The silence of the lambs

Here’s typical “climate change” crap, from Harward whatever:
Climate Regulations Are About to Disrupt Global Shipping
Policies and regulations to help mitigate climate change promise to have a major impact on how supply chains are designed. Increased costs as well as the practicalities of shipping logistics are on a course for change. They will alter the way supply chains are designed and how shipping will work. Now is the time to start planning for this new era.
… …
All of it:
Why is it crap? Why, but it’s obvious. Stir up your very recent and very unpleasant memories of “fighting covid” nightmares. What were they saying – “medics”, authorities, politicians, bloody experts and damn professors? They’ve been saying, from the very start, that life won’t be the same anymore, please be prepared. Masks, quarantines, restrictions, jabs and “health certificates” will become a part of our everyday life. Now look around and compare reality with forecasts and predictions. Many people feel bad not just because of mess we’ve been in, but because of ease with which we were pushed into worldwide concentration camp, of tons of lies we’ve been told, of unprecedented violations of our rights and freedoms.

“Climate change” agenda will bring in, planned to bring in, much more disruptions and miseries, it is a worldwide disaster already rolling out. In its’ consequences, it is more deadly than the war raging in Ukraine, even if it turns nuclear.
But judging from covid experience, “climate change” fraud is also doomed to fail – because hundreds of millions of people sabotage insane “regulations”, restrictions and bans. They violate criminal “laws” for one but very sound reason – they want to live more or less normal life, comfortable life. So covid hellish scenario failed. Now it’s time for “climate change” to go after covid, it’s already happening.
Russia is this and that, yes, agreed, Russia is a criminal state populated by rogue nation, and run by criminal regime. But! Russia’s gas blackmail is not the root of the EU energy crisis. “Green agenda” is. For decades, EU was destroying its’ coal, oil and nuclear energy production, throwing itself into the mercy of rogues like Russia or Iran. Coming winter, feared by many, and already skyrocketing power bills, are a precursor of what’s to come, if we don’t stop the “green” madness.

Look through all new laws, regulations, restrictions, fees, fines, schemes, implemented in shipping during last 2 decades – all of them, especially recent ones, are born by criminals or idiots, with one main purpose in their sick minds – to hurt shipping, to hamper effective and cheap transportation industry, and finally, to destroy it.
Destruction of cheap, effective and safe shipping has nothing to do with “climate change”, because climate change has nothing to do with human activities, in the first place.
Computerizing and centralizing control over navigation ruin safety – navigation which depends on electronics only and isn’t backed by classic navigation skills and paper charts, can’t be safe, and it is not safe. The more computerized and centralized navigation becomes, the more risky it is, until it starts to collapse, regionally and worldwide. One must grab fortunes from electronic navigation business, not to care about safety to such an extent.
Safe operating and maintenance of cargo ships is becoming less safe with each new regulation, new “campaign”, new bloody “initiative”. How many accidents are caused by crazy “clean fuel” regulations? How many ships went into trouble because of “water ballast management”? What happened to idiotic, ugly “eco” ships, fitted with wind turbines, or hard sails, or kites? New monsters appear regularly, praised and hailed as cornerstones of a new era of “sustainable” shipping, soon to come to oblivion. They’re doomed by the “ideas” they were based on, by their glaring impracticability and ugliness. They are disgusting – the ships themselves, their designers and builders, and their owners! Ugly monsters built by freaks and renegates.

There’s a group of people, companies and organizations in shipping (including media, of course), which evokes sincere and deepest revulsion, it embraces nearly all shipping so-called “majors”. They’re exact copy, replica of Ukrainian collaborators who betray their nation and cooperate with Russian occupants. Collaborators in shipping actively promote insane “sustainable shipping” programs, being driven by purely personal interests and ambitions. Miserable scumbags.

One doesn’t have to be genius to figure out futility and ultimate failure of “zero-emission sustainable” anything, including shipping. Either shipping is normal, based on cheap, safe and clean (in comparison with insanities like LNG, ammonia, biofuels, etc) conventional fuels like heavy fuel, diesel, etc., or there’s no shipping at all. Shipping based on “zero-emission” and “green fuels” schemes physically can’t provide modern global economy with the logistics it requires.

The destruction of global economy and life as we know might be the ultimate goal of maniacs who inspired “climate change”, “covid”, centralized E banking, centralized ECDIS, and other criminal schemes. Problem is (for maniacs) in people. People don’t want beautiful new world which looks like horror movie coming live. Even if they don’t protest openly, more – even if they accept the new game – it’s only to the point where new life demands from them their personal comforts and life they’ve been used to. When it comes to that, people immediately start to sabotage new rules and new life – hundreds of millions of people resist deadly schemes and plans, and bring them to a standstill.

The majority of people, even those who understand that the things are going terribly wrong, be it shipping or energy, or dependence on cheap trash China is producing, prefer to do nothing about it, except passive resistance. I invite all concerned and worried shipping insiders, nevertheless, to do something, to help or support MB in its’ struggle against globalist agenda. I see the possible role of MB not as some kind of damn party or leadership – I believe people don’t need leaders, heroes, revolutionaries and stuff like that. Ideally, it should become a collect center of all the information opposing mainstream narrative, in any form – statistics, opinions, articles, videos – whatever. A nucleus for future alternative industry media.
Not that I seriously believe somebody would answer this call, but that’s what I have to do, to stay at peace with myself by knowing I did everything I could.

P.S. Some bad things are brewing up recently, obscuring even the terrors of war in Ukraine. I am referring to 6-8 Dec WHO secretive meeting, with its’ new terrifying plan to put us all, all of mankind, into one big nice concentration camp, when “new pandemic” strikes. Globalists failed with first attempt to glue us all to “vaccines” and “vaccination certificate”, they are busily preparing another one, with the help of nations’ traitors – “medics”, politicians, media and the rest of the scum.
I believe now, that this insane Chinese “zero-covid” isn’t all that insane and senseless, after all. It’s testing ground – how will population respond to perpetual “quarantines”, lock-downs, restrictions, under most ridiculous pretext of non-existent “pandemic”.
War in Ukraine, the more we into it, the more transpires as smokescreen and in some aspects, testing ground, too.
Don’t stay passive, people. Resist in any way you can. Send me facts, materials. Or take a look at Russia, where did complacence and dumb obedience take them. Don’t be lambs. When it all – new “pandemic”, new “green fuels” and emission tax (tax for air), centrally controlled ECDIS, cashless nightmares and other fine beautiful things cooked by globalists, hit you, you will bitterly regret your today’s silence. Ah, yes, of course, it’s all “conspiracy”. Ok, wait and see, you won’t have to wait long.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.