How to support shipping in times of coronavirus pandemic

The world is under coronavirus attack, but world economy is infected by deadly virus for decades now, and this is not coronavirus, it’s a good old socialist/totalitarian virus, now camouflaged in green colors, though red is also ok, as well as pink, black or brown. All scum of the world, unite, whatever the color. One of the most hard hit industries is shipping, it is undermined and sabotaged by virus carriers, who are best described, I believe, as human-like locust infected with virus. There are different types of locust, most widespread and prolific are NGOs and “activists”; then there are engineering and technology companies, busy with creating unnecessary new types of propulsion or fuels or ships, and fighting for new grants (paid by society, by our money); there are other companies and organizations, deeply involved in what is called now Climate Change Industry Complex, worth already trillions of dollars. They’re all spearheaded and directed by the UN/IMO and their servants, so-called “maritime organizations”, and media.

We don’t know yet where will it all lead, whether we’re on the verge of global economy crisis, triggered by coronavirus, or it will somehow settle down without total collapse. But with every passing day, more and more national news appear, describing very dangerous situation in national transportation sector, and risk of serious supply chains disruptions. Transportation industry is pleading for government assistance, and for immediate ease of costs and regulations burdens. That is, industry is asking among other things, for suspension of IMO 2020 Fuel Cap. Shipping must remain afloat and carry vitally important goods, that’s all that matters. Any fuel is welcome if it’s affordable and available, be it HFO or coal, if things come to that.

But IMO is no place to address to. IMO isn’t something to reason with, or to seek for understanding and compassion. IMO is a part of the UN deadly mechanism, aimed at world domination, it’s a robot, terminator, and it responds only to force or to total ignorance of IMO regulations, caps and its’ mere existence. For example – if nations start to ban IMO’s regulations en mass, ignoring IMO protests and yells, IMO will, inevitably, try to “lead the process”, and declare “temporary suspension” of most destructive regulations and restrictions. That’s the way it works, that’s the way all bolshevik-type organizations work. The good thing with totalitarism is, it’s always the same, with the same methods, be it led by Lenin/Stalin/Mao, or by UN and psychotic Silicon Valley moguls.

All nations whose supply chains are under threat, must implement bans on anything which is hampering shipping, be it fuel caps or scrubber caps, or ballast management, or PSC dubious inspections and detentions, or ITF “inspectors” – just throw it all out, ban locust in all its’ types and variations, and ignore the UN/IMO wailings.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.