Life or death, SME shipowners? Time to choose.

The trend of dropping container majors’ “services” by establishing independent shipping mini-lines continues to spread: The shipping problems between Malaysia and foreign countries have prompted Japanese Daiken Corp to charter a cargo ship to bring its medium density fibreboard (MDF) manufactured in Sarawak to Japan. Last month, Daiken chartered general cargo ship APPOLO BENI (dwt 10309, IMO 9354193) to bring 3,000 cu m of plywood and 6,000 cu m of MDF from Indonesia to Nagoya via Yokkaichi Port. Due to the direct voyage, it took only two weeks instead of a month normally for the wood products to arrive in Japan from Indonesia.
In addition to the difficulties to secure shipping space and empty containers to load the goods, Japan importers are reportedly having to struggle with the soaring ocean freight.
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What will be the next move of nations, businesses, shippers? I believe, it’s obvious – they’ll have to establish bilateral or multilateral shipping lines, calling only the ports of nations embraced by agreements. The main enemy in this case, will be not shipping majors, but insane, criminal “Zero-emission” international regulations, taxations, restrictions. Two or more nations make an agreement, which will exclude the ships deployed under such agreement and sailing between the ports of signatory countries, from any and all restrictions imposed by unlawful, criminal “maritime organizations”, UN, WEF, etc. Such ships will be able to use any bunker fuel their owners would deem most efficient and cost-effective, and with that, screwing our dear global and shipping leaders, and their anti-mankind agenda.

Container majors, meanwhile, doubled down on “Green Zero-Emission Agenda”. The Big Mob of container shipping, the World Shipping Council (WSC), is pushing IMO towards much more draconian, devastating for shipping and economy, set of emission regulators, with carbon price being the keystone. It’s a direct result of their waning power, undermined by soaring growth of independent shipping. Small and middle sized shipowners are their main enemies, be they owners of small container ships, or bulk carriers, or general cargo tweendecks. They plan to crash independent shipping by CO2 taxation, unbearable and ruinous for SMEs.

National SME shipowners should already start planning their counter moves, to fight off “green agenda”. They should lobby national independent shipping idea and projects, to counteract globalists and dear shipping leaders. But that’s where the main problem lies – there’s hardly a nation left, whose State isn’t run by globalists. States, indeed, have become the main enemies of the nations they parasite on. Uncontrolled governments, parliaments which represent any interests except interests of we the people, monstrously oversized governmental structures and bodies, striving to take commons under total control, are a cancer, a deadly disease, threatening the nations’ mere existence. Many of ruling classes started to understand, that the New World Order, including Green Agenda, will destroy not only their nations, useless serfs and commons, but them also. They’re already pulling back, but it’s not a solution. The majority of nations need a fundamental overhaul of their State structure, a Great Reset, or face extinction.

Zero-emission agenda, meanwhile, spins out of control, it’s an insane mix of hysterics, of total ignorance of science and facts, of greed and blindness, of corruption and crimes. With regards to shipping, all active participants in the agenda, from dear shipping leaders including dear shipping propaganda (called media), to major shipowners and engines manufacturers, to “innovative” start-ups with their digitalization, to NGOs slime and lice of course, have become, in effect, criminals. They commit economy crimes against humanity, and crimes against Nature and Life on Earth, because “sustainability” agenda does kill life, all forms of life. Go do your homework, read numerous studies on “renewable energy” and “green agenda” in general, and its’ devastating results, it’s worse than nuclear war, because it’s here and now, and it’s gathering way.

Small and middle sized shipowners, you’re on top of the list of the main enemies of New World Order, of WEF/UN and our dear comrades shipping leaders. New World Order is nothing more than reincarnation of good old communism and slavery, so everything independent, skilled, professional, entrepreneurial is a threat to NWO. You must be exterminated, according to Great Reset and anti-human maniacs. Anything free and self-dependent can’t co-exist with New World Order. It’s the question of life and death, literally. Wake up, and resist the agenda and policies of New World Order, both national and international, by all means and in all ways possible. Avoid digitalization, it’s a shortest road to total control. Keep your ships reliable and effective by rejecting excessive automation, crazy new “fuels”, kites, wind turbines, etc. In a very near future most profitable will be the least “innovative” ships, not maimed by “green technologies”. Keep in mind – seamen are, and will be, irreplaceable asset, “unmanned ships” is just another wet dystopian dream among others, of insane globalists, it’s unrealistic.
I repeat – wake up, shipowners. “Sustainable shipping” agenda is much bigger threat, than “pandemic”, it’s a deadly threat. Unite, nationally and internationally. Get your own voice, instead of industry propaganda “media”.

To our dear comrades, shipping leaders, and their propaganda machine, “industry media”: you’re all already criminals, and keep in mind, remember all the time – you’ll be held responsible. Great Global Awakening is on the march, and with it, grow anger and wrath among us, commons, despicables, serfs and what else. Canadian truckers heroic “Freedom Rally”, is only a spearhead, a symbol, with much more powerful forces coming into play. You may not live long enough to see court and trial, idiots. There are much quicker ways of carrying out justice, read history. Many of you are already scared, I know. Repent and choose the right side by returning to humanity, or run while you can. Your crimes won’t be forgotten, nor forgiven.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.