One more merchant ship fell victim to migrants trafficking

One more cargo ship fell victim to migrants trafficking schemes – on Jul 3 livestock carrier TALIA, while en route from Libya to Spain, was ordered by either MRCC Malta or Malta Naval Forces, to pick up “distressed” migrants, south of Lampedusa, Italy. According to crew, they’ve been promised a quick relief, all illegal migrants were to be taken on board of Malta Naval patrol boat. It didn’t happen. Italy rejected entry in its’ waters, Malta doesn’t want one more pack of invaders, either. The ship arrived at Malta outer anchorage early on Jul 5, and remains anchored, awaiting the decision of EU and coastal States. A bunch of NGO vultures are already feasting on incident, all usual suspects – AlarmPhone, Sea-Watch, etc. They’re already in hysterics, demanding what they usually demand, with enthusiastic assistance of globalist mainstream media.
Livestock carrier TALIA, IMO 7910888, GT 4757, built 1980, flag Lebanon, manager TALIA SHIPPING Lebanon.



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