existent, etc., etc. Putin may say whatever he likes, reality is the opposite. In Russia, we know, that if Putin says something or promises something, the result will be the opposite. In Russia we know, that Putin – with regards to Russian people – is a pathological liar.

Even now when many people in Russia went into hate and war frenzy mode, ask Russian if he likes Putin, the result will be, generally, negative. Nobody likes him, he’s no natural leader, he’s the usurper and by and by, a dictator.

Russia is under globalists control, one must be blind not to see it

All Russian government is globalist, without one exceptions among them. One checks the activities of government during last decade, one will find, that everything government does is in strict compliance with guidebooks and roadmaps concocted by UN/WEF. Absolutely everything, there’s no exception!

Pandemic? No difference between Russia and the West in quarantines, fake statistics, attempts to digitally control as many people as possible via “vaccination certificates” or “green pass”. The only difference is the “vaccine” – Russia created its’ own, SPUTNIK-V, feared by majority of Russians no less than Phizer or Moderna was (is) feared by many Westerners, and for the same reasons – it didn’t prevent infections; it demands regular boosts; it killed and maimed in appalling numbers (true statistics unavailable, of course).

Digital control of all bank accounts including personal, money transfers, E-banking, and war against cash? Same as everywhere. Russian PM Mishustin is digital control zealot, and WEF pet – he’s trying to build up system where everybody will be under constant electronic surveillance and control, he’s a maniac in this sense.

Mega cities? Take a look at Moscow and other cities with population million and up – everywhere they build horrific, monstrous “residential areas” with monster buildings accommodating up to 22,000 residents each, with no spaces and zones to encompass parking lots, enough schools and kinder gardens, green recreation areas – it’s a nightmare, a stage for filming futuristic horror movie. Please keep in mind – we’re talking about Russia, the biggest country in the world, with comparative to its’ vastness, very scarce population.

Russia is depopulating, fast

Last year, Russian population hits record low decrease – around 1 mil people less, in one year, so Russia is depopulating, fast. But Putin said he’s supporting big families with many children, he’s defending traditional family values, so that should be the reality, because Putin says so. Putin did and is doing everything humanly and inhumanly possible to deprive Russians even of dreams of having more than one child, even one is one too many. Having children for young average family is a luxury, more often than not unavailable luxury. It’s too costly, too risky, too insecure, and as a rule, young couples don’t have houses or apartments. There’s no special nationwide policy to assist young families to obtain their own houses – though every 4 or 5 years Putin is promising to launch strategy to assist families and childbirth. Everything – literally everything, Putin ever promised to do, to raise standards of living, incomes, well-being, to develop modern economy and so on, proved to be lie or failure, or both. He didn’t fulfill any promises he made, if speaking about promises to Russians. The only promises he held are promises to invade this or that country, to annex this or that territory of Russia neighbours, to unleash murderous war.

Hate but support, nevertheless

Western useful idiots, believing themselves to be conservatives, support Putin, and repeatedly mislead their audience with false, fake narrative of nationwide support Putin enjoys in Russia. Nothing can be further from the truth. The majority of Russians are on one hand, imperialists, on the other hand they deeply, sincerely and fiercely hate their government, including Putin. Average Russian is a mix of appallingly contradictive behavioral patterns, ideas and beliefs. Inherent imperialism and unshakable belief in everlasting Western existential threat, pacify him with the their rulers, but these are the only ideas they share. That’s why Russians – not all of Russians, but majority – support invasion of Ukraine, an all-out war, mass murders, etc. Propaganda has not much to do with it, mind you. It’s something much deeper than just propaganda, it’s on physical level, not psychological. I have some ideas about deep roots of Russian malevolence, but they’re too radical to voice.

Putin and Russia don’t fight globalist agenda, they support it

What about Putin’s fight with globalism, by the way? How much of this claim is true? Answer is, zero. Did he debunk “pandemic” fraud? No. Did he – ever – speak out against “Climate Change” fraud? No. Did he debunk inhuman UN/WEF Green and other agendas? No.

Check out Russian media – “covid” threat is still on the agenda. RT was criticizing Western “pandemic” induced insanities, lies and crimes, true, but… when addressing Western audience only. Russian language RT was and is supporting “pandemic” narrative, all of it. Same with “Climate Change”. It’s a hypocrisy, but Putin, everything Putin, is hypocrisy, is lies, fakes and deceptions.

