Ship crew vaccination trends

Two significative articles were published recently, one by GARD, another one by industry outlet, both revealing a true character of persons and companies, and attitude they adopted in the ongoing “pandemic” crime. Here’s GARD opinion on PCR-tests:
To date, testing during the pandemic has mostly relied on the use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. This test method remains the ‘gold standard’ for detecting the virus that causes COVID-19 and for diagnosing an active COVID-19 infection. PCR-tests are generally very accurate.
There are tons of materials saying and proving otherwise, that the PCR-tests are unreliable and even more, weren’t intended for epidemic/pandemic test purposes, from the very invention of this test. Unreliability of PCR-tests is recognized and acknowledged officially, on nations and international levels. Just one first-hand account:
My son-in-law is an engineer in a medical company, he’s setting and fixing Siemen’s medical diagnostic equipment. Company is based in Moscow and is embedded in Russian Ministry of Health, for obvious reasons. Half of his time he’s spending on business trips around Russia, visiting major cities and their hospitals, installing/maintaining, literally, vitally important equipment. After one of such trips he was tested positive, and had to undergo 14-day quarantine. But next day – miracle! – he has received a message from Moscow disease control center, informing him, that his test has been changed to negative. He wasn’t alone. On that day, tens of thousands of people in Russia, who were tested positive, were informed by “health” authorities, that their tests results were changed to negative. As he later found out (his company, actually), Ministry of Health simply changed test technical regulations, and reduced the number of cycles to run the sample.
PCR-tests are notoriously unreliable and not objective, or in other words, they suit the purposes of the authorities. When government wants to create a panic, a second or third or “new strain” or whatever else, “pandemic wave”, tests are run on increased number of cycles, and that leads to an upsurge of positive tests. Absolutely healthy people are declared to be “dangerous” and “contagious”, against any science or common sense, or decency, or morals. Proactive testing with high number of cycles, be it made worldwide, will find the majority of world population positive tested.
If GARD in its’ working practices, follows the same understanding of what «gold standard” is, as in its’ explanation and definition of PCR-tests, then there’s isn’t much left to say. Except probably, congratulating GARD clients on their excellent choice of services provider.

Another article describes the pains and woes of shipowners, brought by crews vaccinations problems. I strongly advise all concerned parties, including seamen, to read it through, and pay to it attention it deserves. Article is large and is full of legal terms and terminology, though actually, the meaning, the zest of this article, can be described in just two sentences:
1. How the shipowner can coerce his crews into vaccinations and not violate the laws (A decision of the Council of Europe was made on 27/1/21, in which all authorities are ordered not to pressure or solicit people to take the Corona vaccine in any way.).
2. How the shipowner can avoid liability for any negative health effects, caused by covid vaccination.
No words, no thoughts, no ideas – at all – with regards to “our dear seafarers”, and to risks they face if they succumb to pressure and get the vaccine shot, especially in light of surge in reported cases of deaths and severe side effects, brought by vaccinations, worldwide, and recent bombshell from one of world’s leading vaccine developers, Mr. Geert Vanden Bossche.
Bill Gates and WEF/UN want us all to change our diet, replacing natural products with artificial meat and meals based on insects. After I read article, I felt like I had eaten this new sustainable green meal, made from insects.

I wonder (joke – we all understand that there’s nothing to wonder, it’s all crystal-clear), why no one in shipping has paid any attention to, or at least, mention, one fact, which devastates all the “pandemic” narrative – namely, that for more than a year already, there was no confirmed covid-caused death in all global merchant marine fleet. There was one recent case in Norway, when Captain died of “covid-related” heart attack, but again, without any details given.
As of now, we know, from vaccine-related morbid statistics, that covid vaccination may cause, along with other side effects, heart attack. Surely, such a death is covid-related, but in what sense, how? What about recent mass crews poisoning incidents? What about any statistics or news on all-crew vaccination cases? How many of them already took place, and what were the results? A lack of any such data is suspicious, is an alarming fact, isn’t it?
But the major fact of zero covid-related mortality remains unanswered and overlooked. This one fact makes covid disease the least dangerous infectious disease of all known diseases, in all known history of merchant fleet. This one fact gives enough grounds to question everything, each and every “preventive” measure and practice, which lead to crew change crisis. This fact alone invalidates the necessity of crew vaccinations, let alone mandatory vaccinations.
I know, that no facts, no sane, sound-minded reasons, including scientific, will stop crews vaccination rollout. We live in the world, deprived, as of now, of reason, sanity, God-given laws and freedoms – we’re under siege and already partially occupied.

