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Greta and crewing. Good citizen obey their masters and masters’ laws.
Propaganda machine is at full throttle, explaining to us lowers the importance of IMO 2020 Cap for all the humanity. There’s a queue among shipping so-called “elite”, to signal virtue, and express their deepest satisfaction with IMO 2020 Cap implementation, and forthcoming CO2 emission restrictions. Mass virtue signalling is a disgusting and pathetic circus, but participation is a must for all the elites, international or national. Either you’re colluding with UN Agenda, or you’re in for a lot of career losses.
One CEO, not surprisingly from a crewing company, smeared the whole generation by calling it “Greta Thunberg generation”, in an apparent attempt to say something fresh and non trivial. Here’s the problem – generation Gen Z thankfully, isn’t all gretas and “extinction rebellion” clowns with their cheap shows. Overwhelming majority of Gen Z has something much more important to think about, than climate change hoax. They have to, put it simple, get some skills and knowledge to earn money and make sure they’ll survive, to guarantee their own future, and future of their families. They weren’t blessed with being born into wealthy families, they luckily escaped leftist indoctrination, and as a result, they can’t waste their time skipping colleges and travelling around in million dollar yachts. Greta’s followers are hard to miss, thanks to UN, mainstream media and elites, but in numbers, in total Gen Z share, they’re disappearing minority. They’re filth on the surface of otherwise, clean stream, and they’ll be washed away, rather sooner than later.
Crewing company CEO blabbered about future sailors and new skills they’ll have to master, but what skills does he expect to find in greta’s generation? What professional skills do they possess, except theatrical, what do they know except marxist crap and UN propaganda dogmas? His crewing company will have to hire professionals, trained in countries least affected by Climate Change insanity, or go bankrupt.
Another CEO, representative of bunkering industry, calls everyone to be a good citizen, which means abiding by laws whatever these laws may be, meaning that we have to abide by IMO 2020, “because we want to be good citizens”. If you remain unconvinced, here’s one more argument – it’s necessary in order to “protect our fellow citizens and our children by reducing harmful air pollution”. To accept this argument, one must be ignorant enough not to know, who, and how, is generating pollution scams.
Tell you what – most of enforced laws in human history were cancelled, or changed, or rejected, because they didn’t stand the reality check, life itself. Most of humankind in any given state has to violate laws on a regular basis, because quite a number of laws are against common sense and human nature (it is calculated, that in some states of USA, citizen on average have to violate laws several times per day, or else, if abide, they will be immobilized).
Or even better example – what about laws enforced by invaders in an occupied country? Are we, conquered nation, supposed to abide with laws enforced by hostile aliens? What about slavery or serfdom? Why didn’t slaves and serfs remain good citizen, abide with slavery and be happy with it? IMO 2020 is in its’ essence, a law enforced by a hostile power in collusion with “elites”, so being a good citizen means exactly opposite, in true meaning of term “citizen”, i.e. not to be happy with the law, but to resist the law, and fight it until it’s cancelled, together with the organization, which implement such law.
It will be resistance all the way through – industry will sneak around, dodge, cheat and do anything else to avoid destructive consequences of IMO laws. In fact, industry is already doing it. A lot of activities which were lawful and legitimate for centuries, will go into gray or black zones. Who will profit? Definitely, UN and colluding elites. Who will lose and suffer? As definitely, “our fellow citizens and our children”, whose fate and wellbeing worry elites so much.
Elites call us up to be good citizen, or if translated from their modern Orwellian language, to be good slaves and serfs, and obey everything they say.
Jan 02 2020

Some thoughts on Industry Media
I could and probably, still can, find some sponsors or investors or whatever, to stabilize situation. But at what cost? To become one more “respectable” industry media outlet? Don’t we have enough of them, already? All alike, all publishing the same stuff, recognizable from each other only by their designs? You know what makes industry media so similar to Dems Candidates for Presidency in USA? Both smear their constituencies, both propagate agenda, which will destroy either country, or industry. At the very least, the green agenda they propagate will transform shipping from one of the most effective and cheap transport industries in the world, to one of most ineffective and costly. At worst, it will destroy shipping.

For years already, I can’t read media without feeling repulsion and indignation. Everybody who’s working, growing grain or cattle, producing cars or transporting goods, is a suspect in pollution crimes. Everything productive and creative is smeared as polluting and destroying our Dear Mother Nature. You know what? Our dear mother nature isn’t dear and isn’t mother, it’s a fucking bitch, hostile to humans. Go to wilderness as you’re, naked, and try to survive even 1 day. We as human should refine Nature and make it more comfortable for us, and less ruinous for wild life, not leave Nature intact.

But those who work and keep us all alive and comfortable, are now bad. Those who do nothing, ignorant parasites and criminals, are now heroes and good people. Black is now white, and white is black.
Everything shipping-related is smeared with fakes and lies. Ships are bad. They pollute and kill whales (whales populations, by the way, exploded during last several decades, and some scientists already said their population better to be regulated, they don’t have enough feed already). Seamen – bloody bastards – throw overboard plastics! Planet is dying! People are dying! Do something, people! If you don’t believe gretas and other psychos, listen to scientists!
Industry media don’t mind, and diligently re-post most outrageous, and as such, most sensational, materials. No objections, no critical approach, no attempts to defend shipping, shipowners and seamen.

November 2019

Maritime Bulletin website interruptions and shutdowns
This is to inform visitors on possible site interruptions and shutdowns. Visitors already report to me some short-time interruptions, but site may be down for a prolonged period of time, though hopefully, no more than 1-2 days. Here’s why:
Maritime Bulletin is maintained and paid for (costs of hosting, Newsletters emails), by me only. I don’t have any financial support or funding, from anyone. People who help me, help me with information only. Oil and tobacco majors don’t pay me for my anti Climate Change and anti ban tobacco activities. “Alt-right fascists and racists” don’t support me, either.

I’m not a rich person. or a well-off person. I live from what I earn monthly. No savings, no property, no house of my own, and the only thing of any value in my possession is my motorbike. And it’s not your super Harley-Davidson, though I love my Honda Rebel 500c and don’t want Harley, it’s not practical in here, where I live.

Number of site visitors is increasing, sometimes peaking up to 100,000 and more visitors in just 24 hours. As of now, there are, on average, some 100,000 visitors monthly. My hosting plan barely covers 100,000 visitors/monthly, and on peaks, when number of visitors goes up to 20,000-60,000 during 24 hours, it just doesn’t hold, and site goes down. So the more visitors I have, the more I have to pay. I can’t monetize site via most obvious option, Google Ad, because I made a mistake while filling in registration forms. A simple technical mistake in address, we do such mistakes all around. Everybody who deals with Google Ad knows, that registration mistakes are impossible to correct – as in Terminator movie, you can’t bargain or reason with Google computers, and you can’t get a living person on the other end of the line, and that’s one of the reasons why I look at Google with something resembling horror, it’s a monster.

I usually have some small amounts on my account by the end of the month, enough to cover monthly hosting plan cost. But sometimes I run out of all money, and renewal fails, with subsequent hosting cancellation. Site may go down starting day 28, given month.

In order to avoid short-time interruptions, I have to subscribe for a new, more expensive plan. Not yet possible. I plan to cancel Newsletter email service – it’s free for subscribers, but not for me. I pay for email service (and again, with growing number of subscribers, I have to pay more). After that, probably, I may be able to buy a new hosting plan, more powerful.