Chinese Captain of container ship killed by Vietnamese crew

Vietnamese 24-old seaman, crew member of container ship, killed Captain of the ship in the evening Dec 8, in Korean waters, while the ship was under way from Vietnam to Korean port of Pyeongtaek. Seaman reportedly, drank several shots of whiskey in his cabin, went to bridge and stabbed Captain, 44-year old Chinese nationality, several times. The ship arrived at Pyeongtaek early in the morning Dec 9, seaman was immediately arrested, investigation under way. According to his preliminary testimony, he killed Captain, because «Captain made his life unbearable” – which may well be the case, especially in times of “pandemic”, when it’s very difficult to sign off the ship. 19 crew includes 17 Vietnamese and 2 Chinese nationalities.
Ship’s ID wasn’t disclosed, but all available data point at container ship PADIAN 3, which left Hai Phong on Dec 3, destination Pyeongtaek.
Photo Howard Pulling
Container ship PADIAN 3, IMO 9162435, dwt 18197, capacity 1000 TEU, built 1998, flag Panama, ISM manager AMANN SHIP MANAGEMENT LTD, HK (EQUASIS).



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