Crew Change No Nothing Pact

On Jul 9, International Maritime Virtual Summit on Crew Changes was held by the UK Ministry of Transport, resulting in a Joint Statement of 13 States, participants of the Summit, namely:
Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the USA.
If one assumes, that it means soon-to-come relief for exhausted crews, he’s mistaken. Some lax, some easing of some restrictions here and there, undoubtedly, but no real and quick solution. This statement and the measures it implies, in general, are anything but solution.
First of all, it’s all wishful thinking, there’s nothing defined, nothing obligatory, and no timeline.
What does international agreement imply, if it is aimed at solving urgent, worldwide, problem? It doesn’t imply much:
Final aim of the agreement;
Measures and steps to be taken to achieve this goal;
Very simple, especially taking into account the character of this newborn crew change problem, a brainchild of UN/CCP/globalists mob, which is purely artificial, and has nothing to do with “public health concerns”. It doesn’t require funds or “working groups” or “studies” or anything else of routine crap, necessary for carrying out UN agenda. It requires a short list of measures and acts to be implemented:
All seamen, both sign-in and sign-off, are to be granted visa-free, quarantine-free and test-free access to a country of crew change, in accordance with crew list and ship management Notice. Nothing more than a health screen and health certificate on arrival, should be required. Seamen may be subject to testing, only if they stay in the country of crew change for some time, for whatever reason. If crew change is a direct transfer from/to airport of sign-ins and sign-offs, then all obstacles, all restrictions should be removed, including compulsory wearing of biohazard space suits.
The removal of the restrictions and abusive, derogatory requirements, may be carried out in maximum, a week’s time. That is, starting Jul 16, crew changes in all States which signed the Agreement, should be up and running, just like in good old times of normal “normal”, not “new normal”. It costs nothing, it requires no extra efforts or facilities or budgets. On the contrary, it reduces, drastically, the costs of crew change.
Will such agreement be achieved and implemented? No, how dare you even think about it. It’s a far-right, extremist and totally racist solution, not to be accepted under any circumstances. It means that the seamen will be treated as free men, and in our “new normal” GULAG, it’s absolutely impossible. Why bother with “pandemic”, in the first place, if there will be some serfs/slaves around left, behaving like free men, like they’re “elite”.
What’s really disturbing about this Statement, if thinking about near future, is an item in a list of “pledges”, which specifically mentions IMO 12-step plan, as a necessary part of crew change problem’s solution. 12-step enslaving plan, be it implemented by countries, some or the majority of them, means, that in near future, with borders re-opening, seamen will still be treated as some dangerous animals, as some kind of sub human beings, slaves or servants of lowest order.
It’s all not about “seafarers rights”, it’s about abuse of their rights.

New international commitment to improve seafarers’ rights
Joint statement of the international maritime virtual summit on crew changes



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