Biden presidency is good for shipping. What?!

“… Taken as a whole, the container market is doing well and President Biden’s win is a promising sign for sustaining this success.
Many of former President Trump’s policies leaned towards restricting container shipping flows instead of expanding them. President Biden’s policies are expected to favour improving relationships with trading partners and US stimulus spending, moves that are especially important for the container shipping market in the wake of Covid. With many countries now rolling out vaccination programmes, container shipping demand is likely to continue rising as economies recover and lockdowns are eased, keeping important trans-Pacific volumes strong….”

Excerpt cited above is a Conclusion paragraph of a typical analysis article, published recently by a number of industry media. Time and again, modern “experts” astound me by their total lack of any deep insight and understanding, and what’s worse – by total failure even to try to look deeper than the surface of raw overall statistics. This temporary one-way containers flow spike – from China to USA and other Western nations – is taken for granted, without any thought given to economy basics. Even a child can’t be less curious and ignorant, than modern experts, either ruined by their education, or succumbing to censorship.

The way things stand now and go – “pandemic”, Great Reset, EU/UN green agenda, and especially, the fall of USA as a great and independent nation – leave no hope, no chance for any cargo demand growth anymore, not in foreseen future. Everything globalists stand for and push, enforce upon us 24/7/365, is incompatible with shipping growth. Their Great Reset is destroying cargo flows and supply chains, WEF admits it openly, even more – WEF propagates it as the only way “to save the planet from Climate Change and overpopulation”. Already millions of people lost their jobs, Western nations are becoming poorer not wealthier, thanks to “pandemic”; invasion of migrants; intentional destruction of Western industries, and transition to so-called “sustainable energy”. What’s in the end, what’s the final, physical result of this anti-human policy? Greatest ever reduction of consumption and therefore, production, that’s what. A plunge. What is it exactly ships are supposed to carry, when deprived of all usual cargoes, from coal/oil to consumer goods? Migrants? Champagne and caviar for elites? Artificial meat and incessant flow of yet new vaccines, produced by Bill Gates Hell factories? What?!

Oh, sure, there will be a constant flow of Chinese goods from Chinese ports to the rest of the world – but alas, it’s also, doomed to shrink, because more and more people will become unable to afford even this cheap trash and junk.
Each and every claimed goal of all their “agendas”, from UN Agenda 2021 to Great Reset to walking non-dead Biden’s “plan” for America’s future, are blatantly, screamingly clear – economy is destined to shrink, consumption of everything from food and energy to clothes and transportation, is to fall to catastrophically low level on a planetary scale.
“President Biden’s policies are expected to favour improving relationships with trading partners and US stimulus spending, moves that are especially important for the container shipping market in the wake of Covid.” – says “expert”. Does she understand what Biden’s policies mean for economy? Does she understand that his (his Masters) policies are suicidal for any economy of any nation? That opening the gates once again for cheap Chinese stuff is a guaranteed way of destroying nation’s economy? That this “stimulus spending” bill is a road to hell economically, politically and morally?

How do such “experts” and “economists” understand the economy? Production and industries are moved to other countries with cheap or slave labor; workers and middle class are wiped out; but consumption goes up because they – jobless people – receive stimulus paycheck? It means, effectively, that the nation produces nothing except printed money, you “expert” morons. Nation’s wealth, accumulated by generations of hard-working people with no Marxism indoctrinated “experts” around to hustle and harass them, is melting away like snow under spring sun.
But of course she’s an expert, who else can become an expert nowadays? Certainly not a professional, let alone honest and responsible professional. The more idiotic, ignorant and more often, than not, blatantly insane is the “analysis”, the better. We’re living in very, very dark times indeed.

P.S. New green agenda and all the benefits it will bring to humanity – we can watch these benefits right now, real-time, in Germany or Texas, most heavily hit by rough winter, and how their reliance on “sustainable renewable energy sources” led them right into severe energy crisis. A caveman is much more knowledgeable and certainly, has much more common sense and intelligence, than any modern “environmentally concerned” idiot, be this idiot on a payroll or enthusiastic idiot. Green Agenda is Dark Ages, and anyone colluding in “green sustainable” madness, is de-facto, a criminal.
February 2021



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.