Tug and barge accident in Duluth Canal, Lake Superior VIDEO

Pusher tug and barge PRESQUE ISLE, loaded with iron ore, in the morning Jul 13 left Duluth Port, Minnesota, Lake Superior, bound for Conneaut, Ohio, Lake Erie. Barge contacted, visibly, embankment while passing Duluth Canal, PRESQUE ISLE passed the Canal, but was anchored, off Canal in Lake, and later returned to Duluth Harbor. As of morning Jul 14, PRESQUE ISLE remained berthed at Duluth. Canal embankment didn’t suffer any damages, because PRESQUE ISLE didn’t contact structure, but did contact underwater basement of the embankment. Understood PRESQUE ISLE hull integrity was compromised in the accident.
Pusher tug and barge PRESQUE ISLE, IMO 7303877, flag USA, operator KEY LAKES.



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