Offshore support vessel heavily listed, crew evacuated, Louisiana

Offshore support lift vessel RAM XVIII reported to New Orleans Coast Guard Sector heavy list early in the morning Nov 18 southeast of Grand Isle, 23 nautical miles west of Southwest Pass, Louisiana. RAM XVIII reported having control complications as the result of a power loss, list 45 degrees, water ingress and power loss, causing the vessel to be unable to right itself. 15 crew were evacuated by offshore support vessel STARFLEET GUARDIAN (IMO 9780184), which retrieved 6 people from the vessel, and the Station Grand Isle boat crew, which got the remaining 9 people from the vessel, all rescued were brought ashore. RAM XVIII understood to remain afloat, salvage under way. Photo USCG.
Offshore support lift vessel, RAM XVIII, IMO 9769453, GT 500, built 2015, flag USA, owner ARIES Marine Corp.



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