Industry daredevil ranting

Industry media exploded with the message Bjørn Højgaard, chief executive of Hong Kong shipmanagement giant Anglo-Eastern Univan Group, sent to the world and industry, via his Linkedin account. It came like a revelation, like a daring criticism of ports and States, which are hampering crew change and in many cases, make change plainly impossible.

So what? What is there in his rant so daring and so revealing? He diligently counted and listed woes and pains of both seamen and managers, and went on the offense, accusing the authorities, not managers and owners. It was clear and it is clear for anyone in industry, who’s to blame, he didn’t say anything new. With that, in first lines of his post he couldn’t but demonstrate virtue-signalling: «…I am as passionate as anyone about our industry’s transition to a low-carbon future” – I personally, know many seamen and a number of owners and managers, and there’s not one among them who is “passionate about low-carbon future”.
In the end of his passionate message, he’s asking questions and inviting opinions:
So what do you think? Why do the ports and nations that have zero-tolerance to coronavirus and therefore zero consideration for seafarers get away with it? Why is there no outrage? And how does it all end?

I don’t understand how – by now – one still manages to get lost in a broad, dazzling daylight, with regards to the roots of the situation. I’ve been analyzing situation all along, and I repeatedly forecasted this present chaos for more than a year already. So I absolutely don’t understand, why somebody is so frustrated with present situation, because it was to be expected, it was inevitable. Situation is absolutely clear, no rocket science required to grasp it:

– nations’ governments in their majority, aren’t independent and sovereign, they’re ruled by WEF/UN bunch of maniacs (check who’re the main stakeholders in absolutely all major corporations and industries, via Yahoo finance – Black Rock and Vanguard are everywhere, no big deal to complete the puzzle). Nations’ governments have to obey, economy problems and plans are shifted to the bottom of priorities lists, now the main priority throughout the world is “vaccination”, nothing else matters.
– nations’ “health authorities” got an upper hand, they overrule the governments and single-handedly close down industries, sectors, businesses – whole nations. They revel in the power they suddenly gained, shamelessly and thoughtlessly, in most disgraceful manner.
– there is not and there wasn’t any “deadly pandemic” – it’s a scamdemic; casedemic; plandemic – it’s anything but “pandemic”.
– what is the final goal of those who run the show? Why, it’s a final solution (Bill Gates), and depopulation and New World Order.
– “health authorities” are nothing more than servants, they carry out orders according to guidelines, they can’t care less about Key Workers and shipping and its’ role:
Is that really a way to treat Key Workers, which is what our seafarers truly are? Without these front-line workers shipping would come to a grinding halt, and with that we would all be without food, clothes, energy and medical supplies in a matter of weeks… something too few people are aware of.

They don’t care at all, it’s that simple. What’s worse, is the fact, that WEF/UN do PLAN supply chains interruptions, economy chaos, shortages of everything, hunger and so on. They stated their plans openly, it’s all there, go check. It’s not just overzealous “health authorities” who brought up and keep going crew change crisis, it’s an intentional policy of those who rule “health authorities”.
So dear industry CEO’s, you may rant, whine, yell and complain as much as you want, it will all go into a whistle.

You should analyze situation for what it really is, you should cut yourself off the delusional “reality” created by MSM, and if/when you do it, you won’t be asking stupid questions and posting useless messages. If you accept reality, you’d soon come to logical questions, to be addressed to yourselves:

Mass crew “vaccination” doesn’t ease crew change crisis, so what the heck it’s all about?
To what purposes, then, and with what exactly, do we jab our crews?
Is this “vaccines” stuff as dangerous as they say all around the globe? (Answer is – yes it is, and we yet don’t know how dangerous, or how deadly, it really is, it takes some time)
If it’s dangerous, what we – industry CEOs caring so much about “our dear seafarers” – should do?
Shouldn’t we make it all public and try to figure risks out, with the help of comprehensive, open database of crews “vaccination”?

I know, that quite a number of SME in shipping already figured it all out, and do what they can in order to: a) make crews safe; b) reduce crew change costs and complications. I’ve been writing about such ways and solutions, no point in re-writing it all again.
The point is, industry mainstream, be it CEOs or media, remains in its’ world of delusions and misconceptions, with no intention or signs of intention, of returning to reality. The only right choice seamen may take is obvious – either leave big names and major companies and swing to SMEs, preferably to their nations carriers, or leave the seas for good. As for shipping majors, I personally, can’t care less, they’re doomed, anyway, with such CEOs at the wheel.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.