Polish freighter accused in non-authorized anchorage, Vietnam

Polish general cargo ship PADEREWSKI was cited with administrative violation by Vietnamese Coast Guard on Aug 31, for anchoring in Vietnamese waters without proper authorization. Not clear how could the ship violate laws and regulations of sailing in Vietnamese waters, considering her voyage details. The ship left Map Ta Phut, Thailand, on Aug 24, bound for Dung Quat, Vietnam. She arrived at Vietnamese waters on Aug 27 and anchored north of Dung Quat, waiting most probably, for berth or order, a typical situation. On Aug 30 she was spotted by CG, and boarded by CG next day. CG officers filed an administrative violation case, the ship moved to Dung Quat same day and anchored on port’s anchorage. Most probably, owner/Master will be fined, though not clear, for what crime or misdemeanor.
General cargo ship PADEREWSKI, IMO 9731389, dwt 31673, built 2016, flag Cyprus, manager CHINESE-POLISH JOINT STOCK.



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