Crews vaccination: how to do it and not to name it

A full-scale campaign is raging in industry media, based on recent statements, press-releases and actions of so-called “shipping elites”, represented by both shipping majors and by international maritime bodies. The main goal is absolutely obvious – to convince maritime community, that the vaccination is inevitable, that there’s no other way for shipping to remain operative, and that “no jab, no job” approach is absolutely justified and is indeed, the only way out, the only solution.

A legal document due to be circulated to the global shipping community later this week by ICS (Internationa Chamber of Shipping) highlights concerns that vaccinations could soon become a compulsory requirement for work at sea because of reports that some states are insisting all crew be vaccinated as a pre-condition of entering their ports. ICS secretary-general Guy Platten said:
“We’re already seeing reports of states requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for seafarers. If our workers can’t pass through international borders, this will undoubtedly cause delays and disruptions in the supply chain.”…

The question is, what countries, namely, are requesting seamen vaccine certificates, and why, exactly? Do they request that all the ships calling their ports, are to be manned with vaccinated crews, or does it concern only sign-off/on crews? It’s a very big difference, you know. It’s a decisive difference. Why ICS and others deeply concerned, didn’t specify it? Why ICS and others didn’t analyze such an insane request? The majority (overwhelming majority) of sea labor is not vaccinated and hopefully, will remain not vaccinated. It means if implemented, effectively, that the nations which ban all the non-vaccinated ships, will ban – cut off, destroy, sink – all of its’ supply chains, its’ trade and its’ industries. Even EU or Canada or NZ aren’t yet that insane.

Guy Platten continues: “Many think we’re in a vaccination sprint. The reality is we’re at the start of an ultra-marathon, and seafarers will be key in getting across the finish line. We need to keep them safe and for governments to play their part by ensuring that vaccines for seafarers have been approved by WHO for emergency use. There are currently more than 50 vaccines each at different stages of testing and approval and only some of these have been recognised by WHO as suitable for emergency use. Yet some states are imposing vaccines for seafarers that are not on the WHO list of vaccines for Emergency Use. If we’re to maintain internationalised workforces, this needs to change immediately.”

Yes, the whole pandemic/vaccination criminal anti human scheme is a mess, a chaos. There are already nations signing bilateral agreements on valid vaccination passports for their crews, like the one signed by Thailand and China respective bodies, just the other day.
The whole scheme, the whole mess is based on one big fake and lie – a “deadly pandemic” non-existent deadly threat, and exactly because of it, there’s isn’t, and there won’t ever be, some orderly, worldwide crews solution of this artificial crisis – it will be a mess, a hell of dozens of different vaccines and their legal status in this or that country; a myriad of conflicts of interests – from vaccine producers/providers to vaccination hubs, from seamen unwilling to take jab to seamen sustaining injures from vaccination; from insane “international bodies” pushing the agenda, to resisting the mandatory vaccination shipwoners and managers; and more, and more, and more.

Shipping “leaders” are sweating themselves out in attempts to impose the vaccine, but with that, not to state, openly and unequivocally, that the agenda they’re pushing is the agenda of mandatory, enforced vaccination. “…while owners would be able to address the need for seafarer vaccines in new contracts, owners attempting to change existing contracts or asking crew to receive a specific vaccine requested by a port could open themselves up to legal liabilities…”
Seamen cannot be compelled to be vaccinated against coronavirus even where states insist all crew members must be inoculated prior to making port calls, the International Chamber of Shipping says.
“Then it is up to seafarers to decide whether they can sail on those terms. If they are vaccine hesitant, they will not take the employment. We’ve heard the phrase ‘no jab, no job’ within the UK, and I think that will translate to the shipping environment.” – ICS legal director Kiran Khosla said in interview.

WARNING: Shipowners are advised to look through it all – what is the meaning of it, the essence? It’s very simple – there’s law prohibiting mandatory vaccination, but you may bypass it, using a number of dirty tricks. Who will be held responsible, when things go wrong and many seamen will suffer severe side-effects or even die? You, of course. These smug scumbags who’re pushing the agenda of non-mandatory – yet-mandatory vaccinations, will stay clean, or so they hope.

So, how to sum it all up?
There are no worldwide vaccination solutions to guarantee worldwide valid vaccination with regards to crews, and there won’t be such solutions;
Seamen are to be vaccinated against their will and their judgment, if they want to keep their job;
All seamen’ vaccine-related hesitancy and fears are declared, are made, officially, “non-scientific”, instigated by “anti vax propaganda”, or bluntly, are declared illegal or soon to become illegal;
Nobody knows or cared to analyze or to give a thought, to near future – it is already declared by many “health” authorities both on nations and international levels, that this ongoing vaccination is only the beginning of a marathon of vaccinations to last through years to come – years! Not one, but several vaccinations per year are ahead.
Now, ask your own body, your organism, how will it react when pumped, regularly, with unknown, untested, experimental chemical stuff? How long will it take to kill you or destroy your health? Who will be held responsible – shipowners (except major ones), no doubt, will be held responsible and declared guilty, but who else? International maritime bodies, media, WHO, WEF, UN, EU – who?! Answer is, nobody.

All those who’re so enthusiastically, so creatively, pushing this deadly agenda, have crossed the line. The whole “pandemic” disaster will collapse, and the only thing we don’t know yet, is the number of people these vaccines already killed and will kill in very near future. I strongly believe, that the collapse will occur rather sooner, than later, and when it happens, many responsible for this crime will be held responsible, be it in criminal court or lynch. You’re nuts, those who’re pushing this agenda in shipping. You’re having a chart, a compass, sextant and course to plot, to steer clear of future deaths and tragedies. There’s a 99.7 covid survivability rate worldwide, and there’s a zero covid mortality in global shipping. All you have to do – if you’re afraid to resist openly – is to delay/sabotage vaccination, and to advise caution, using the facts. But no, you’re actively pushing the shipping into the abyss, simply because you’re blinded by your greed, your career ambitions, or your fears. You have crossed the line which divides normal people from criminals, normal human beings from un-human monsters. You will be punished. You think you’re on winner’s side – well, you are not. Evil fails, always. No sense in explaining why, you’re too ignorant and stupid to grab it.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.