Two Aframax tankers ran aground in Suez Canal

Two Aframax tankers in ballast ran aground while transiting Suez Canal near 132 kilometer mark, about to enter Great Bitter Lake in northbound convoy, reported GAC didn’t identify tankers, but according to tracks, these two grounded ships are identified as RUMFORD (IMO 9473066, dwt 107505, flag Italy), and MINERVA NIKE (IMO 9255696, dwt 105320, flag Greece). RUMFORD ran aground first, at 1010 LT (UTC +2), MINERVA NIKE ran aground later, she was sailing in 22-ships convoy behind RUMFORD. RUMFORD was refloated at 1320 LT, while MINERVA NIKE remained aground.
According to track, as of 1130 UTC MINERVA NIKE was also refloated and already under way in Great Bitter Lake. Understood both tankers didn’t sustain damages, though it may not be the case with RUMFORD, she’s moving in Great Bitter Lake at some 6.6 knots surrounded by 3 tugs, probably under tow.



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