Dystopian future is here, ask seamen how does it look like

Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) issued “recommendations for “owners, managers and agents to adopt additional precautionary measures when carrying out crew changes on Singapore-registered ships”.
To say that it’s outrageous, is to say nothing. It’s humiliating, it’s abusing basic human rights, it’s after all, humanly impossible to follow, if one’s a human, not a transhuman semi-robot they (globalists) want us to be. What it is, instructions for wardens of maximum security prison containing extremely dangerous criminals? Instructions for future GULAG guards? A man is about to leave his family, wife, siblings, parents probably, for at least 6-month period, to be secluded on a ship without possibility even to walk on pier when in port. A man is to be confined for 6 and more months in a steel cage. And he can’t, mustn’t interact with his family, during last days of his leave? Seaman’s job presently, is much more dangerous than it ever was during last decades, many thanks to IISPS, “pandemic”, piracy, growing drug trafficking, etc. And seaman can’t embrace and kiss his wife and his children, before he goes into unknown and unpredictable future?
Something is deadly wrong with all the authorities of nearly all nations, including maritime authorities.
Watch video below, to appreciate real threats of that Wuhan-Chinese-COVID-Gates “deadly virus”.
Isolation period
Due to the incubation period of the COVID-19, signing-on crew is recommended to observe a 14-day isolation period with the following measures in place:
a) The crew should remain in his/her place of residence at all times during the isolation period.
b) The crew should not leave his/her place of residence at all times, even if it is to purchase food and essentials. If necessary, the crew may opt for home delivery services or enlist the assistance of others for his/her daily necessities.
c) The crew should avoid interaction with household members.
d) If sharing a house with others, the crew should stay isolated in his/her own room and with a dedicated toilet.
e) The crew should monitor his/her health closely, i.e. twice daily for fever (i.e. ≥38°C) and respiratory symptoms such as cough and breathlessness. The crew shall maintain a temperature log, which may be provided to relevant authorities upon completion of the 14-days isolation period.
f) Should there be any delays in departure flight, the crew should continue to serve his/her isolation until he/she departs his/her country.
Place of residence
a) The agent should be aware of the crew’s place of residence and the number of household members there are.
b) If there are other household members, the agent should ensure that the crew has a room with a toilet of his/her own for self-isolation.
c) If (b) is not achievable, the company should find an appropriate isolation facility for the crew during this period.
Periodical monitoring of crew serving isolation
a) The agent handling the crew sign-on is recommended to conduct daily random sampling checks – ensuring that the crew is in isolation. A log of the checks should be maintained.
b) The crew should maintain a log of his/her daily temperature readings.



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