Demolition of effective shipping industry postponed but not cancelled

Shipping industry meets IMO’s decisions taken during latest MEPC 75th session, held on November 16-20, with great relief, because in general, IMO accepted industry proposals, not the insane and criminal “proposals”, pushed by “environmentalists”. In short, if adopted, “decarbonization” program will cost shipping extra USD 2 per ton of fuel (dystopian tax on air), plus implementation of Indexes and Indicators, which will tag each and every ship as good or bad, depending on their CO2 emission and that mysterious thing, “energy efficiency”. Decisions seem to be not as deadly as it was widely feared. The drafts and plans and acceptances will take quite some time, several years, before they become the reality, so all in all, the shipping resembles a WW2 transport which managed to escape hostile torpedo or bomb.
Why sudden mercy shown towards shipping industry, where did it come from and what are the reasons behind IMO’s back-off? I believe there are at least two factors which may explain sudden globalists humanity. First of all, member States and industry itself, resisted the insane proposal offered by “greens”, because, as industry official said, “… if the environmental lobby is successful there could be a catastrophic shortage of tonnage by 2023, people could be starving if shipping and the supply chain are disrupted”. As simple as that. My point is, mankind already achieved a tremendous success in creating a new world of sustainable self-destructive insanity, but some boundaries are still here, still not destroyed, and people/industries aren’t yet ready to commit suicide as soon as they’re ordered to do so. Some basic instincts still remain.
Another factor is globalists themselves, who I believe, revised the priorities in their Great Reset program, shifting “starvation of Biblical proportions” goal down below. They’re infatuated with mass vaccination, first and foremost vaccination of the West, but sudden disruption of supply chains might delay or jeopardize the whole vaccination plan. They finally, made their homework, figured it out, and left shipping be. What is it they’re going to inject us with, I wonder? Pure cyanide or some diluted poison with clock mechanism, to kill or maim us some time later? Most likely, maniacs and their servants and cohorts, murderers in white coats, don’t know themselves, what they’ll get at the end of production line of Big Pharma. They are not professionals, either in scientific or in technology or engineering – they’re too corrupt for that. They’re bundlers and losers, whose careers and positions are determined by anything but long lost professional skills. They failed with manufacturing “deadly virus”, and as well, they’ll fail with vaccines. The only thing we can be sure of, these vaccines of theirs aren’t anything good or at least, harmless. They are planned to be bad and very harmful. You still think it’s a “conspiracy theory”? WEF/UN/Gates/globalists openly said so and continue saying, they don’t hide their goal anymore – radical depopulation of the world.

Laws of Lawlessness
If you’re shipping insider and feel yourself relieved, because IMO accepted industry proposal and that means, that death sentence is put on shelve, for at least several years, you’re mistaken. You still stick to old, outdated thinking. You still see in West a territory of Law and Order, when in fact, the West is deep down into Lawless Lands, for many years already. Some kind of an order which still kept is, mainly, an inertia. All the basic laws are broke and thrown away like wasted toilet paper. Everything mainstream, everything enforced upon nations, everything trending and under way, is lawless and criminal. Take a look at mass migration, or “renewable energy” projects, or crazy “clean fuels” regulations, or overregulation and total control of everything, or censorship – it’s all against laws, it’s all criminal. Crowning it all is of course, is a “pandemic” crime against humanity of unprecedented scale. “Pandemic” openly and unabashedly, put the world into a concentration camp Zone 1, to be vaccinated, and then to be moved to Zone 2 and further Zones, each being more strict and secure, more miserable and deadly for commons, than previous ones. All basic human rights are ignored or crushed, already.
I monitor the shipping legislative process for quite some time already, and this process, the legislative environment as it stands now, has nothing to do with law and justice. It’s all about making unlawful anti human agenda a lawful one. Lawmakers, lawyers and experts are in sweats, making criminal agenda, crimes and criminals lawful, and by that, automatically transforming sane and responsible professionals, honest people, into outlaws, always guilty of something. Shipping is not a lawful industry anymore, it’s a lawless zone, run by maniacs, criminals and crooks of all types.
