Shipping is blood of economy, but as of recent, a bad blood

According to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), the number of ships calling EU ports in 2020 fell to 776,964, from 882,960 in 2019, recording an annual decrease of 12%. In particular, ship traffic from China to Europe decreased by 41.5%, while from Europe to China by 52.7%. The reduction applies to all types of ships and is not limited to one specific type. The picture of ship traffic from the EU to the US and vice versa was similar. Specifically, there was a decrease in ship traffic by 32.9% from Europe to the US and 38.8% from the US to Europe. It is noted that the US represents the most important destination of the goods that are exported from the EU.

Monitoring and analyzing maritime accidents for many years already, I on my part, witness a steep decline in merchant shipping, starting fall last year. I have my own benchmarks and signals to understand, that something is very, very wrong. My understanding of the situation is based on objective factors and real facts. I am not alone in recognizing present situation in shipping as unprecedented and very alarming, I know that many insiders came to the same grim conclusion, but they prefer to remain silent, allowing fraudsters and criminals to push insane “post-pandemic recovery” narrative.

Post-pandemic recovery? Are you serious?
All industries all around the globe are in the process of demolition. Cruise industry, for one, is already destroyed. Passenger aviation is in deep decline without any hope of recovery for as long, as “pandemic” insanity and crime continues (According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, the first quarter of this year only saw 6.66 million people taking either domestic or international flights in Thailand. This marked a sharp drop of 79.1 per cent compared to 25.27 million passengers in the same period last year.). Tourism industry is destroyed, with all its’ giant infrastructure, from hotels to restaurants. That what is smoldering now, isn’t worldwide thriving industry, it’s remnants and ruins.
Farmers are deprived of their lands and farms (USA, Russia, EU…), with arable lands and food production going under full control of globalist cabal. Agriculture and food production sectors are soon to be replaced with a new industry of producing anti human chemical/insect/soy stuff, more dangerous for humans, than any of your nuclear weaponry.
Livestock sea transportation is to be banned soon, worldwide.
Middle class, the main engine and drive for economy and prospering society, is subject to total extinction. Everybody is to be equally poor and miserable (everybody who survives “vaccination”, that is), except of course, our dear elites and some of their servants.
Energy sector, the heart of civilization, has been “vaccinated” with “green agenda” and is suffering a sheer heart attack. “Sustainable energy” is not sustainable and strictly speaking, is not energy, not to mention its’ devastating effect on nature. Pics of wind farms or solar farms resemble scenes from horror movies, showing Earth occupied by murderous aliens.

“Stimulus packages” are in their essence, a strong-drug jab of a mortally ill world economy, it has nothing to do with recovery. Countries are printing and handing out moneys to people, with the only purpose of destroying jobs and industries, disguised as “lockdowns” to “fight the pandemic”. People buy cheap Chinese stuff and submerge into the abyss of misery and poverty.

Mortally ill economy, jabbed with deadly drugs
All economy really needs is leaving it alone, and immediate cancellation of “pandemic” and “Climate Change” criminal campaigns. Then and only then economy will rebound, in no time. But with ruling regimes, both on international and on national levels, it seems to be impossible. Criminal MSM propaganda makes it all real simple – all those who work, who produce goods and services and knowledge, are criminals, because they “destroy Mother Nature”. All criminals and scum of the world, all do-gooders do-nothing “humanitarian” filth, be they BLM or Antifa or “environment” NGOs like European green group Transport & Environment, or Clean Shipping Coalition, or thousands of others, are proclaimed as heroes. Madness rules the world.

“Recovery” myth – it’s not recovery, as of now it’s a robbery
But according to industry so-called “media” and “analytics”, everything is fantastically fine. Shipping is surging! Rates and charter rates skyrocket! Economy is rebounding from pandemic! Shameless robbery of humanity and economy by means of exorbitant, insane, criminal freight rates, imposed by shipping majors, is feast of vultures on mankind and global economy in death throes, not a “robust shipping rebound”.

