Ships’ crews are pushed into worldwide vaccination chaos

International maritime organizations keep pushing the campaign for a worldwide seamen vaccination program, latest in row being Nautilus Federation (ITF and all the rest, that is to say), which rolled out a draft program.
The Nautilus Federation has issued a statement calling on governments and global organisations to coordinate a worldwide vaccination programme for seafarers and Inland Waterways Transport crew:
– Any vaccinations authorised by the WHO must be recognised as valid for seafarer travel and transit through any national jurisdiction.
– Seafarers who have not yet been able to receive a vaccination must be permitted to travel to and from their country of domicile and their place of work without restriction, including via commercial aviation, for the duration of the global seafarer vaccination programme.
Nautilus Federation affiliates, in supporting this statement, recognise that maritime and shipping professionals – the keyworkers who have kept global supply chains moving throughout the Covid-19 pandemic – will require an international solution to ensure they can access vaccines while they are at sea.
The whole worldwide vaccination plan, drafted by maniacs and carried out by criminals, is predictably, sliding into a chaos. There’s a growing number of conflicts between different vaccine producers and different States or Unions of States; between national and international regulations and authorizations; between interest of involved parties. All kinds of vile and corruption are already under way and spreading like wildfire – what else can one expect from a satanic, rotten to the core, “pandemic” scheme?

With that in mind, let’s analyze Nautilus draft program, just on one example of Russian crews. In Russia, vaccination campaign is well under way (together with growing resistance and refusal of the population – the majority stubbornly refusing damn poison). Russia’s official vaccine is SPUTNIK V, not yet authorized by the WHO and confronted by many of EU leaders. Besides monetary and political factors stoking this opposition, there’s one more factor, probably the major one. SPUTNIK is strongly rumored to be much less harmful and dangerous, than its’ Big Pharma counterparts. It does have adverse side effects, but still, it is not deadly, and wasn’t intended to be deadly, if rumors are true.
Russian seamen, those who’re on shore, already begin to take the jab. Not all of them or majority of them, but already some, without any pressure or compulsion, willingly, are getting vaccinated. They take the jab, mainly, not because they are afraid of covid or stupid enough not to know, that all present vaccines, approved or not, don’t give immunity, but simply because they want to get a green pass and put an end to their sign-on-off nightmares. But what they don’t yet know, is absolute uncertainty of obtaining of the green pass they yearn – it is already said, that the Schengen Area doesn’t recognize SPUTNIK V as a valid, authorized vaccine, to grant a green pass to people coming to EU from third countries. What’s the meaning of vaccination, then?
In what situation will they find themselves when their ships call EU ports or ports of other countries which don’t recognize SPUTNIK? Will they remain restricted in their movements as before, or will they be persuaded (forced) into vaccination by recognized vaccine, right there and then, by “be vaccinated or else” ultimatum?

It is already said, that a new vaccination is coming soon, this fall, actually. Bill Gates is speaking about regular 6 months vaccinations, or even monthly vaccinations. Does it mean, that seamen on board of the ships will have to succumb to take a shot of whatever vaccine will be offered in this or that port of this or that country? Does it mean, de-facto, that in 1-2 years they’ll get a mixture of different vaccines from different producers, in different countries, without the slightest idea of how dangerous or deadly it might be? “Medics” don’t have any idea in this respect, either, because everything is experimental and untested, from vaccines to long-term adversary affects, let alone mixture of different vaccines.
Seamen are handicapped in their movements and actions in comparison with other groups of population, they can’t avoid or delay, or refuse vaccinations, when pressed real hard. At least they should have a right to be vaccinated in their home country by the vaccines, produced by one and only producer. We’re talking about multiply vaccinations, don’t forget this vitally important fact. These pushed into us present ones are only the beginning of the long road to death – unless of course, we wake up and terminate the monsters, who started it all and keep it going.

