Fishing vessel attacked, Gulf of Guinea UPDATE 2 South Koreans kidnapped

Aug 31 UPDATE: There were 50 crew on board, including 48 locals and 2 South Koreans. Pirates kidnapped only 2 Korean crew, and fled on a speedboat towards Nigerian waters.

Fishing vessel was boarded at around 1300 UTC Aug 28 in Gulf of Guinea in roughly the same area SSW of Lagos, where tanker PIKE was attacked some 9 hours earlier. It is reported, that the vessel, fv AP 703, was hijacked, or probably, pirates kidnapped some crew and already fled. As of 1630 UTC, vessel was sailing full speed towards Ghana coast, with operational AIS.
Pole-and-Line P fishing vessel AP 703, IMO 7419731, GT 498, length 54 meters, flag Ghana.



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