2 lighter ships sank in Bangladesh, 13 crew missing

Two lighter ships sank in Bangladesh waters near Hatiya island in the morning Aug 15: MV AKHTER BANU-1 and MV CITY-14, both in load. MV CITY-14 was loaded with some 2,000 tons of raw sugar, all 12 crew rescued. MV AKHTER BANU-1 was loaded with some 2,000 tons of wheat, 13 crew are missing. Both ships, like all other lighter ships in Bangladesh, aren’t registered in international registries or databases.



My name is Nikolay Torkin, I’m Merchant Marine Master, presently in command of feeder container ship trading in South East Asia. My family lives in Prague, Czech Republic. Mikhail provides me with daily accidents reports, I send him information with regards to accidents and container ships.