Say goodbye to your fantasies, shipping CEOs

Shipping industry isn’t restricted to ships, ports, shipowners, seamen and dockers, only, of course. Its’ infrastructure is much more complex, embracing such comparatively new type of hired guns, as CEOs; as new type of globalized and monopolized trade unionism; as proliferating omnipresent and generally, unnecessary, international maritime organizations and institutions; as absolutely toxic, 100% destructive and negative, NGOs; as industry media, etc.
Some of CEOs and most of private shipowners are responsible professionals, who understand the insanity and destruction, brought by new era and its’ agenda, but alas, they did almost nothing to oppose the oncoming disaster. They may become vocal and speak out openly only when cornered, when feeling frustrated and desperate:
…There is a concern on the industry side of the debate that if the environmental lobby is successful there could be a “catastrophic shortage of tonnage by 2023, people could be starving if shipping and the supply chain are disrupted,” said industry official after Oct IMO intersectional meeting debates…
There wasn’t much of debate, though. Deranged, insane NGOs jerks came up with genocidal, criminal “environmental” demands, which will, be they met and legislated, blow up global economy and supply chains, dooming billions of people to starvation, misery and death. They’ve been waived off, for the time being, but final battle is set for late Nov, and the outcome is unpredictable, if taking into account WEF/UN plans, statements and actions.
Taken broadely, as an institution, mass CEOs practice is a negative, destructive phenomenon, plaguing shipping both economically and morally. It is ridden with corruption, treachery and cronyism, it has become an ideal environment for creating a toxic, hostile legislation, deadly for free market, private entrepreneurship, sea labor morals and good seamanship. It spawned among other things, a new type of industrial/sectoral/economical analyze and foresight, a grotesque parody of analyze, based on “computer modeling” and purely mechanistic calculations. I’m monitoring this so-called “analyze” for years, for decades already, and it leaves me speechless. How dumb one must be, to take this trash anywhere seriously? How out of his mind one must be, to “analyze” shipping demand/supply balance, fleet growth or decrease, without taking into account glaringly obvious factors, such as actions, projects and programs under way or to be launched soon, carried out and voiced by WEF/UN/EU/USDems, by evil-obsessed “leaders” of half of EU States, of Five Eye States with yet one exception, etc., etc…

Wake up, there isn’t and won’t be any “recovery”, shipping is in a freefall
We’re repeatedly said by globalists, that we will have to reduce our consumption, and that the reduction will be, already is, mandatory, forced by sheer brutal force, when necessary. The other week one Putin, Russian dictator and curse (whom Western patriots mistakenly think to be nationalist and conservative), talked a lot of his usual trash, addressing the nation, and negligently or intentionally, spilled the true globalists attitude towards us, commons. He called Russians to refrain from “overconsupmtion”, listing “overconsupmtion” among the biggest problems Russia faces. Russia is the biggest and least populated country in the world, with vast resources of everything, from arable lands to oil or timber. The overwhelming majority of Russians live on the brink of poverty or below poverty line, they spend most of what they earn on essentials, such as food, cloths, electricity. They don’t save money, they don’t buy luxuries, but with that, they don’t yet starve or freeze. And that’s exactly what globalist elites consider to be overconsumption, you see. We, commons, are guilty of gross “overconsumption”, even when we as much as barely survive.
Here’s another alarming sign of what is to come – many people in so-called “alternative media” (that is, true media), noticed, that for quite some time already, the majority of governments don’t speak anymore about GDP, economy, salary/consumption statistics – it has become irrelevant, suddenly. All we have to think and worry about, are hoax non-existent “deadly pandemic”, and hoax non-existent “man-made Climate Change”. We must obey and live in misery (better yet if we die, the more the better), in order to save their f..g Gaia Mother Earth.
That is to say, that all the fundamentals tell us, scream at us, that there will be no grounds for economy growth and increasing demand in ships and shipping. On the contrary, shipping industry will go down in a landslide, reduce to a bare minimum. Nobody knows what that minimum will be, least of all your “experts”, “think-tanks”, AI and “computer-modeling”, but it will be minimum indeed, scraps and leftovers. And of course, New World Order, if it wins, won’t need your idiotic “green” ships, driven by LNG or biofuels or wind or whatever else your sick, career-obsessed minds, may invent. Those few ships left, will be driven by good old oil or coal, or dirty nuclear reactors, NWO simply can’t care less. New World Order isn’t what they – UN/WEF/etc – are telling us, because they’re too dumb themselves, to see and understand the true nature of New World Order. It’s a System, anti-human anti-God system, which cares about nothing else except its’ own power and survival. It’s Ancient Slave World mixed with French Revolution with Russian/Chinese communists, and with newly invented sick “green” ideology. It’s a pyramid. People, en mass and each taken individually, are worth nothing, they are all dispensable, including the very top ones. New World Order can’t care less about dear mother nature, too.

