Latvian tanker attacked, looted, West Africa

Latvian product tanker ANCE was attacked at 0250 UTC Sep 16, while at anchor in position 09 25N 013 44E, 5 nm SSW of Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. IMO/IMB report:
Four robbers armed with a gun and knives boarded an anchored tanker. They took hostage the duty AB, tied his hands and forced him to lead them to the bridge. Once inside the bridge, the robbers took hostage the duty officer and forced him to lead them to the Captain, Chief Engineer, third officer and bosun’s cabins. After looting the cabins, the robbers locked the crew in a cabin and escaped. Crew personal belongings, cash and ship’s properties stolen.
Tanker in recent months is trading in West Africa waters. As of morning Sep 19, she was remaining in the same position, anchored on Conakry Anchorage. 1 crew understood to be wounded.
Product tanker ANCE, IMO 9323314, dwt 52622, built 2006, flag Marshall Islands, manager LATVIAN SHIPPING CO JSC, Riga, Latvia.



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