So naturally, I ask myself, time and again, why do Western AM and conservatives so stubbornly support and defend Putin, hailing him as a knight in shining armor, the only true warrior who fights globalism. Is it stupidity, or – at least in some cases – more than just stupidity?

Come to think of it, Russia’s mainstream support of UN/WEF most destructive agendas (pandemic; Climate Change; total digital control) is very strange, indeed. Russia declared war against Satanic West, right? So, what, logically, should Russia and Putin do, to get as much public support in the West as possible, to divide Western people and society? It’s obvious – Russia should debunk those agendas, with facts, figures, studies, statistics, opinions of renown scientists. Why Putin doesn’t do it? He is crazy enough to threaten the West with nuclear war, but he is afraid to go against globalists plans? Why? What’s holding him? Or who is holding him? Is he really independent, or is he controlled by some forces we know nothing about? Why is he so irrational in rejecting most natural, most rational  thing to do?

Conservatives and AM lit up with glee at Ukrainian genocide

With all that said, one’s left with the whole bunch of unanswered questions addressed to AM, influential bloggers and those who call themselves “conservatives”, “nationalists” and anti-globalists.

Why did all of them (with I guess, exceptions, of which I am unaware), suddenly, in one day (Feb 24) if not one hour, attack Ukraine with most stupid, most outrageous propaganda crap, word by word Russian propaganda retranslation, without any thought of their own?

Why stubbornly denying horrific war footages demonstrating the results of Russian invasion? Why defy them all as fake? How did AM and conservatives manage to breed so much hate and racist contempt towards Ukraine State and nation, all the while rejecting any blames in being haters and racists?

Are AM and conservatives capable of any impartial analysis at all, of any individual thought and judgment? Why do they behave like one pack or one gang, like they’re commanded or manipulated and follow the same guidebook? In other words, they behave exactly like their mainstream opponents and adversaries. No difference at all. No individuality, no character, no courage, no morals, no nothing.

Why do they believe – believe with religious fervor, that Russian victory will be the victory of good over bad? Do means justify ends? Nothing is crime, including most egregious war and criminal crime, if it’s committed in the name of some bigger good and truth? Who’re they to judge what’s good and what’s bad, who authorized them to give absolution to war criminals?

How Russian devastation of Ukraine and genocide of Ukrainian nation will help anti-globalism cause?! Up to 70-80% of Ukrainians have to undergo “denazification” – meaning thorough checks in filtration camps, mass unlawful killings, long-term GULAG imprisonments, according to Russian national TV anchors and a long row of “politicians”, poisoning TV channels every bloody day, for many hours, with their hatred, racism, russism (a new term emerged recently – Russism (ra-schi-zm) instead of Nazism, because Nazism is too perfunctory and outdated, to describe modern Russian State “philosophy” and policies).

Crossing over to dark side, believing they fight Darkness

Western anti-globalism movement’s enthusiastic support of Putin and Russian aggression is strange indeed, if for example, we recall their last year’s justified claims, accusing globalists in attempts to launch a big war. Here we’ve got it, such a war, right down in Europe. Everybody around is explaining this aggression by unstable state of mind of Putin, by his megalomania, by his desire to re-build Soviet (better still, Tsarist) Empire, in its’ boundaries. But he’s a rational personality, in his own way. Yes he has no empathy, no human emotions, yes he won’t give a wink if murdering millions of people will secure his power just for one more day, but he isn’t suicidal. He’s nationalist – if we recognize a new nationality consisting of just one person, Mr. Putin himself, he’s a passionate nationalist, doing everything he can in order to remain in power, because if he loses power, he loses life, his days and even hours, will be counted. So why he did what he did, what was his rationale? He isn’t on his own, if you ask me. Something forced him into this insane war. What force, exactly?

Western AM and conservatives repeatedly insist, and rightly so, that globalists are trying to incite severe food shortages and ensuing global famine. Globalists did try to disrupt food logistics under covid “pandemic” cover, but obviously, failed. Now they’re trying to create worldwide famine, using Russian-Ukrainian war as a pretext. So, why Western conservatives don’t see obvious and don’t become suspicious of Mr. Putin, of Russia, and of this indeed, very strange war? Are they nothing more than just that, useful idiots? They believe themselves to be fighting Satan, Evil with capital E, but logics and analysis say otherwise – they play right into Devil’s hands, albeit from the other side.