These present vaccines are killing mostly elders – this is already no secret, this is a fact which can’t be hided. Who’re next in death row, what groups of people, on what basis? Age, race, sex, nationality? We don’t know. Or will it be much more simple – just a mass murder, a genocide, to reduce global population to numbers which satisfy satanic globalist leaders?
Here’s what these so-called “maritime organizations” should do, be they in any way concerned about “our dear seafarers”:
To demand a green pass to all and every seamen to/from their home countries, vaccinated or not, on condition, that they are to be vaccinated in their home country only, every time a new vaccine is rolled out;
To ban “an international solution to ensure” seamen will be vaccinated while at sea, as too dangerous, with absolutely unpredictable health effects – or in other words, to ban the crew vaccinations in ports of call worldwide. Seamen should sign-on-off with just one vaccination certificate only, that of their home country.

There’s no meaning in addressing “maritime organizations” or pleading to them, they’re far and long beyond the humanity boundaries, they’re in parallel reality, in dark satanic zone, and that’s especially true in case of trade unions. In Soviet Russia, incidentally, trade unions were always the first with most anti working class, anti human “initiatives”, like dogs in the hunt – it was and still is a good communist practice, to unleash trade unions to trumpet new atrocities.

It’s up to crewing agencies, to ship managing companies and to shipowners – they are still capable of doing something, to stop or slow down the oncoming disaster. After all, they are to pay for all the negative consequences, and by the way, they will be blamed and hold responsible by guess whom? – by “maritime organizations” and industry propaganda machine (media) of course, when things will go awry. Let’s not forget, that all the vaccine producers and all the official cabal, either national or international, are exempt from any liability for negative or deadly effects of the vaccination. They must keep in mind, also, all the negative effects they’ll encounter if/when their crews suffer from chaotic vaccinations. They’ll be deprived of their workforce, or at least, the best of it.

And of course, it’s up to seamen – they aren’t children, they aren’t “our dear seafarers”, they are fully responsible grown-up professionals and human beings (unlike say, trade unionists), who must make up their minds and decide for themselves. Stand up for your rights, and if you can’t flatly refuse vaccinations, demand at least a bare minimum – a right to be vaccinated, now and later during all following vaccinations, in your own country only. It’s your life, it’s your health and it’s the lives of your families, which depend on you. Don’t put your life on a whim of roulette and a throw of dice, let alone the cares of “concerned” trade unionists, “maritime organizations” and NGO/charity scum.

And finally, here’s one more absolutely brilliant item of Nautilus program:
– An education programme targeted towards seafarers should be created to counter the effects of anti-vaccination propaganda and disinformation.
I strongly advise everybody to watch video given below. It’s a mind-blowing video of a conference held by the WHO leading vaccination managers, medics and experts, in Dec 2019. Listen to what they say and discuss behind closed doors, because they didn’t know, that video records will later leak to media and become public. It’s frightening, and it’s humanly disgusting. They’re discussing the safety of vaccines and vaccinations, and they say, one after another, that yes, modern vaccines are very unsafe and plainly dangerous; that yes, they don’t know how dangerous they are and what are long-term effects; that yes, they have no idea how dangerous vaccines are for children; and that yes, there are no studies of these problems, and none are planned. What’s their main problem? What’s the main headache of a small group of those who command and manage worldwide vaccination programs? But of course – it’s the problem of population doubting vaccines safety, and refusing to be vaccinated. That’s the biggest problem. Listen to what these criminals say when they speak to public, in interviews, about absolute safety of vaccines and vaccinations.

I want to ask all those mfkrs who’re planning to counter “anti-vaxx disinformation and propaganda” – is this Conference also anti-vaxx disinformation and propaganda? Do you understand, that you’re playing with humans health and lives? Do you understand, that sooner or later, but you’ll pay for what you’re doing now? The irony of it is, I grew up in anti God society, under the dictatorship of atheism. I finally, came to God. Those who grew up in presumably, Christian countries, turned away from God and signed pact with devil, and are now busily fighting “propaganda”, or in normal language, the truth.

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March 2021



The removed excellent video of Del Bigtree’s show the highwire. This registration covers the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Safety Summit held in december 2019 in Switzerland Geneva. A most shocking truth about the knowledge about vaccine safety issues within the World Health Organization itself and health care workers world wide.



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