Western lawmakers and lawyers should brace themselves for real hard times ahead. We’re in a bolsheviks’ Mordor already, and do you know what one of the main characteristics of communistic legislation is? It’s a total unpredictability. You think IMO’s decision to accept industry proposal means something solid and stable, something to last until 2030 as it was said and written and agreed upon? It doesn’t mean a f…k! If WEF/UN successfully destroy USA, the next thing they’ll proceed with, after vaccination, will be “saving the planet from CO2” program. IMO will revise its’ recent decisions, and accept most anti human, most radical NGOs plan, in no time, in a matter of days. Lawmakers will have to reboot while on the run. This new dystopian type of “legislation” will go on and on – in the morning lawyers will work out and approve one law, in the evening they’ll replace it with something absolutely different, and woe betide those who will be late or come up with “incorrect” legislation. Those who wronged or were late, or misinterpreted, were executed or sentenced to slow death in labor camps, in Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China. There are no Laws and there’s no Rule of Law in the New World Order, so thoughtlessly supported by the “elites” – there’s only Party’s Line, Party’s Course, determined by very few, finger-counted, top ones, led by World Great Leader or whatever his title will be.
Again and again, I remain dumbfounded by industry “elites” bottomless stupidity and shortsightedness – they’re digging their own graves, but still believe they’re saving, or building up, their careers! Are they all already genetically modified? Are they all already vaccine junkies, taking regular jabs of some special, exclusive vaccine, some kind of “covid-england-1984” stuff, which switches off their survival instinct and brain itself? Well, judging from their New World Order language, which was once English language of the free and now is a language of lies, fakes and enslavement, I guess I’m not exaggerating.

Afraid of not being afraid of “pandemic” – explanation of acquiescence
By the way, quite recently I figured out, after cutting off contacts with many of my former friends and colleagues, what lies behind their submission to this “pandemic” insanity. Not many people sincerely fear “deadly virus” all that much, to an extent of total loss of any analytical thinking – like you know, those imbeciles wearing masks in closed cars or when there’s not a living soul hundreds of meters around (not surprisingly, many of such imbeciles are offices staffers, whose brains are ruined by their “humanitarian education”). The majority of people who obediently wear masks, keep distance and tolerate lockdowns (breaking them anywhere and anytime they can), figured it all out and aren’t afraid of “deadly virus”.
They are afraid, paradoxically, of not being afraid of “pandemic”. During the process of analyzing all “pandemic” data and stories, they find themselves on the verge of the abyss – there’s some real monster below, something horrific and deadly, something which threatens their lives, their ways of lives and everything they held dear or took for granted.
And this monster isn’t “pandemic”. It’s those who fabricated the hoax, propagate it and push the “Great Reset – Vaccination – Health Passport – etc.” agenda. It’s authorities and mainstream media, it’s Big-Tech and “pandemic” frontmen like Bill Gates, it’s WEF and UN, it’s police and secrete service, it’s military, it’s big banks and big money – their power seems to be overwhelming, their plans seem to be unstoppable, there is nothing in this world which can stand up against them, and fight them, with any chance of success. They’re afraid to accept the horrifying truth of New World Order, because this truth is much more scary and deadly, than “pandemic” narrative. They chose instead, to believe in “pandemic” hoax, simply because it puts the whole world around them back to reason and sense – yes pandemic is bad, yes some anti virus measures seem to be extreme and unnecessary, but in the whole, it’s all justified, it’s all for the best, for bigger good of us all.
They’re feverishly looking for proofs and facts to convince themselves and people around them, that there is a pandemic and it’s real and deadly, that the authorities know what they’re doing, and obeying them is the only way out of this mess. They’re very angry (their angry soon to transform into hate) with “dissidents”, with all those who resist New World Order and its’ enforcers. With all those in short, who’re trying to wake them up. Afraid waking them up is mission impossible – they don’t have the courage even to accept the truth, let alone do something about it, or God forbid, fight for freedom.
Do we observe perfect slaves for a perfect New World Order? Absolutely not – in a world where everything is a lie, a fake and based on false narratives, even most compliant, submissive people do resist, passively and unwittingly, but resist. They violate restrictions and rules, they do everything they can to ease their lives, to make lives more comfortable or survivable, and simply by doing such acts, they’re sabotaging NWO. But such life isn’t a good life, isn’t human, it’s not a life as it should be and God intended it to be, it’s a survival in a death camp, in upended and twisted reality.