Again, I address seamen from Eastern European nations only (Russian and Ukrainian in the first place), omitting other nations, including Western, for a number of reasons.
You must fully recognize the reality we’re living in, and behave respectively. Evil is the name of the reality, evil is ruling and is in power, whether it is sitting in presidential palace or in mainstream media offices. If you can’t avoid or delay vaccination for obvious reasons, do your best and try to find alternatives. There’s growing demand for vaccination certificates and vaccinations, which exclude being shot with a deadly vaccine. If there’s a demand, there will be and there already is, offer. Lenin couldn’t obliterate market even in times of “military communism”, Mao failed, too. Call it black market or grey market, but there always will be a market, for everything, including vaccine certificates without vaccines, and/or safe (placebo or something) vaccinations. Your main responsibility is to stay alive and healthy. Ruling globalists main agenda is to jab us all, and later, vaccinate us on a regular basis, several times a year. They want to eliminate us, we want to survive and live as free people. If you recognize this grim reality, you’d find answers, responses, solutions. If you prefer to believe ruling elites and MSM, it’s your choice, but don’t complain later, that you’ve been lied to and deceived. Anyone having any brains left, should already figure that out. Yes we’re lied to and deceived, so it’s up to you – if you succumb to masks, distancing, vaccines and “new normal” death camp rules, you de-facto, want to be deceived.

Find below more facts and more proofs, much more scaring than the stuff I’m writing.

Here are 12 important questions and answers before considering getting vaccinated:
Consider before getting the jab!
Here are 12 important questions and answers before considering getting vaccinated:
●”If I get vaccinated can I stop wearing a mask(s)?”
Government: “NO”
●”If I get vaccinated will the restaurants, bars, schools, fitness clubs, hair salons, etc. reopen and will people be able to get back to work like normal?
Government: “NO”
●”If I get vaccinated will I be resistant to Covid?”
Government: “Maybe. We don’t know exactly, but probably not.”
●”If I get vaccinated, at least I won’t be contagious to others – right?”
Government: “NO. the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission.”
●”If I get vaccinated, how long will the vaccine last?”
Government: “No one knows. All Covid “vaccines” are still in the experimental stage.”
● “If I get vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?”
Government: “NO”
● “If my parents, grandparents and myself all get vaccinated can we hug each other again?”
Government: “NO”
● “So what’s the benefit of getting vaccinated?”
Government: “Hoping that the virus won’t kill you.”
●”Are you sure the vaccine won’t injure or kill me?”
Government: “NO”
●”If statistically the virus won’t kill me (99.7% survival rate), why should I get vaccinated?”
Government: “To protect others.”
●”So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with?”
Government: “NO”
● “If I experience a severe adverse reaction, long-term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine will I (or my family) be compensated from the vaccine manufacture or the Government?”
Government: “NO – the government and vaccine manufacturer’s have 100% zero liability regarding this experimental drug”
So to summarize, the Covid19 “vaccine”…
Does not provide immunity
Does not eliminate the virus
Does not prevent death
Does not guarantee you won’t get it
Does not stop you from passing it on to others
Does not eliminate the need for travel bans
Does not eliminate the need for business closures
Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns!!!

…on track to creating a global immunity catastrophe…
World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19 vaccines. In one of the most important stories ever covered by The Highwire, the vaccine developer shared his extreme concerns about these vaccines in particular and why we may be on track to creating a global immunity catastrophe.
To All Authorites, Scientsts And Experts Around The World, To Whom This Concerns: The Entre World Populaton.
I am all but an antivaxxer. As a scientst I do not usually appeal to any platorm of this kind to make a stand on vaccine-related topics. As a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert I only make an excepton when health authorites allow vaccines to be administered in ways that threaten public health, most certainly when scientfc evidence is being ignored. The present extremely critcal situaton forces me to spread this emergency call. As the unprecedented extent of human interventon in the Covid-19-pandemic is now at risk of resultng in a global catastrophe without equal, this call cannot sound loudly and strongly enough.
by Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD,independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundaton.
Detailed explanation:



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