Time to say goodbye to shipping business, but with no way out

The fate of private entrepreneurship in shipping is now more insecure and dismal, than ever, in known mankind history. Extermination of private shipping is in line with the main agenda of WEF/UN, which recognizes the existence of each and every independent individual, middle class and entrepreneurship, as one of the main threats to planned and now unfolding, New World Order (NWO).
The frontline attacks on private shipping are under way for a decade at least, and their essence, their technical agenda, are quite obvious. It’s of course, “decarbonization”, and cancellation of FOC practices. The majority of small-middle sized entrepreneurs (SME) won’t be able to switch to new, insane, anti economy “zero-emission” fuels or utopian propulsion systems. The majority of shipping, as well, won’t be able to provide cheap and effective transportation of the goods, if banned from FOC practices.
But it’s just a frontline, while no less sinister projects are already on the march, behind the first, most visible attackers. All these second-wave projects have one thing in common – they, on the face of it, allow private shipowner to exist, and continue his business.

Total control over shipowner assets is the final goal
Here’s the problem for NWO maniacs – they can go with their “Green Zero-emission Sustainable Shipping” Agenda only so far, only until they reach one distinctive line, which they can’t cross. “Green Zero-emission Shipping” is so absolutely dystopian and ineffective, that be it implemented in full or on a broad scale, it will jeopardize elites physical existence and well-being. So, after reaching this line, they’ll go low and forget about “deadly” emissions and “dirty” fuels, they’ll just drop the narrative. It will disappear from mainstream media, and judging from a worldwide number of “pandemic” worshippers, general public won’t give it a second thought, they’re that brainwashed and manipulated.
* Who’re NWO warriors, related to shipping? All known usual suspects: UN, WEF, WHO, IMF, IMO, ILO, ITF, ICS, BIMCO, IAPH, INTERCARGO, INTERFERRY, InterManager, INTERTANKO, NGOs, media, individual “experts”, writers and scholars. Some are Masters, some are puppets, some are driving force in this crime against humanity, some are colluding by mere acquiescence, but they’re all in it. They’re all guilty – already guilty, of committing crimes against humanity (by destroying cheap and effective industry), or colluding, and they all, inevitably, will be held responsible. – V.M.
Total control First Stage – Sea Labor
Talking about this second wave, it is best illustrated by one, already well advanced, project, which demonstrated its’ full potential of destructive power quite recently, during last weeks and days, and keeps demonstrating it. It’s ILO/ITF Maritime Labor Convention, and its’ true meaning. ITF monopolized maritime trade-unionism, wiping out all rivals in forms of independent, small/root, trade unions, by all available means, both legal and illegal. ILO/ITF implemented Maritime Labor Convention (Maritime Slavery Convention is much more to the point), and coerced into it the majority of shipowners and crews. So effectively, ITF and via it, NWO, rules and dictates maritime labor, extorting along the way, exorbitant “fees” for its’ enforced “services”. No organized crime in known history can boast of such an achievement, not even close.
Until “Day M”, ITF satisfied itself with extortion, and with sticking its’ tentacles into as many national PSC and Maritime Authorities, as possible and allowed. Then “Day M” came, in form of “pandemic”, and epic battle against humanity, humans and God, was launched, and openly declared.
UN/WEF failed with “deadly virus”, “pandemic” came out to be, in reality, less deadly and dangerous, than any seasonal flu, but that’s because such things, as deadly pandemics and viruses, are far, very far beyond the reach of modern megalomaniacs, with all their hi-tech ambitions. With supply chains, it’s a different story. UN/WEF promised mankind hunger and starvation of “Biblical proportions”. There are absolutely no physical grounds for mass starvation and food shortages, unless such grounds are artificially created, which implies the disruption of supply chains, seaborn chains being first and foremost. Down came the command, ILO/ITF saluted, and advanced on the enemy – the reluctant, resilient to “pandemic” beyond belief, shipping.
At the first stage, ITF tried to incite crews to “strikes” (riots) on a mass global scale, as allegedly, the only way out of crew change crisis. The overwhelming majority of the crews remained deaf to this sedition, because of its’ apparent, glaring falsehood. Indeed, one must be a vegetable, to believe ITF claim. ITF launched Plan B, which proved to be much more effective, because it uses purely administrative method of enforcement. All it needs are colluding national PSC and Maritime Authorities, and NWO has plenty of those. Ships are detained because of MLC violations, because shipowners “failed” to change crews in accordance with contract timeline. Ships are detained, more often than not, in countries, where crew change is impossible, because it’s prohibited by Govs. It’s an abyss of hypocrisy, and betrayal of both seamen and shipowners. It’s a domino principle – one ship is detained for indefinite period of time, shipowner is suffering tremendous losses, he’s delaying other crews changes and wages, so on and so forth. At worst, he’s going bankrupt, with detained ships and crews stranded at ports, without any support, except probably, instant noodles and bottled water, supplied by charities or ITF itself, in its’ infinite generosity.
You get the point, I believe: NWO is covertly taking control of vitally important components of shipping business, via its’ orks (maritime organizations), but with that, lets shipowner be. So he’s carrying all the costs and bearing all responsibilities, he’s to be blamed for any fault, but de-facto, he isn’t in control of these components. He isn’t controlling his crews, in case of labor component.

