Lynching cruise industry

I’ve been writing about cruise industry being under attack two years ago, when campaign against cruise tourism was launched, and gained momentum. The aim of the campaign was crystal clear – mass cruise tourism must die. Why? No secret here – go to UN and read UN Agenda 2030, it’s all there. Planet must be saved from humans, and restored in all its’ alleged pristine glory. Well, not all humans, of course, are to be banned from tourism. Commons must be herded into concentration camps, smartly labeled as “smart cities”, to live and die in misery, under total control of big brother. Elites meanwhile, will be able enjoy the Earth wonders, undisturbed by omnipresent smelly serfs.
People in general weren’t diverted from cruises by Climate Change fear-mongering or absurd criticism of dumb “environmentally concerned” journalists and critics. So, “virus” was launched, and the result can’t be defined as anything less than tremendous success. The majority of humankind lost the ability of critical thinking, and fell victims to “virus pandemic” paranoia. Cruise ships were among first victims. The anti cruise mainstream campaign we witness is disgusting, it’s a mob lynching helpless victim, and relishing in its’ impunity. Tens of thousands of people are still locked on board of cruise ships, they’re used, to call things their true names, as guinea pigs, with bloodthirsty media eagerly awaiting mortality upsurge. There is none, so far, and no ways yet to falsify mortality statistics on board of cruise ships.
Mortality or no mortality, outcome seems to be inevitable – cruise industry must die. Maybe it will be killed by a special UN/WHO/IMO Resolution or Order, I don’t know, it’s a technical problem. What’s next on the agenda, what industry is next on a death row? I’d bet on commercial flights, on food production, on majority of consumer goods, on cars, on private houses and on our general ability to travel – not around the globe, mind you, but around the country, and even locally.
Millions of jobs will be lost, our children will be deprived of the right and ability to travel, to see the world and its’ wonders, but that’s exactly what the whole scheme is about. Leave the world to its’ true and only owners, the elite, says the agenda.




My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.