Tanker broke in two, sank or sinking, Mediterranean

Product tanker LADY SANDRA was caught in rough seas and issued distress signal at around 2030 UTC Mar 25, reporting severe structural damages and hull about to break in two, E of Valetta Malta. Tanker broke in two, 3 crew found themselves in water after their life raft was ruptured. All 3 were rescued by Malta Armed Froces ship, and brought to Malta. Tanker or her aft half together with superstructure, was still afloat as of 0600 UTC Mar 26.
Absolutely unclear how this inland tanker got to sail in Mediterranean, and who allowed this river ship to navigate high seas, even if she was deployed for bunkering only. Crew include 2 Egyptians and 1 Romanian.
Inland product tanker LADY SANDRA, MMSI 232025973, length 90 meters, flag Togo.



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