Shipmanagement Utopian self-defence plans

During recent ‘Leaders in Shipmanagement’ webinar discussions, some issues of which I already analyzed (scathed, to be correct), one very important problem was raised – it happened to be indeed, most important issue of the whole event.
“We do need a lobbyist, and that goes as an industry as a whole,” said Columbia Shipmanagement CEO O’Neil, …” to communicate shipping fundamental issues to parties outside the industry”.
“In these fundamental areas we need to have one voice, whether it’s safety, whether it’s creating a sustainable future, or it’s about seafarers well-being,” commented Synergy Marine Group CEO Rajesh Unni.
On one hand, I should feel satisfaction, of sorts, because that’s exactly what’s I was saying, and calling for, in a number of articles for quite some time, for many months, actually. On the other hand, I’m deeply disappointed, and rest assured, that it is no more than a wishful thinking, being more a demonstration of frustration and hopelessness, than a determined mindset of a fighter.

Understanding the reality
First and foremost, those in shipmanagement and ownership, who understand the necessity of resistance against the existing order, must determine for themselves, where do they stand, what’s the position of their ship, so to say. If they believe in Climate Change and “pandemic” hoaxes, they’re doomed to fail. It’s like navigating in the Caribbean, using Indonesian charts. Even CDC in US admitted recently, that only 6% of virus statistics deaths can be directly related to virus. This deadly virus is less deadly, than any seasonal flu, that’s what facts and science tell us. Virus itself wasn’t yet purified, we still don’t know if it exists at all, and if exists, what is it exactly. PCR tests are a fraud. You know, people who are still afraid of virus and obediently wear masks, taking mainstream narrative on trust without any thought of their own, will blindfold themselves if told so by media, they’re either that stupid, or scared, or both. So, if you’re in resistance mood, if you want your own voice or lobby or association to defend your interests and interests of your crews, you must acknowledge and accept the necessity, the “must” of definition of situational basics. Either you’re in there with thugs and fraudsters, begging for mercy, or you fight them. You can’t fight for your rights and follow in the wake of mainstream agenda, simultaneously, these are opposite courses.

Western CEOs delusions
You still believe (or to be more correct, want to believe), that law and order rule the industry? Wake up. For decades, legislation in shipping industry was drafted and implemented by selected few ones, with two main goals – monopolization and maximum control. By now, industry transformed into some kind of Petri dish, ideal for UN agenda goals, for multinational corporations, for majors CEOs and for lice in form of countless NGOs, but toxic for private ownership, free market principles, nations’ sovereignty, and for seamen.
Strictly speaking, there’s no law now. It’s a war against free market, against independent ownership and independent sea labor. The same can be said about all the mankind and economy.
You have many problems, folks, including problems of being blinded by your arrogance and snobbism. You hypnotize yourselves by the belief, that West is still the leader, the torch of freedom, law and order, etc. Well, it is not. Take a look at US Dem-run States and cities, at Victoria State and Melbourne in Australia, at senseless brutality of “pandemic” new tyrannical normal in UK, Spain – throughout all the EU. Soviet Russia wasn’t that crazy and prison-like, if talking about personal freedoms. Nowhere near your insanity.
You want to believe, that the mess we’re in is some kind of temporary turbulence. No, it is not. I repeat, again and again – go read UN Agenda 2021, Green New Deal, Dem’s Presidential Program, the EU Green initiatives, Rockefeller Reports, etc., etc. They said it all, but you’re still stubbornly ignorant of the meaning of all of it. You reject it, mainly because you’re afraid of the truth, and also, because you don’t know history. Globalists are pushing us into New World Order, which in its’ essence, is Good Old Communism Tyranny.

You can fight or die or become slave, but you can’t run away
So if you want some body to defend you, you must be ready for uncompromising fight. You are not:
“The solution, said V.Group CEO Westgarth, might be an organisation which can coordinate the position of various industry bodies under one flag, an already existing industry roundtable”.
What he’s offering, is an alliance with exactly those organizations, whose hostile activities put independent shipping on the brink of extinction.
I can’t seriously take this blabbering, because one can’t defend himself from low-life thugs and bullies, by appeasing them. I’m disappointed but not surprised, by this fact. It’s everywhere. Millions of free people stand up and resist, while other millions betray freedom and heritage of their forefathers, by selling out themselves to communist/globalist evil agenda. Even more millions remain silent, wearing masks, keeping “social distance”, and hoping, that the nightmare will somehow, pass, all by itself, they just have to be patient and obey. They are dead wrong, literally dead wrong, like those in Soviet Russia during Bolshevik Revolution. They didn’t resist, they obey, and dozens of millions of them died, perished in Civil War, in lawless prosecutions and mass murder campaigns, in GULAG, from misery and starvation…
Here’s one fundamental difference between Soviet Russia / Communist China tragedies, and a modern, unfolding one. Many people in Russia understood what bolshevism/leftism means and where will it lead to, soon after bolsheviks come to power. They fled. They had nearly all the world around Soviet Russia, to escape to. Now it’s worldwide. We have no place to flee to.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.