Ships crews vaccination warning

One of Thailand nation major newspapers, THE NATION, published on Mar 7 a very, one might say, bold article, describing adverse side-effects after vaccination, and urging vaccinated people to remain near medics for at least 30 minutes after the jab:
People urged to observe side-effects for 30 minutes after vaccination
Mar 07. 2021
People inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine must observe themselves for 30 minutes after the vaccination, the Department of Disease Control (DDC) said.
On Saturday, DDC director-general Dr Opas Kankawinpong said that the vaccine had been distributed to 13 provinces, and injected continually to people in risk group – elders, medical personnel and those with serious diseases.
He said a few people had experienced side-effects from the vaccination, but it was not severe.
He urged people to observe themselves after the vaccination. Normally, 15 minutes of observation is advised, but the Ministry of Public Health has urged people to observe for 30 minutes before leaving the hospital or continuing their work.
Side-effects could be mild or severe.
Mild side-effects include low fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness and pain in the area where a person was injected. These effects normally lasted one to two days, the director-general explained.
Severe effects are high fever, difficulty in breathing, severe headache, twisted mouth, weak muscles, rash, vomiting more than five times and even becoming unconscious.

I contacted my friends outside Thailand anyplace they’re in, and asked them, if they’ve read such warnings, or similar, in their nation/local media. None responded affirmative. I don’t recall any such warning in any MSM edition, in any country/language, either. All the industry media and maritime bodies, including trade unions and charities, didn’t spill out a word about vaccination risks, either. You know, all those who if we’re to believe them, can’t sleep well out of so many concerns for their “dear seafarers”, they seem to be perfectly well with these risks, it’s OK.
Let me remind all seamen, that there’s no covid vaccine, which is making person immune to covid (whatever this covid virus is) – it’s official, it’s a fact.
Let me remind all seamen, that for more than a year now, there’s still, not one, confirmed beyond reasonable doubt, covid-related death case in all of world merchant fleet. At least 1,5 million seamen were and are deployed on board of cargo ships during this period, in closed spaces, in conditions ideal for outbreak of contagious disease – and no deaths are reported.



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