Tanker breached in collision, massive oil spill, Chittagong UPDATE

Product tanker DESH-I with 1,200 tons of diesel fuel on board collided with lighter vessel in Chittagong port, Bangladesh, early in the morning Oct 24. Tanker hull was breached, with following diesel fuel leak. Local sources say all tanker’s cargo leaked into river, but that’s hardly possible. Spill, nevertheless, seems to be substantial, authorities deployed all anti pollution boats, and local residents, to cleanse spilled fuel. As of Oct 26, some 8 tons were collected from water.

UPDATE Oct 27: Some 10 tons of diesel fuel leaked, according to officials. About 8 tons were collected, as of Oct 26. Cleansing operation continues.

Product tanker DESH-I, IMO 7853341, dwt 1120, built 1976, flag Bangladesh, manager DESH PETROLEUM SERVICES.



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