Covid is least deadly disease in known history of merchant shipping

Manager of bulk carrier TERTNES, CSL Europe (a division of Canada’s CSL Group), said in its’ statement, that “CSL Europe regrets to confirm the death, from Covid-related cardiac arrest, of a captain on board the self-unloading bulk carrier Tertnes, near Bergen, Norway,”
“In a post-mortem test, the captain tested positive for Covid-19, although the infection was unknown prior to his death.” – added the company.
Let’s analyze this death narrative with regards to relation to covid. Do we know the age of Master? No, we don’t. Do we know his pre-existing condition or lack of it? No, we don’t. But we may assume from company’s statement, that by the time of cardiac arrest he was not sick – “the infection was unknown prior to his death”. So his tragic death bears all the marks of common cardiac arrest, without any hints or symptoms of anything covid-related, except wildly unreliable PCR test, which, post-mortem, happened to be positive. Norwegian media in its’ news covering the tragic death of TERTNES Master, repeatedly said, that medics can’t confirm the relation between the death and positive PCR-test. Even more alarming is the fact, that in all the news in Norwegian media I managed to find, especially initial ones, there was no mentioning of cardiac arrest. Is death from heart attack so difficult to diagnose? Since when? Or was it just one more case of “covid death”, when authorities and media had to hide the facts until “medics” would manage somehow, to tie the death to covid?
So, for all we know and facts we have, “death from Covid-related cardiac arrest” – meaning from covid – seems to be highly doubtful.

This continuation of TERTNES tragic accident story, together with CSL statement excerpts, was published by Trade Winds. What makes the whole story utmost important, is just one phrase Trade Winds added:
The incident is believed to be the first known case of a Covid-19-related fatality on a merchant ship.
I’ve been repeatedly saying in my articles, that we don’t know any confirmed case of covid-caused death on boar of any ship of world merchant fleet, during all the time of “pandemic” insanity since Jan-Feb last year. My memory and brains work like your quantum computer or AI (better, I believe) – it collects and keeps all important data on important in long-term perspective issues, and when the time comes, gives out the result. No covid-related deaths on board of the ships! Now I am not alone, I’m joined by Trade Winds, which, I assume, was also collecting and processing data on covid-related cases on board of cargo ships.

More than a year passed since mankind was occupied by “ fighting pandemic” regime, and there’s still, not one, confirmed beyond reasonable doubt, covid-related death case in all of world merchant fleet. At least 1,5 million seamen were and are deployed on board of cargo ships during this period, in closed spaces, in conditions ideal for outbreak of contagious disease – and no deaths are reported. WHO, WEF, EU, UN, infamous Imperial College and Bill Gates Himself, promised us a deadly virus, a plague mankind didn’t ever experienced, tens of millions of deaths. Be it anywhere near the reality, we’d have hundreds of deaths on board of the ships. We still have none, because – I repeat – TERTNES case in this respect, is not confirmed in a way it should be confirmed. I trust Norwegian Health (or any nation’s, for that matter) authorities, no more than I trust Bill Gates, or MSM, or WHO, or Chinese Communist Party. Health organizations, whether international or national, devastated their credibility during this “pandemic”, razed it to the ground. Woodoo stuff is more reliable, than the BS they’re telling us.

OK, where does it leave shipping, crews, and crews change crisis? Even if we accept TERTNES death as covid-related death, it gives us a one to 1,5 million chance of dying from covid on board of merchant ships. It means, for all intents and purposes, that covid pandemic is least dangerous, let alone mortal, disease, ever known in shipping history. Hundreds die on board of the ships annually – from hearts attacks, from cancer, from other diseases – but none (or one unconfirmed) from covid.
All the restrictions and barriers which grind to a halt normal crew change practices, must be lifted, immediately. There’s no other logical, sensible, sane conclusion, drawn from merchant marine covid-related death statistics. Will the barriers be lifted? Of course not. Read the hysterical statements issued by some of maritime bodies, and especially, by trade unions. They’re too deep in this worldwide crime against humanity, to acknowledge the truth and back out. Listen to national and international so-called “authorities” (commanders in chief of occupation forces), and stop being naïve. “Ah, our authorities and media aren’t that bad” – many people say all throughout the world. You’re right – they aren’t that bad. They’re much worse, they’re evil or collude with evil.

It’s high time, folks, to fundamentally reset your thinking, your perception and understanding of the reality we live in now. We are living under occupation, and we’re (all the humanity) occupied by absolutely hostile and deadly forces, whose main aim is to exterminate the majority of us (listen to Gates and WEF leaders, read Rockefeller reports and works of Obama’s science advisor – there are tons of open, published materials revealing their true agenda and goals). Their regime is absolutely illegal, their “pandemic – Climate Change” laws and regulations are unlawful and criminal, so in order to survive and get our freedom back, we must respond and behave respectively – by resisting and fighting. Just like our forefathers did when their homelands were invaded by aggressors. Either we resist, or we die, some sooner, some later, some painfully, some quickly. So-called elites, including shipping elites, are no exemption – read the history, elite idiots.

P.S. Trade Winds did a great job by writing and publishing TERTNES story, and specifically, by acknowledging the fact, that covid isn’t a “deadly pandemic”, albeit not stating it directly. In our times of increasing censorship and persecution of all “dissidents”, of all those who contradict official narrative, simple act of publishing a fact becomes an act of courage. Thank you, Trade Winds. I somehow, got a feeling, that the Trade Winds threw this story as a bait, hoping I’ll take it. Many thanks, I took it, well appreciated.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.