COSCO cargo ship collided with Indian container ship, Pakistan

COSCO heavy lift ship DA XIN collided with berthed Indian container ship DIYALA at Karachi Harbor while maneuvering to berth, at around 0140 UTC Oct 21. Reportedly and according to track, DA XIN struck Berth 25, bounced off and allided with DIYALA, moored at Berth 26. Pier was the one to suffer most, report says. No information on ships damages, allegedly damages weren’t serious. Both ships remain berthed at Karachi, as of morning Oct 22.
Container ship DIYALA, IMO 9159646, dwt 24554, capacity 1735 TEU, built 1998, flag Tuvalu, manager ASP SHIP MANAGEMENT INDIA PVT.
Heavy lift DA XIN, IMO 9608427, dwt 29565, built 2014, flag China, manager COSCO SHIPPING SPECIALIZED.



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