AIDA cruise ship with 3000 passengers rejected port call, drifting, Caribbean

Cruise ship AIDAPERLA with more than 3000 passengers on board was prohibited from entry Castries, St. Lucia, Caribbean, on Feb 1, on arrival from St Vincent and the Grenadines, as per cruise itinerary. The ship reported several persons on board having respiratory problems, and the Department of Health found number of sick people to be unusually high, to grant free practice. There’s no mentioning of coronavirus and understood, there’s no suspicion of coronavirus infection, or any data to validate virus fears, but still…
The ship approached Castries at around 0530 LT Feb 1(UTC -4), reduced speed, sailed in northern direction, turned back and approached Castries again at around 1400 LT, and again, moved away, drifting or moving at slow speed. As of 0300 UTC Feb 2 (Feb 1 2300 LT), the ship was moving north at slow speed, probably waiting out, to fit into broken itinerary. Next port of call is Roseau, Dominica, ETA Feb 2.
Cruise ship AIDAPERLA, IMO 9636967, GT 125572, built 2017, flag Italy, operator AIDA Cruises, capacity 4350, crew 900.



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