Conservatives and AM ruined their reputation and credibility

AM and conservatives lost credibility, that’s the main consequence of their all-out support of Putin and Russian aggression. Not that I for one, blindly trusted them before the war, I’ve been experiencing growing discontent with them for quite some time already. Too superficial, often contradictory, ridiculously ignorant in everything beyond US boundaries – particularly in history, many factual mistakes and outright partiality… to name a few. Their analysis is preprogrammed result of their narrative, not the result of impartial investigation and expertise. If facts suit their narrative, they use such facts, but if facts contradict or refute their story, facts go to wastebasket.


Nationalism is good, the whole AM/conservatives ideology is based on nationalism being a good thing, a must – something I wholeheartedly agree with. But Ukrainian nationalism doesn’t fit into their Putin-The-Saint Russia-knight-in shining-armor narrative, so Ukrainian nationalism is something not just bad, but evil itself. Why? What’s the fucking difference? French Nationalism is good, British, American, Brazilian – nearly all nations’ nationalism is good, except Ukrainian.

Right to bear arms is unalienable right of peoples and nations, correct? Wrong. It’s a just, fair statement when applying this right to any nation except Ukrainian. Ukrainians mustn’t have this right, because Ukrainian Government (anti Putin, anti Russian) not just granted this right, but called their nation to arms, and gave firearms (AK, grenade launchers) to people willing to have them, for free. For AM/conservatives, it’s a sure sign of nazi-style Ukraine State character. Today Ukrainian people own Ukraine, tomorrow they’ll claim Russia, then Europe and finally, all the world – that’s what so-called conservatives imagine, I guess.

Even AM’s mainstream media opponents aren’t that shamelessly biased, and aren’t that stupid.

By the way, if one checks videos and photos of famous, heroic Canadian truck drivers Rally, he’ll find there a lot of Ukrainian flags, in crowds which support drivers. But he won’t find Russian flags. Ask AM, why? Is it because Ukrainians are all bloody nazies, happy to be part of any unrest? Were they commanded by CIA? I am sure, Jones, David Knight, UK Column anchors and many other their followers, will find degrading, racist explanation, why it was good to support Rally for everyone else with any other flag, except for Ukrainians and their flag.

Conservatives and AM support NWO agenda for quite some time, because of ignorance, or worse

Even bigger credibility flaw is their narrative itself – with no light in tunnel’s end. They are criticizing everything mainstream, everything globalist, everything UN and WEF and New World Order, and they’re absolutely right. But!

They take on word everything globalists and their servants, scientists, say, like it’s Holy Scripture. They don’t doubt pseudo scientific claims of globalists, don’t scrutinize them, don’t invite critically minded scientists, including world-renown and famous, to have a closer look on those claims. Like you know, transhumanism crap, the merge of humans and computers. Like quantum computer God-like powers. Like a lot of other claims, coming straight out of bad sc-fi stories or sick fantasies of the “elites”.

For months soon-to-be years, AM and conservative influentials hammer into their audience the idea of superpowers of modern science, controlled by globalists. If one listens to AM only, he’d soon find himself in a state of acute despair – no chance of escape, no chance of fight, nothing to oppose awesome might of advancing New World Order. Thankfully, I didn’t stop listening to lectures given by scientists in different fields of science, from mathematics to biology, from astronomy to geology and so on. They present entirely different picture of modern science, its’ boundaries, restrictions and real power. Whom am I supposed to trust, scientists or idiots in AM, influentials and the likes? Being an engineer myself, both by education and experience, I trust people who know what they’re talking about, who’re professionals, not people who are ready at any given opportunity to discuss and judge any topic, however far it might be from their education, work, experience. I don’t trust amateurs, and all AM anchors, all conservative influentials, are amateurs, in about everything else except their pet topic – politics.

Even before the war begun, I’ve been asking myself more and more often – on whose side are AM and opposition? Why do they kill hope, any sensible doubt in the idea of overwhelming, unbeatable power of globalists and their scientists? Why don’t they turn to other scientists, not those who serve New World Order? Maybe that’s why all the big Western  uprisings, rallies and protests during “pandemic” horrors took place all by themselves, without “leaders” or leading media outlets – there are no real leaders in sight among conservatives, and there are no alternative media as alternative to mainstream media.

