How to fight vaccination hesitancy in shipping. Or to facilitate it.

“Ship managers pause crew changes of Indian seafarers as nation grapples with Covid-19”, says TradeWinds in its’ article:
There’s no light in the end of the tunnel, and I’d add, there’s no end of the tunnel, either. I’ve been warning before, and I repeat my warning now, addressing it to owners, ship management and crew agencies – forget about “crew change crisis solution”, there is no solution, and won’t be, and each new year will be worse than previous one.

To understand what’s all about, one must read The Great Reset Agenda. Plus UN Agenda 2021/2030. Everything is in there, including our very dark and deadly future. The whole “pandemic” scheme isn’t about “fighting deadly virus”, because there is none (well, now we have something deadly at last, it’s so-called “vaccines”). It’s all about taking everything under total control, and wiping out unnecessary elements, from “useless eaters” in form of general public, to hostile to Agenda classes (middle class, farmers, etc.) and companies.
All active “pandemic” players have no interest at all, by definition, in making any positive steps to ease worldwide all-out crisis, be it supply chains or food production, or crew change. Why should they, if a worldwide crisis is their goal. So effectively, everything shipping “leaders” and CEOs propose and do in their proclaimed attempts to solve crew crisis, adds fuel to firestorm of chaos. Or in other words, everything they do exacerbates situation and increases threat to lives and health of seamen.

Latest crew vaccination news:
– V.Group CEO Kofod-Olsen:
“Governments in Europe and in my own country in Denmark are for various political reasons deselecting for the time being some vaccines. I think they should donate them to the big seafaring nations; getting our seafarers vaccinated with vaccines…”
Translation of Kofod-Olsen idea: The EU member States, quite regularly, ban some batches of certain types of vaccines, after the surges in adverse side-effects and deaths. So Kofod-Olsen is proposing to the EU not to waste costly experimental drugs, but instead, use them on seamen. How touching! If this is not “care about our dear seafarers”, then I don’t know what is.
– Crews from Torm and Anglo-Eastern ships to be vaccinated under new US program.
– InterManager is to work privately in sourcing Covid-19 vaccines for its members seafarers.
– In mid-June, the Netherlands will start a Covid-19 vaccination program for seafarers.
All of it taken together, is already a chaos, there’s no other word for it.

Vaccination is not a road to crew change crisis solution, it’s a road to chaos and hell
Vaccinated or not, there won’t be any universal seaman Green Pass, a guarantee of a green lane for sign-off/on. Why? Because there will be second waves and third waves and fifties waves and tsunamis of covid “pandemic”, which will hit, in randomized manner, regions and countries throughout the world. And when tsunami strikes, no Gov and “Health Authority” will give a damn about seamen “key worker” status or his vaccination status. Crew change will remain a tremendous headache, it doesn’t take rocket science to get it, it’s as simple and clear, as two plus two.
There’s no universal workable solution, and won’t be, because – I repeat – all this madness isn’t and wasn’t about “deadly pandemic” and public health, it’s about control and depopulation.

How to effectively fight “vaccination hesitancy”
Any industry’s CEO/Chief, anyone in position of power, who’s pushing mass vaxx agenda, is colluding in crime. No? It’s a conspiracy and a lie? All they think of is safety of “our dear seafarers”? If they’re all that sincere and honest and caring, they can prove their saintness in a very simple way. Let them launch an open updatable database online, with crews vaccination statistics, collecting and publishing basic data:
– Crews vaccinations basic data: ships, companies, dates, ports, vaxx types, number of vaccinated crew;
– Adverse effects statistics including deaths, integrated with vaxx statistics. When, where and under what circumstances those effects take place;
– Weekly/Monthly Totals.
If vaccines are as good and safe, as they say, and “vaccination hesitancy” is a result of disinformation or ignorance, such online database will be a perfect instrument in destroying fakes and conspiracies, spread by villains like yours truly.

Why fighting “vaccination hesitancy” is “mission impossible”
Will they make and launch such database? Of course no, because anything transparent true and factual, about “pandemic” and “vaccination”, is extremism, fake, conspiracy, nationalism, terrorism, supremacy and phobic. Can they, technically, do such database? Of course they can, they waste countless millions of dollars on BS and crap “projects”, like fighting non-existent Climate Change threat, or showering money on newest idiocies (decoys actually, to divert attention from real problems) – Mental Health Problem or Seafarer Happiness Index.
Basically, they simply can’t make “vaccination” process transparent, because it will destroy their narrative, they have to keep data and figures hidden. As a result, “vaccination hesitancy” will keep growing, with increasing number of seamen rejecting contracts renewal. Total lack of transparency is the best argument in favor of “vaccination hesitancy” rumors and info in social nets.
What shipping chiefs will do when the truth, the “vaccination” disaster, will be too big to hide? When mass sickness/death will disable their ships in ports and on high seas? I don’t know. I believe, they’ll bluntly keep going on with vaxx, do whatever they’re told to do, either directly by their masters, or indirectly via mainstream trends.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.