CEOs stupid belief in their exceptionalism
If you, CEO morons, think themselves to be part of the elite, indispensable and irreplaceable, you’re in for a biggest disappointment of your life. Your worth is penny for thousand, in the System you’re so enthusiastically building, or colluding in construction. System needs some empirically defined number of real professionals, be they carpenters or seamen, or scientists (real ones, not the scum like environmentalists or epidemiologists), or engineers, so they’re more or less untouchables, not you, CEOs and Rulers. You have absolutely no idea of what is it you’re playing with, idiots.
If New World Order wins, albeit for a short time, everyday life will turn to everyday survival and nightmarish existence (process is already rolling out, especially in some countries), and it will happen in a very short time. History is full of lessons, but CEOs of the world and silent majority, scared to obedience by fake “pandemic” or other hoaxes, don’t know history, and don’t want to know.
What I wanted to say, to express, for a long time, is how astonished, awed if you like, I was and still is, by watching this “green sustainable shipping” circus, and clowns in the arena. Nobody, but nobody in the shipping, stood up and spoke out against this insanity. Not a word. Many shipping insiders, especially professionals, couldn’t but figure out, what this hoax is all about, long time ago. Yet here they are, virtue signaling, saying and doing stupid, insane and now more often than not, criminal things. It’s just that some CEOs are smart enough to stay low and remain silent, but nevertheless, they’re colluding in this crime against humanity, by their mere silence. Why? In the name of what? Of your petty careers? By colluding in the crime of establishing New World Order, you’re ruining your own future, and your lives, for the sake of minute career benefits and perks. You’re idiots, that’s who you are.

CEOs non-existent reputation
I don’t even mention your reputations, they’re already ruined. You can’t be taken seriously anymore, because you’ve failed in each and every aspect of your personality, and publicly demonstrated it. It’s like walking stark naked, or defecating, in public places, like malls or libraries, or hotel lobby, or ceremonial hall during an event. Maybe sometime soon such a behavior will be accepted as New Absolutely Normal (we already see it happening more and more often in the EU and US major cities), some kind of virtue signaling, of building a bridge over I don’t know, diversity gap probably?, but it doesn’t and won’t make it true human normal. Yet that what you’re doing and saying, is exactly in line with public defecating or indecent exposure, in terms of morality, decency and true meaning of your actions. Said above embraces not only CEOs, but a number of once respected and reputable manufacturing, shipbuilding and engineering enterprises, and classification societies, with their sick, destructive “green sustainable” projects of machinery or engines, or fuels/propulsion, or ships.
You failed as men, as characters, too. Will you sell out your children and wives, if it helps your careers? I’m sure, most of you will do it, and if asked, immediately explain it by your highest moral standards and readiness to sacrifice anything it takes, in order to save the planet from whatever it is salvaged now, in accordance with Party (WEF/UN) line (it was wide-spread practice in Soviet Russia or Communist China). You’re scum and disgrace of both shipping and mankind. If it’s of any consolation to you, you’re not alone, you’re a minor part of a global army of thugs, criminals, fraudsters and plain idiots. But it doesn’t make you any better smelling. You stink, together with your media.
Now, it doesn’t take a prophet or clairvoyant to predict the inevitable outcome of House of Cards – New World Order. It will, inevitably, come crumbling down. The House is built on a sand of wild, anti-human, anti-scientific and unrealistic, ideas, like the ideas of total digitalization and control, AI, Green New Deal, etc. It is as inevitable, as day/night change. The main problem and fear is, how long will it take to destroy this House of Death? If it happens anytime soon (hopefully), damages and mortality will be minimal. If it takes months/years, the consequences will be more deadly, than anything world experienced in twenties century. If New World Order wins even for a short time, the majority of those mindless idiots, who’re helping to build it now, whether they are driven by their petty interests or sheer stupidity, will suffer or die, together with all others. Top elites won’t escape the deadly jaws of NWO monster, either. History says, that those on top have much less chance of survival, than those below – it’s like in mob, number of vacancies on top is restricted, but number of candidates is countless, so the higher you’re in criminal or satanic hierarchy, the less are your odds of survival.

Fateful days ahead
Today is November 2nd. Tomorrow is probably, the most fateful day in modern history – day of USA President elections. In last two days, something dramatically changed, fresh wind, tide change – whatever, but hope emerges, bright light in the end of dark satanic tunnel. Trump is to win in a landslide, according to all trustworthy data, including data used by Las-Vegas bookmakers. Clear win not enough, in modern very sick American society. To secure hold on power, elected President has to rely on some solid forces, and it looks like, there are such forces. OK, what do we have if Trump wins, and secures his victory? It’s not enough, also. He and all those who’re with him and behind him, will have to move on, ASAP. The most important actions they’ll have to carry out to avoid global catastrophe in forms of economic meltdown, supply chains destruction, health care disruption – in other words, the oncoming worldwide genocide, are quite obvious. They have to stop two major hoaxes, major crimes of global elites – “pandemic” and “Climate Change”. Everything which facilitates these hoaxes and makes them effective, each and every regulation, law, enforcement, so on and so forth, must be banned, cancelled, declared illegal and criminal. Time for proper investigation and trial of all those who made it possible, who colluded in these crimes, will come later. If it – let’s pray it will – happens, you just mark my words and watch – all shipping “elites” slime (including of course, media) will immediately transform into new beings, new thinking, and attack “pandemic” and “Climate Change” hoaxes. In Russia we say about such cases and such persons: “to change shoes while in a jump”. That’s what they’ll do. Well, whatever, but first things first. Either normal people and Light win, or we lose and Darkness befalls us all.
I’m 60+, I’m doing what I can, fighting globalism via my Maritime Bulletin, not because I’m all that naïve and hope to achieve something, some positive shifts in shipping. Not at all. The reason is very simple, though absolutely alien to “elites” mindset and basic instincts (their main guides in their misery lives) – I want to be in peace with myself, I want clear conscience. If things come to worst, the only thing left for me and many other people like me all around the world, will be to die free. I don’t want, and I won’t, live in WEF New World Order worldwide slavery. I won’t be giving you links to WEF clips, advertising horrific future they’re pushing us into. Do your homework, I don’t care if you do it, or remain in your slumber. Shipping industry happens to be among most disappointing sectors of modern society, with absolutely no will to stand for itself, to fight for freedom and for its’ own future. So be it.
Voytenko Mikhail
Nov 1-2 2020



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.