In Asia, 20-foot container US bound freight rates skyrocketed from $3,000-4,000 to $10,000; EU bound rates rose from $1,200-1,300 to $4,000.
The increase in freight costs was reflected in the increased revenue of freight forwarder CMA CGM, the French sea freight forwarder. It posted net income of $2.1 billion in the first quarter of 2021, compared to $48 million in the same quarter of 2020.
…dry bulk market should stay strong throughout 2021 and further on, thanks mainly to two contributors: very low fleet growth and worldwide monetary stimulus led by Chinese $667 billion, and followed by the majority of world governments summing up to some $20 trillion of allocated funds to counteract “pandemic” negative effects…
Dry bulk sector “recovery” is as artificial as container sector “recovery”, driven basically, by artificially created tonnage shortage (slow-speeding; “stimulus packages”). It has nothing to do with healthy and robust economy.

CO2 tax (tax on air, literally) to be hammered in soon, is one more heavy blow to economy and mankind, one more crime in a long row of non-stop crimes against humanity.

Shipping industry is, as of recent, sabotaging global economy, by making freight costs insanely high. Industries suffer, producers suffer, retail and services suffer, and in order to survive and cover skyrocketing costs of everything including transportation, they have to raise selling prices, pushing general public further into misery and poverty. Shipping is often compared to blood, to illustrate its’ importance for humanity. Well, as of now, it’s a bad blood, sick blood full of clots, it’s exacerbating the evolving crisis, not mitigating it.

The fear of the truth, of the reality
“Analytics” and shipping stakeholders behave like hogs picking up acorns from dirt – they can’t raise their heads and take a broader look, either because they lost the ability of thinking rationally, or out of fear. The real world is too scary, so they prefer to remain in their delusional bubble, concocted and maintained by disgustingly false and fake “industry media”, where everything is going back to business as usual. So just like hogs picking acorns from a small patch of dirt around oak tree, they believe pastures around are full of acorns, enough to feed them for years. There’s only one tree left, rotten to the core and ready to fall, but the majority of shipping doesn’t want, refuse to accept frightening reality.
There’s nothing even close to being “normal”, one has to look out of window or take a walk (if he’s allowed to leave his house at will) around, to see and feel very grim reality.
If it’s not enough, go read MSM, WEF Great Reset and UN programs, and try to apply logic to these anti-human plans. “I own nothing and I’ve never been more happy” – it’s about our near future in the concentration camps, presented to us as “smart cities”. Or read about oncoming “Climate Change” lockdowns. Where do you see demand/supply/economy growth? We are to live in dormitories; wear “rented sustainable” rags and eat chemical stuff concocted from wastes, chemicals, soy and insects. One has to be a hopeless, incurable imbecile, to be optimistic, in a manner industry “media” stick to.
But according to industry mainstream and media, the biggest problems of shipping are GHG emissions; lack of digitalization; lack of regulations; lack of control, plus of course, their everlasting “crew abandonment” fear-mongering, plus “too slow” crews “vaccination”, and “crew change crisis”.

Seamen agree to play Russian Roulette, to keep their job
The majority of seamen prefer to believe in what mainstream says, because they’re, also, afraid of the truth, mainly because they don’t want to lose their jobs and high salaries. They’ll have to recognize the truth when the reality hits them, with vaxx-caused deaths and mass illnesses, and with mass unemployment, which is just around the corner. Many are hesitant and confused, some are looking for answers, they’re soon to be joined by the majority, when the majority will finally, recognize the reality and the gap between reality and illusions they’re fed with, by shipping “leaders”, trade-union thugs, charities/NGOs, and fake media. Well, each and every question they’ll ask is already answered, this is not, basically, problem of finding answers, this is the problem of recognizing the truth. Lure of high salaries is yet too strong, but it will evaporate, rather sooner than later.

No way to escape reality
There’s no sensible resistance on the part of shipping, none whatsoever. There’s of course, passive, reflectory sabotage of international and national heaps of laws and regulations, because operational, workable shipping and compliance with legislation are absolutely incompatible. Either crews, owners and charteres violate or “stretch” laws or regulations, or they come to a stall. But with that, shipping in its’ majority, doesn’t stand up against spreading suicidal madness, and worse – it acquiesces to “new world order” and “new normal”, though many in shipping understand how crazy it all is. They keep silence, hoping that it will all somehow, fix itself, without their direct involvement and open resistance. Well, it won’t. The sooner people in shipping part with illusions and delusions, the better is their chance to come out alive, and least injured.

Voytenko Mikhail
Jun – Jul 2021



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.