NGOs toxic biomass and their predictable future
NGOs and “think-tanks” are a creation of globalists, an instrument to push UN Agenda 21 and WEF’s latest, Great Reset deadly program. Broadly speaking, their essence is the same as essence of Lenin’s “Militant Atheists” and Mao’s Red Guards, or their modern successors, BLM or Antifa. NGOs are not street thugs, they’re, so to say, intellectual, pseudo “scientific” thugs. They’re to fabricate and stage “science-based” studies, necessary for the globalists to scare nations and mankind into submission. It’s an interesting phenomena of modern era, probably most repulsive brainchild of globalists agenda, an ideal weapon for destroying science, common sense and morals, both individual and public. It’s an aggressive biomass, driven exclusively by most primitive instincts, such as hunger and survival. It’s worse than locusts, being more disgusting and more destructive, and as well as locusts, this “intellectual” slime can’t be treated in any other way except total disinfection (with all due investigations of its’ more often, than not, criminal activities).
The working scheme of all “environmentalist” NGOs (and the overwhelming majority of others) is very simple, it’s in fact, primitive. They’re tasked with fabricating false “studies”, by using two main methods – twisting or falsifying statistics; and drawing pseudo-science conclusions, based on “computer modeling”. Such kind of work takes a specific kind of character, to carry it out. Persons swarming NGOs must be as ignorant and unscrupulous, as possible; or cynical down to the core, ready to do whatever it takes to achieve their personal ambitions. And there are plenty of such creatures nowadays, of both types – either ignorant poorly educated fools, or cynical liars (not, though, overly burdened with any deep knowledge of anything).
Just like “Militant Atheists / Red Guards” terror mobs, modern intellectual terrorists, which are comprising the main bulk of NGOs, aren’t satisfied with their despicable role of manipulated pawns, cheap dispensable lapdogs. NGOs evolved into some kind of living organism, with its’ own agenda, similar to that of their Masters – they’re trying to grab as much power as possible, and to guarantee their existence, long-term. And just like their predecessors or contemporaries, “Militant Atheists / Red Guards / Russian Association of Proletarian Writers” or BLM/Antifa, they’re doomed to fail and to extinction. Interestingly, the majority of those organizations and movements, destroyed, banned and deleted from official history, have become victims of succeeding purges, either executed or sentenced to “labor camps” slow and painful death. They’ve been persecuted more ferociously, than open opposition to the regime (it’s a well-known fact – leftists hate their own much more than they hate their open enemies). Very few of them were able to squeeze into upper echelons of power, and survive, but not before they betrayed their associates.
They’re (were) despised by everybody, including or first of all, by their Masters. Their absolutely rotten and immoral character is too obvious, to deserve anything but disgust. Lowest type in mobs ranks. Nobody regretted their extinction or showed any pity towards them or their memory, after they’ve been exterminated.
NGOs don’t know anything about anything, let alone history and its’ lessons. NGOs believe themselves to be something special, indispensable, part of the elite, and claim their “rightful” share of power, more and more loudly and openly, just like that one exemplary NGO creature did, condemning IMO’s decision at MEPC 75 to adopt an industry proposal: “…The EU should require ships to pay for their pollution in its carbon market and mandate the use of alternative green fuels and energy saving technologies. Across the world nations must take action on maritime emissions where the UN agency has utterly failed.”
NGOs made their move by direct call to nations to sabotage IMO’s decision. Not that their call matters much, it will be widely ignored (as was ignored NGOs’ insane, anti human and downright criminal proposal), but such a slap in their face infuriates NGOs even more. If you want to find the standards of ignorance, stupidity, greed, falsehood and corruption, go to any NGO.
Why, by the way, they all credit themselves as “non-profit”? Check their websites, all alike and indiscernible, look at pics of their boards, teams, etc. Do they look like persons deprived of any income? They’re all obviously, fell-fed, well dressed, well-off and well paid. They do nothing except harm, they produce nothing except destruction, they speak nothing but lies, and this evil business of theirs is, glaringly, very profitable. They’re financed, mainly, by the same sources which finance each and every crime against humanity, from mass migration to “pandemic”, from Agenda 2021 to Great Reset implementations.
What’s good with NGOs, if history is any lesson, is the rare opportunity of watching “instant karma” live – whether New World Order wins or falls, NGOs are doomed to extinction in both cases. NWO after grabbing total control, won’t need NGOs, these hoax production factories, it’s just not worth bothering with, especially considering some NGOs characteristics – they’re getting more loud, more audacious, more demanding, more costly, and with that, less controllable.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.