Maritime Bulletin – Maritime News:
MIKHAIL VOYTENKO: Maritime Bulletin Editor.
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“Black Sea News” News Agency – Crimean Shipping:
Ukrainian news agency and watchdog Black Sea News is monitoring situation in and around Russia-annexed Crimea, including shipping.
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All of Maritime Bulletin contributors are working in maritime industry, most of them are active seamen, sending me news and information from around the globe. There are more than a dozen of MB correspondents, who’re providing Maritime Bulletin with first-hand information.


EROFEY SCHKVARKIN is a Merchant Marine Captain with more than 20 years experience in commanding oil tankers. He works as a Captain, being most of his time at sea, his home town being Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russian Far East. He contributes maritime news.

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STEPAN KOTCHERGA: Hi! My name is Stepan Kotcherga, I’m Merchant Marine Navigation Officer, now a Second Officer working on dry cargo ships. My home is in Ukraine, Kiev. I’m contributing maritime news and info, including Gulf of Guinea piracy reports when I’m there.

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NIKOLAY TORKIN: I’m Merchant Marine Master, presently in command of feeder container ship trading in South East Asia. My family lives in Prague, Czech Republic. Mikhail provides me with daily accidents reports, I send him information with regards to accidents and container ships.

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