Shipping between hammer and anvil: China better option than West?

It should come as absolutely no surprise, that the Chinese crews are conquering sea labor market, pushing out Indian and Philippine seamen. It’s a continuation of the plan, which started last year with Wuhan Kabuki theatre show. China gleefully watches the West and generally, most of the world, destroying their economies, normal life, normal anything. China has become a main (soon to be the only one, it seems) production country in the world, enormous factory which produces the main bulk of consumer goods, and floods with them the rest of the world. The map of global shipping and logistics has been already dramatically re-drawn. Everything is either under way to China, or sailing from China. Total takeover. China, with that, doesn’t have any problems with “deadly virus”.
So it is only logical, that China is taking opportunities everywhere to wipe out rivals and become a monopolist. I’ve heard the stories about foreign crews change hampering in China as early as summer last year, but starting fall last year – early this year, it’s all in the open. It’s not limited to crew change, it’s much bigger – ships with Chinese crews are welcomed in China ports, ships with foreign crews, especially so if they include competitor nationalities, are highly unwelcome or simply banned.

India and Philippines – you’re out, blame yourselves
I’ve, frankly, no compassion towards Indian and Filipino sailors. Why? Because the majority of them do believe in “pandemic”, “vaccination” and the rest of it. Because India, with all its’ historical and present rivalry against China, couldn’t make China more happy, than come up with its’ ongoing “deadly covid second wave” crisis, which can’t be explained in any rational, sensible way. Philippines authorities aren’t much better. You want to keep your jobs, guys? Oppose the “pandemic” insanity in your homeland. Incidentally, India started practicing exactly the same policy back in 2020, banning foreign sign-ons but allowing sign-offs, and with that, leaving no other choice except hiring Indian sailors.
By the way, China and a number of other countries demonstrate now, what these “vaccines” are really worth, together with “key worker” status and vaxx certificate. Nothing. They ban everybody when it suits their purposes, notwithstanding person’s vaxx status.

China goes loose
Globalists/WEF/UN/WHO united with China in their attempt to take the world under total control, thinking that China is controllable and will stick to their Agenda2021/GreatReset/GreenNewDeal plans. This is one of the major flaws of their plans, exactly in the way it happens in organized crime world – no friends there, no allies and no true followers, only egotistic ambitions and goals, everyone for himself and all of them are mortal enemies to each other.
China is all by itself and for itself, China doesn’t give a damn about globalists plans, because China has its’ own. Soon China will look at merchant fleet market and find it very unfavorable and unfair. China is the main driver of global economy, so why, in Marx’s name, there are so many foreign major shipping companies, carrying either raw materials to China, or consumer goods from China? It’s a pure imperialism, isn’t it? You just wait and see, major shipping CEO useful idiots, your turn is coming soon, you’re dispensable.

Who needs these maritime organizations, anyway?
Soon enough, China will reconsider its’ international memberships and obligations. Not that China is sticking to them now – China ignores all its’ “Climate Change” commitments and goes on living, working, producing and consuming, as if Paris Agreement doesn’t exist. China is immune from any accusations in obstructing crew changes, or simply put, China doesn’t care if somebody doesn’t like what China is doing. That is to say, that all guidelines, best practices and regulations, concocted by international maritime bodies, mean essentially, nothing, and have no practical value, simply because China is the main drive, which keeps global shipping afloat, and China does what it thinks is best for China, paying no heed to so-called «shipping leaders”.
It’s only the question of time for China to come to a conclusion, that there’s not much sense left in having International maritime organizations, including ITF, at all. Chinese Ministry of Global Shipping will do just fine.

China as a better option than UN/WEF depopulation agenda
To think about it, China looks like a far better option than UN/WEF planet depopulation agenda. China at least, firmly stands on the ground of common sense and science, paying lip service to “pandemic” and “climate change” insanities, and doing what it deems the best for the country. I somehow, get a feeling, that China is vaccinating its’ seamen with some harmless stuff, placebo or something, or just hand out “vaccination certificates” without bothering itself with jabs.
Indeed, taking anywhere seriously “pandemic” and “climate change” narratives is an insult to any intellect, if it’s miniscule above those of Greta or Gore or Trudeau, or shipping CEOs and “leaders”.

International maritime organizations, as I see it, already lost control over shipping – they cling to globalist agenda like survivor clings to life jacket, drifting with the mainstream and simply carrying out orders of their masters, be it crews vaccinations or “zero-emission” dystopian future, which will never come. They’re zombies, a logical dead end for people, who sold themselves out to satanic agenda.
I can’t find any better term to characterize them except the term “degenerate”. They’re degenerates – moral, intellectual, professional, and even physical. Look at them – same indiscernible faces; same expensive suits; same heaps of same meaningless words; same lack of any trace of personality.
So no wonder, no surprise at all, in China’s successful rush for global dominance in everything, including shipping. With West degenerating to its’ present condition and non-stop self-destruction, there are no rivals around.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.