One more interesting thing – there’s one well-known fact in Russia, or leak if you like, from Kremlin insiders, about Mr. Putin’s blind trust in modern science (the one which serves globalists) and miracles it can create, including eternal life via merge with computers. You see, Mr. Putin is devious, cunning and all that, but he isn’t exactly intelligent and well-educated (self-educated, well-read – whatever). So there are many people who blindly and even feverishly believe in New World Order God-like (what the hell – not God-like, but surpassing God) science, from AM anchors, from clowns like Mike Adams (Natural News) or Jones himself, to their dear leader Putin. It says everything one needs to know about Putin and AM anchors.

Conservatives and AM can’t be trusted because of faulty moral compass  

Here’s my main point – I can’t trust a person, I can’t even stand the person justifying and supporting mass murders, war crimes and atrocities of all kinds, all because it suits this person’s ideas and beliefs, however right or wrong they are.  I don’t know their main motives, I believe it’s a mix: in some most obvious cases, it’s a Kremlin payroll; in other cases it’s self-interest without outside interference in monetary or other forms– many influentials follow AM and conservatives leaders, believing it’s the best way to keep the audience they’ve captivated and probably, get some more. I believe though (that’s why I guess, as of recent, they’ve become more constrained when “analyzing” this war, not so blazingly pro-Putin), that they’ve lost quite a share of their audiences, because of their astounding immorality and unscrupulousness .   

There are many people around who have strong basic instincts of what’s right and what’s evil, and undoubtedly, such people turn away from influentials hailing Putin, war, murders of civilian people and so on. Effectively, such influentials, most popular ones, are colluding – directly – in crimes against humanity, they are criminals and can be (should be) brought to justice. They are a shame, a total human failure. They’ve lost the true course to steer, because their moral compass is corrupt or lost, or probably, they didn’t have any.

All most known influentials I visited and listened to, have been talking about money too much, I’d say. With daily number of visitors counting hundreds of thousands and millions hits, they should earn more than enough to provide themselves decent living. But it’s not enough, obviously. Incessant donation pleas, obtrusive sales and advertisements – too much for people whose main concern should be, or so they claim, the Resistance, the fight against New World Order.

AM, conservatives, influentials and others, did a great job by debunking covid and Climate Change hoaxes, no doubt about that. Lion’s share of this job must be attributed to initial sources of information they use – from honest scientists analysis and opinion to undeniable rock-solid facts, in forms of countless documents, speeches, statements, concocted by globalists, from UN Agenda 2021 to WEF dystopian plans, from books written by globalism “thinkers”, to fear-mongering “sci-fi” movies and to MSM disgusting propaganda of above-mentioned hoaxes and anti-human agenda.

But just by one move, one narrative, opposition undermined all its’ job, and most importantly, undermined trust in what opposition says, offers, etc. These people obviously, have a problem with moral compass, it’s either faulty or simply thrown away. There’s no truth and morality in malicious theory “lesser evil in the name of bigger good”, and never was. Evil is evil, no considerations and wishful thinking can justify, legalize aggressive war, mass murders and atrocities it brought upon innocent people.

Opposition is so biased, it denies undeniable, it denies facts and reality, and supports pure evil, telling all the time to its’ audience, that opposition is fighting Satan. No, you aren’t, at least not anymore. You’re playing right into devil’s hand, opposition, and you don’t care. You’re disgusting.

We’re left alone, surrounded by enemies

Sudden exposure of AM and conservatives, as people who can’t be trusted, left us all alone, encircled by enemies. We don’t have centers or places to get truthful information and impartial analysis, in forms of AM, influential blogs, reliable and trustworthy politicians and media anchors. We’re all by ourselves – I mean by “we” people who are looking for truth, based on Christian morality, people who don’t believe that the end justify means.

By no means globalism actions have become less deadly and fearsome, with the beginning of war in Europe. Climate Change psychosis is in full swing, with implementation of new and more insane, more destructive programs. So-called “pandemic” and “vaccination” hoaxes killed more people than  Russian-Ukrainian war, and keep killing them. Climate Change Green Agenda killed an unknown number of people by inducing misery and famine, and will kill, if not stopped, hundreds of millions more, including populations of developed countries. Green sustainable energy is a myth, a bomb to deprive mankind of energy, to throw mankind back into dark ages.

