Shipowners are to blame for crew change crisis, because they don’t like concentration camp

The ‘Leaders in Shipmanagement’ webinar took place on 8 September, discussing shipowners respond to crew change crisis, and other topics, with participation of CEOs of major shipping companies, ICS, ILO, etc. – well, regular (and the only) participants of “high-level” shipping webinars. Rounding it all up, it was one more bla-bla event, meaningless for one reason at least – there was no in-deep, frank and unbiased analysis of situation in general, such analysis being something fundamentally necessary, to go on with discussions on probable crisis solutions.
There was one interesting speech, highlighting a problem I’ve been writing about for months, but I’ll leave it for another article coming soon.
As for the rest, I was most astounded by a speech by one CEO of one of major EU shipping companies, and by the praise it got from one of industry media outlets. I just don’t know what’s more stupid, that speech or outlet appraisal of it. According to outlet, speech was “…one of the most candid speeches from any shipowner at any industry webinar this year…”
OK, what’s so outstanding in there, what did our most candid CEO so fearlessly say? Well, he blamed shipowners for crew change crisis, because of their longtime FOC practice, necessary to avoid heavy taxes and tight regulations. According to CEO’s logic, each and every honest and responsible shipowner – extending it further, each and every honest citizen – should seek for most stringent tax and laws regime, and go for it. If we apply this logic to everyday life and society, we’d inevitably, come to a conclusion, that the best place for all honest and responsible people is a prison, or labor/concentration camp, as the most regulated place on Earth. States of FOC didn’t provide, and can’t provide, any real assistance to crews, or much needed influence on an international scale, to turn the tide and make Governments around the world more friendly towards crews and crew change, according to CEO’s speech. I wonder, what is it exactly non-FOC States did and do for their shipowners, their ships and their seamen, to help them in their desperate situation? How do non-FOC States heavy taxes and tight regulations help shipowners and crews in this crisis?
It’s not the first time I’ve been stupefied by major CEOs’ intellect. Last year, there was a Climate Change event in UN HQ, well-known for the immortal “How dare you?” phrase, spat by foamy lips of an infamous Swedish teen. There were many other speakers, of course, and among them, CEO of the biggest shipowner of the world (who shortly after this event, deserted this company and went to its’ main rival, which says a world about majors morals, habits and very healthy environment). I tried to watch his speech, but couldn’t stand even a full minute of it. It was void of any thought, of anything of any interest, anything worth any attention, it was empty bla-bla, crystal and pure virtue signaling. I was astounded by intellectual level of this person, equal to that of Swedish teen. I somehow, feel, that if this CEO (and others like him) will be replaced by your average Western teen, brainwashed by mainstream agenda, nobody will notice a difference.
What’s more appalling and more sad, I still wonder – webinar CEO speech, or industry outlet response?



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.