Final stage – total mandatory “digitalization”
Aside from labor, the rest of second-wave projects covers and is related to, so-called “digitalization”, in all its’ aspects: cyber security; ECDIS and safety of navigation; and “optimization”, already termed as “operational technology (OT) revolution”. Digitalization is pushed as aggressively, as “zero-emission” agenda. And of course, as usual, as in any other aspect, shipping is ,,,” still lagging behind on digital standardisation and data sharing”… Sure. Shipping is always lagging behind in everything, except for one thing – being most cheap and effective method of transportation, or in other words, being one of most successful industries, the jewel in the crown of NORMAL capitalistic global economy. But that’s exactly what globalists are against, and what their agenda doesn’t need. Hence “lagging behind”, and other crimes of always guilty of everything, shipping, and shipowners.
To cut that “digitalization/datasharing/standartisation” crap short – the bottomline is, shipping industry badly “needs” data sharing and standartisation, and that requires universal standards and mandatory regulations. Idea is, all ships and management offices are to be fitted with data collectors and transponders, covering absolutely all aspects of ships’ performance and management businesses, and sending all data to those magic cloud and blockchain technologies. Shipping is to give out vital information to something and somebody, without any idea how, by whom, and to what purposes, it will be used. The scheme is obvious: First stage – universal standards and mandatory regulations, requiring data collecting and sharing; Second stage – only certified, outsourced hi-tech companies can do the job properly. Third stage – shipowners are at the mercy of end-line data recipients and users. What’s the “end-line”, exactly? Globalists already stated it openly:

UN/CEFACT (United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and e-Business) has also initiated a new project requested by a number of member states and governmental organisations for tracking and tracing, with the aim to track, trace and monitor anything considered a product or service that may be identified by an ID from seller to buyer, and vice-versa in case of returns.
This project will identify how global (data) standards, such those described in this article, may be used to deliver seamless end-to-end tracking across any mode of transport for a variety of use cases occurring most frequently in supply chains. The solution to this data communications impediment in today’s supply chains is an imperative building block toward providing more seamless intermodal tracking, which will help facilitate future international trade.

One can’t buy any of their “digitalization benefits” stories, either – because there are none. It’s all crap and BS. Just one example – they’re trying to convince us in gains owner will benefit, if “optimizing” ship’s machinery performance and fuel consumption. What a BS! To gain any perceptive, worthy of bothering with, benefits by petty economizing, one needs a stable and predictable, market-based, economy and business environment, not the madness we’ve been plunged into. All your idiotic “benefits” will be eaten away, many times over, by just one crew change operation going awry, or by ship’s detention under MLC violations pretext. Or look at Sulphur Cap Regulation fuel switch consequences. Or think about oncoming “decarbonization” tax on air.

