Cargo ship beached by storm, partially sank, Vietnam

General cargo ship DUC MINH 555, loaded with limestone, encountered rough weather with strong wind and high waves in Ha Tinh Province waters, Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin, while sailing south to port of Quang Ngai, Quang Ngai Province. The ship couldn’t keep against wind and waves, and was pushed aground at around on the coast in vicinity 18 12N 106 16E, at around 0300 LT (UTC +7) Mar 5. Nine crew managed to leave the ship and get to the shore, understood all are safe. The ship is resting on the ground, partially submerged, battered by swell.
General cargo ship DUC MINH 555, IMO 9601508, dwt 1805, built 2010, flag Vietnam, manager DONG DO TRADING & TOURISM.



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