Tanker dragged anchor, drifting towards coast, Gulf of Mexico UPDATE

Product tanker MARIANO ABASOLO at night Feb 21 dragged anchor, drifting towards coast at Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, on arrival from Tampico, understood in ballast. The ship can’t hold against strong wind and waves brought by cold front, even with working engine. Tugs from Coatzacoalcos can’t be deployed, weather is too rough for them.
Feb 23: Tanker managed, under own power or assisted by tugs, to move to anchorage away from coast, and as of Feb 23, she remained safely anchored. There were news on Aframax tanker URAGA PRINCESS troubled at Coatzacoalcos anchorage, drifting dangerously close to shore, but news are obviously, wrong, URAGA PRINCESS (IMO 9439204) being mistaken for MARIANO ABASOLO. URAGA PRINCESS was moving in legs, waiting for weather improvement.
Product tanker MARIANO ABASOLO, IMO 9470947, dwt 37809, built 2009, flag Mexico, manager PEMEX.



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