Insidious power grab by global elites goes on, it’s everywhere including shipping, with increasing pressure on industry to succumb to total, centralized, digitalization and electronic control. The list of red flags and lights is endless.

Enemy is on the march, its’ name is “globalism”, if one’s afraid of being openly religious, or too “progressive”, to use much better and precise term “evil”, or “Satan”.

All of sudden, those whom we count as friends, allies and moral authorities, guru if you like, disclosed themselves as nothing of the above. They proved themselves to be moral deviants, no better if not worse, than their mainstream opponents.

War in Ukraine is only part of much bigger threat

As I see it, war in Ukraine, however horrific, is regretfully, only a part of a broader picture, a piece of devilish scenario. Covid-pandemic, strictly speaking, is more deadly than this war. Climate Change Agenda is already killing unknown number of people and effectively destroy Nature, being potentially, more destructive for planet and mankind, than even nuclear war. Again, war, pandemic and Green Agenda are but part of bigger scenario of New World Order, with total personal control, with One World Government, one global police force, with elimination of nations and so on – have a look at UN/WEF plans and programs, cards are on the table, everything is in the open.  

I fight my small war and will keep fighting

For me personally, there’s no option, no choice. I’m strongly against Russian aggression. Of course, I can’t side with Russian mainstream, it’s out of question. I’m trying to abstain myself from emotional analysis , when asked for interview, and stick to bare analysis without any political assessments or judgments. So I agree to give interviews to CNN or Bild or Radio France or Reuters, explaining situation with shipping Ukrainian grain from occupied Ukrainian territories; or analyzing Russian shipping under sanctions, remaining as neutral as possible. Same goes with some Russian MSM, also. I’m still interviewed by them, my analysis of Russian shipping and its’ woes speaks for itself, no politics required.

Russian opposition and Ukrainian mainstream meanwhile, are strongly pro-globalism. Everything globalism is for them, can’t be doubted, from covid to Climate Change and Green Agenda, therefore I can’t wholeheartedly side with Russian opposition and opposition media, and also, Ukrainian media and some Western media, like Radio Freedom. Suffice to say, that Russian opposition media equal so-called anti vaxxers and Green Agenda skeptics to war and Putin regime supporters.

With that said, no criticism, however, can be thrown at Ukraine mainstream, for but one very strong reason – Ukraine is fighting for its’ survival, both State and Nation, in a mortal combat with much stronger (because of sheer figures; physical mass) enemy. Ukraine is above criticism, in its’ sacred fight.

I keep fighting in my own small way, independently, trying to remain as impartial as it is possible. Unlike opposition media, be it pro-globalism Russian opposition media or Western anti-globalism media, I don’t beg for donations, or “likes”, or advertisements, or in fact, for anything at all. I will keep fighting till I physically can. No allies seen so far, many people, all of sudden, demonstrate themselves as moral perverts, blinded and deafened by this or that belief or prejudice, without fundamental understanding of right and wrong.

Again, I can’t but express my frustration and bewilderment at shipping industry’s total lack of any resistance to globalism, specifically to Green Agenda insanity. No intelligent person in sound mind can seriously believe in this Climate Change crap, it is in itself, a minimal IQ test, the difference between hopeless imbecile and minimally intelligent person. So, why? Why on the face of it, serious people and professionals, keep playing this stupid (worse than that – criminal) game, and proclaim naked king as richly dressed? Why? What do you have to lose, by remaining moral? Your temporary gains and profits? You’ll lose it all and much more, real soon. You will ruin your children future. Are you so much morally perverted? What happened, people? When and how the majority of us became morally blind and can’t discern the line between staying human and becoming something inhuman?

Anyone in shipping who feels that the time to stay silent and docile has run out, that we have to stand up against insanity, is welcome to join me, in whatever way one finds most suitable for himself. Or start your own war, I will be glad to help. Just wake up, and start doing something!

Meanwhile, steer yourself trusting your own moral compass, don’t trust countless “pilots” around eager to control you, they might come wrong or maliciously deceitful. 

Voytenko Mikhail

April – July 2022



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.