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International Chamber of Shipping ICS issued a so-called “practical guide” – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccination for Seafarers and Shipping Companies: A Practical Guide, to be spread in shipping community. Obviously, the main goals of this guide are to reassure seamen that everything is under control, vaccines are safe and effective and absolutely inevitable if a man wants to continue his maritime career; and to fight “anti-vax” disinformation.

Read this piece of trash, and after that, if you want to decide for yourself and come to your own conclusions, not letting International Ministry of Truth – ICS I mean, to think and decide for yourself, read and listed to materials I’m giving links to, below. You’ll find out, that generally, vaccines don’t give you immunity or guarantee it; that you’ll have to wear masks and stick to the rest of “new normal” (concentration camp) regulations; that you won’t be vaccinated once, but have to brace yourself for annual multiply shots… list goes on and on. This guide itself is enough for any person accustomed to thinking and analyzing, not to a blind trust to anything bloody (literally bloody) authorities says, to become extremely skeptical and cautious, towards vaccines, “pandemic” and “authorities”.

ICS forgot to specify, underline some very important, decisive issues, such as:
Does vaccine give you a green pass to travel around without restrictions, endless test and quarantines? Answer is – no, it doesn’t, and as of now, vax certificates are valid or soon to become valid, on some restricted scale, subject to mutual agreements between States, or regional agreements. OK, if UN/WEF/WHO complete their conquer of the world and implement worldwide universal vax passport, will it “make you free”? Not exactly (not at all, actually), but with regards to shipping, it entails something much more dangerous, than travel problems.

Seamen will have to undergo multiply vaccinations yearly, and that need will lead them into unavoidable – they’ll have to take new vaccines as soon as they emerge and become compulsory, in order for vax passport to remain valid. Seamen won’t be able to take vaccines from the same producer under the regs of their country of residence, they’ll have to take a new shot whenever country they’re in, whatever the producer, whatever the procedures. In a year’s time,  body of each and every seaman stupid enough to keep working at seas, will become a vessel, a flask, full of poisonous chemical stuff, produced by different companies and injected under different protocols.
Listen to your God-given body, seamen, and decide for yourself, if this new, artificial, chemical “immunity” they’re jabbing into us, is better and safer, than our natural immunity.

So-called “shipping leaders”, intl maritime bodies, be they real responsible leaders, should analyze the situation and the consequences of this deadly unholy unit: multiply annual vaccinations plus universal vaxx passport, when specifically applied to sea labor. That’s what they must do, but won’t do, and if taking a look at ICS, not because, I believe (I’m sure), they’re under pressure from shipwoners, but because they’re obeying orders, given by their Masters, who’re sitting in UN, WEF, WHO, etc. plus probably, CCP.

Guy Platten, ICS secretary general said: “The guide includes straightforward information on the different types of vaccine available globally, and their safety benefits for all parties involved in global maritime. This is to counter anti-vaxx misinformation circulating online that might be dissuading crew from taking up the vaccine.”
Really, Guy? It’s all about straightforward information you provide, and anti-vaxxers misinformation? How about this:
Side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines are reported to be mild and short lived, lasting up to 48 hours. Serious side effects are reported to be extremely rare. – excerpt from A Practical Guide. Last week’s news: EU Reports 3,964 Killed by Covid Vaccines, 162,610 Injured – by early or mid- March, since EU mass vaccination launch. Are we to consider these stats as the proof of side-effects extreme rareness? I presume Guy Platten resides in the UK, so in case he doesn’t know what’s going on in UK with regards to vaccination and its’ consequences, I recommend him to get in touch with the reality and find out the statistics of “extremely rare” side-effects, taken from official NHS sources:

UK Column News – 24th

A pathetic, disgraceful video, made by newly-born shipping “hollywood”, ICS, is essentially, a counter anti-vaxx propaganda Participating actors (be they real working seamen or dummies, it doesn’t matter) said, that they trust authorities, science, doctors, and call all the community not to listen to anti-vaxx disinformation. They – actors – believe in truth! A whole lot of truth, a Ministry of Truth, comprised of intl maritime bodies, ITF of course, their own media (which they call “industry media”), and led by what seems to be Ministry CEO or Minister, the ICS.

Links to some of the materials revealing the backstage of vaccination and vaccines:

Herd Immunity: A False Rationale for Vaccine Mandates

And here’s a link to video with multiply studies made before “pandemic”, research into the effectiveness and safety of masks through the last century. Next time you wear a mask willingly somewhere where it’s not mandatory, recall this video:

By the way, this pic I publish, was made by me in April last year to illustrate my article written in Russian, and several readers reprimanded me for this pic, as absolutely not appropriate. How about now? Still not appropriate?



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