Thai Captain of bulk carrier arrested for concealing crew sickness

A 53-year old Thai Captain of THORESEN’s bulk carrier THOR MONADIC was arrested by the Hong Kong police on Sep 14, and appeared at court on Sep 15, outcome yet unknown. He’s charged with fraudulent concealment of his crew health status, namely the covid-like symptoms of fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties among several crew members. The ship arrived at Ningbo-Zhoushan anchorage around middle Aug from Indonesia, left anchorage on Aug 20 and sailed to Hong Kong, details unclear. She arrived at HK anchorage on Aug 24 and asked for clean bill of health, but HK Department of Health was already alerted by snitches on probable crew sickness outbreak, sources of snitching unknown. All 23 crew were tested, 15 were tested positive, including Captain. They’ve been taken to hospital and later all but one released and returned on board – understood because they were and are just that – healthy people. The ship is remaining at anchorage under quarantine.

The ship initially, arrived at Indonesia (Banjarmasin area anchorage) from Mundra India. The ship is Singapore-flagged and Thai crew manned, little doubt all or part of the crew were “vaccinated”. But even without the jab, cases of several crew getting flu were nothing unusual, nothing extraordinary, until the darkness of “new normal” damned times engulfed us. Healthy crew is unhealthy because fake PCR test said so. Captain is a criminal because he claimed his crew is healthy. Department of “Health” is Department of persecution and spying, using fake and false test as its’ main instrument. Healthy but not jabbed are sick, sick but jabbed are healthy. Hospitals all around the world have become most dangerous places on Earth to go to, a wild roulette with maniacs in white coats, who’re killing patients with intentionally wrong treatment, or if patient recovers nonetheless, put him under modern guillotine – ventilator. Nobody is left behind; new normal; build back better; new world order; help the planet – kill yourself.

Bulk carrier THOR MONADIC, IMO 9331220, dwt 56026, built 2006, flag Singapore, ISM manager THORESEN & CO BANGKOK LTD (EQUASIS).



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