Trieste port dockers under vicious attack

Thousands of Trieste port workers and people who joined them in solidarity, went on strike and blocked port since Oct 15, protesting against Green Pass (your papers, please) and mandatory (compulsory) “vaccination”. A police operation began in the morning Oct 18 to clear Trieste port from protestants. We’re already accustomed to scenes like the ones we could watch in port on Oct 18, with police brutality, water cannons, beatings, arrests. Globalists’ “spetsnaz”, once known as police, is unleashed worldwide, and happily beat, torture, arrest, murder innocent civilians, guilty of criminal intention to stand up for their God-given rights.

Maritime organizations, ITF, charities, NGOs, industry media of course, totally “missed” this drama and probably tragedy (several people at least, were injured), and keep silence. What happened to you all, so …passionate about our industry’s transition to a low-carbon future…, as one imbecile shipping CEO puts it, so concerned about “our dear seafarers” and their mental health, and with that, overlooking mass violations of human rights, police brutality equal to or exceeding, any of your exemplary “tyranny”, Soviet or North Korean, or Chinese, or whatever. What’s going on with crews “vaccinations”, shipping leading scumbags? How many jabbed seamen died? How many were incapacitated?

But of course, Italian trade unions have nothing against this violence, they’re in bed with Italian duche Mario Draghi. Trieste port president, one Zeno D’Agostino, said on Saturday night: “Enough of this circus,” warning: “This situation can no longer be tolerated, I need a port that works.” People demand their God-given freedoms, they don’t want to play roulette with globalists deadly “vaccine”. They don’t give a fuck about what you need, MFK.

Watch two videos including a passionate speech of a Russian girl, Italian resident, who is monitoring and reporting “anti-vaxx” (anti New World Order) situation in Italy via her blogs and channels in social nets.

Huge 4 Day Protest At Port Of Trieste, Italy Attacked By Police Water Canons, Batons & Tear Gas


Russian report:



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