Shipping decarbonisation: never ending process

Let’s assume, that all the world shipping, all ships, will become absolutely “clean”, with zero-emission, starting tomorrow. By some miracle or wizardry, it doesn’t matter. What will happen to all NGOs, “concerned” with environment; to intl maritime bodies; to a filthy anti-ships propaganda in mainstream and industry media – will it all disappear, will everybody cool down and be happy, and praise new green clean shipping? Of course, the answer is NO with capital letters.
To understand what’s really going on, and why the process of smearing shipping with “pollution” absurdities and lies, will go on, and won’t stop, whether there’s emission or non is left, one has to understand the basics of all of it. Why do UN and all its’ puppets attack shipping? The answer is to be found in the UN Agenda 2021. UN/globalists must control all the key industries, and shipping is one of the key ones. It’s written in Agenda 2021, in WEF papers, it’s everywhere in the mainstream.
Controlled shipping is planned to become highly ineffective and very costly. Here’s one good illustration of what’s to come, it’s an OCEANBIRD ugly monster project, concocted by “environmentally conscious” Wallenius. It’s a project of a 7,000-car wind-powered car carrier. The whole concept is an insult to human ingenuity and intellect. I don’t believe this monster, be it built, will last long – well, until first good storm and some major accident. But it’s not the point, the point is, how much more costly will become cars transportation? Cars will be affordable, in full accord with Agenda 2021, only for elites. Commons will have to reconcile themselves to public transport, to bikes and to jogging, of course with muzzles on.

NGO monster
A monster NGO-based mechanism was built in a course of pushing UN Agenda, during last 3 decades, and now it’s at its’ fullest, ruling the waves, the ships, and everything else still afloat and moving. The scheme is in its’ essence, very primitive. NGOs are tasked with concocting false studies and reports, by either falsifying and twisting data, or simply by open, undisguised lies. They aren’t afraid of being debunked, being shamed or sued, because they’re are part of the mainstream, totally immune to any and all criticism or scrutiny, or open discussion. They’re directed by their masters (UN/IMO/ILO/…etc.) what is it they have to do, what figures and what conclusions they’re to fabricate, in their “studies”. On the base of these “sensational” reports, calling for immediate action or else the planet will die (fry, flood, starve, draught…), intl legislative bodies draft and implement new laws, rules, regulations, restrictions, levies, taxes. Each such lie which generates new legislation, is a golden mine for a number of other parties, from national law enforcement to production and engineering companies including private (run by mindless and irresponsible idiots). All of them taken together, devour enormous amounts of money and resources, doing at best, something absolutely unnecessary, or at worst, directly undermining and ruining a very effective, successful, industry. All of them are colluding in crimes against humanity.

Zero-emission isn’t a solution
If tomorrow we’ll make all cargo ships emission-free, NGOs will immediately find other faults and other threats – noise, ships movement endangering species, seamen wastes dumped overboard and poisoning environment – it can be anything, the result will be the same – shipping will have to search for solutions to be allowed to carry vitally important goods around the globe, goods which literally, keep humanity alive, including regretfully, the filth and the slime of NGOs and their masters.
Here’s an illustration – soon after Sulphur Cap was implemented and ships switched to low-sulphur fuels, one of the most noisy (most eager for extra funds and publicity) NGOs came up with “sensational study” – new fuels may be sulphur-clean, but they’re a disaster in itself, because they contribute to global warming. Wow! What to do? Luckily, though, NGOs have been told by their masters to stick this report up their a…, and shut the f…k up, because other, bigger scenarios are under way. NGOs went low, cursing their bad luck, no doubt.
10 years ago when Climate Change madness was in the process of unfolding, and there were first reports and demands to switch to new fuels including LNG, some owners published a short report on LNG greenhouse effect, vastly exceeding that of conventional fuels. Report was ignored and forgotten. Now some NGOs already scathe LNG as a bad choice. Scrubbers are also found to be bad. Other fuels are required by “environmentalists”, most idiotic and insane, like bio fuels, destructive both for nature and for economy. If the ships switch to these fuels, NGOs will, when the time comes, declare them harmful and destructive, and demand something else.
It’s a non-stop process of destroying and degrading shipping into ineffective and costly transportation industry, and that’s exactly what UN Agenda aims to achieve, in order to drastically reduce mankind consumption of everything, from electricity to food.
It’s a sustainable mechanism, industry if you like, which could go on forever, be it not restricted by the boundaries of most basic laws of Nature, including human nature, and society. Like any parasite, this one can survive and thrive only so far, only until host body is alive. Parasites and malignant tumors kill the body, hence the inevitable finale – the ugly monster will die.

If NWO wins, albeit not for long, then shipping will shrink to a size suiting Agenda 2021 goals, i.e. become very costly and unaffordable, providing a miserable existence for all the mankind, with the exception of the elites. Shipping suiting Agenda 2021 may be driven by sail or by hydrogen or by conventional fuels, it may be coal steaming, UN and globalists can’t care less, because they know, that man-made GW claim is a sham. NGOs and the majority of maritime organizations will become unnecessary, and thrown away like toilet paper after use. But NGOs will be wasted first, they’re most dispensable, and most despised by all, from their masters to shipping to each and every decent human.
Nothing positive in sight, not now nor in foreseen future – the evil of leftism is on the winning march, all around the globe. The shipping is just one of the victims. There’s a passive resistance of course, with shipowners, managers and crews dodging and sabotaging “green agenda” in whatever way they can, but there’s no open resistance, no protest. And won’t be, for all I know. It takes a man, a personality, to fight for freedom. Not many left around, speaking broadly, and none whatsoever, if looking at shipping.



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.