Good old slavery, or serfdom. Nothing new, actually.
To round it all up, shipowners will be allowed to exist, but they will be deprived of vital controls over their vital assets, including physical ones, including even ship’s navigation. Ship is to be under command of Master and shipowner only so far, but if deemed “dangerous”, for whatever reason, she may be taken over by controllers in ships traffic control centers
*AI, ECDIS and other digital wizardries are a topic for another story – suffice to say for now, that mighty God-like AI agenda is a bluff, a myth, pure BS, from scientific point of view. – V.M.
Crews are already under UN control (via ILO/ITF), though not yet under total control. Shipowners, with that, will be, in all aspects of their business, as transparent, as a newborn child. Any deal or transaction may be cancelled by some invisible and unknown controller, without any possibility of disputing the unlawful act of UN/CEFACT or “a number of member states and governmental organizations”.
So, again, we come to the same unhappy end – shipowner is responsible for everything, pays for everything, and does all the job, but de-facto, owns nothing, and lacks control over his own assets.
The whole scheme of future green and sustainable shipping, therefore, is crystal-clear and absolutely not new, it’s a social engineering, used since Biblical times – it’s a slavery or a serfdom, but it’s not a fiefdom, where feudal lords enjoyed power over their assets. A slave is given a piece of land and some cattle, to grow crops and give up lion’s share of his hard toil’s fruits to a lord, a Master. Slave doesn’t have any rights, and his ownership is illusory.
Can an entrepreneur find his niche and shelter in there? Yes, why not. But to what avail? What will shipowner gain by his strenuous and very demanding toils? According to New Normal shipping, he is to own nothing except responsibilities and bills to pay. He is to survive in absolutely hostile legislation environment, where ships can’t function and be managed without bending, dodging and breaking the laws. All the shipping does it, from crews to managers, from small shipowners to major ones. The existing, absurdly prohibitive and control-hungry, legislation, is incompatible with normal work and normal life by any human, any common sense standard. Everybody knows it, but remains silent. No protest, no criticism, just dumb kneeing and submission.
A New Normal life we’re all pushed into, is promising us absolutely dystopian future with no property, no civil rights, no savings, artificial and rationed food, severely rationed power consumption, and many other, no less wonderful, things, which allegedly, will save the survivors from viruses, and will save (from us) environment (and the whole planet) for elites to enjoy it.
Shipowner may retire, doesn’t he? To enjoy life of retiree, leisure and coziness, to be paid for by his savings and assets. Well, those who still hold this dream as a final way out, are morons, lagging behind the insane reality. Heard anything about wealth re-distribution? About the World Debt Reset program? About many other beautiful things, written in Agendas and Programs, voiced by the UN/WEF/EU/US Dems… etc.? If not, you better do your homework, now.

Your only hope, shipowners, lies with…
There’s no way out except resistance. Actually, everybody is resisting the oncoming New World Order, even most dumb left-oriented millenials or environmentalists, or fanatic believers in “pandemic” cult, when NWO inhuman requirements hamper and endanger their lives. It is called a passive resistance – when it’s impossible or very uncomfortable, to stick to dystopian regulations, everybody is dodging and violating them. Everybody. It’s a law of life, a natural law, as exact, as any of your physics or mathematics. In the long run, it’s exactly that thing, passive resistance, which ruined all the tyrannical regimes in history. But it takes too much time and too many dead, killed by evil and power obsessed maniacs. What we face now, is unprecedented in its’ scale (but not in the idea itself, it’s as old as sin) – these modern WEF/Silicon Valley born maniacs are trying to enslave all the world, no place to escape left, it will be a worldwide green, sustainable slave/death camp.
I’m among millions, or tens of millions, of those, who’re actively resisting, by whatever means we have. Shipping isn’t among active resistance movement. Shipping will remain passive and subdued, I’m sure of it. So, my dear fkg shipowners, the only real hope you have not just for any future, but for survival itself, lies with active resistance, including yours truly, of which resistance you’re no part, and obviously, aren’t going to be. We fail, you end your days in misery. The only good thing in our failure is, you deserve your miserable future. That will be justice itself. A Big Purge.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.