Crew Change Information Latest Jul 26: Hong Kong closing down

Hong Kong authorities on Jul 26 officially declared ban on all crew changes in HK, with the exception of the ships which call HK to carry out cargo operations. The only loophole in the whole region, in all of South East Asia, is to be closed, understood, starting Jul 29. It means, that anywhere around the region, in any country and port, onsigners are to undergo 14-day quarantine on arrival, thus rendering the whole operation either impossible, or very costly and unpredictable in its’ outcome.
I’ve been attacked in FB comments to my news on Singapore incident with Filipino seamen accused of obtaining allegedly fake test certificates, by a person who’s obviously, considering himself as Filipino seamen defender:
Filipino seaman is tested in accredited health clinic which is transmitted direct to manning agencies.dont talk bs if you have no basis.
Frankly, I’m sick of idiots like this one. He just don’t have the slightest idea what’s all about, and what is it he’s defending. My reply:
Info provided by crewing, by seamen who had to cancel flights to Singapore. Are you idiot, dear Sir? What basis do you have to state on behalf of all Filipino seamen, that all of them are tested in certified clinics? I don’t blame those accused of having fake certificates, by the way. I blame authorities including Singaporean, who’re treating seamen like criminals. Idiots like you don’t help seamen by such statements, you’re helping authorities to continue insane, inhuman “pandemic prevention” practices.
Seamen of any nation may be caught with fake certificates, either indeed, fake, or allegedly fake – if authorities say it’s fake, you can’t argue, you can’t dispute, you can’t prove otherwise. All normal people all around the globe are busily dodging “new normal” or cheating it, and that’s absolutely normal reaction to an insane “pandemic” hoax.
The whole scheme with tests and home quarantines is a hoax. Seamen have to travel half of the world, after that home quarantine. Seamen more often, than not, can’t obtain valid test certificates in certified clinics, to squeeze into stern timeline and schedule, so they have to get certificates with falsified dates or without dates at all. While traveling, they take planes, buses, taxi, they have to walk in some cases to cross the border, so if talking about infection and virus risk, they may get this virus any time during their travel. It’s idiocy!
But unfortunately, the whole “pandemic” hoax is fuelled by fears and mindlessness of many and many common people, those who obligingly wear masks and keep “social distancing”. Instead of fighting the hoax and their own governments, they’re attacking people like me. Who’re the most toxic seamen, as of now? Filipino, Indonesia, Chinese and Indian ones, thanks to their governments. If “pandemic” hoax keeps going on (why not, with so many idiots around), with “new normal” cementing the insane rules and regulations, one shouldn’t be Einstein to predict sea labor near future – shipowners and managers will have to: a) switch to uninational crews; b) stop hiring Filipino, Indonesian, Chinese seamen. Not because of their professional quality, but because they’re a big headache and almost unsolvable problem, when it comes to crew change. Whom to “thank” for it? Filipino, Indonesia, Chinese and Indian authorities, that’s whom. Plus of course, all “maritime organizations” parasites.



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