Authorities panic, or know the truth? Leaked shocking virus stats.

Philippines: Cebu – In executive order issued by Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia on Feb 6, all foreign vessels that have visited China and its administrative regions 14 days before arriving here shall also not be allowed to immediately dock at any of the more than 30 public and private ports around the province.
The incoming vessels will be placed on a designated anchorage, where a quarantine inspection team will board them to assess the health of all the crew members. Once cleared by the quarantine team, the ship may be allowed to dock for the sole purpose of loading and unloading cargoes.
No crew member shall be allowed to disembark from the vessel, and no person will also be allowed to board the ship aside from the quarantine team.
Negros Occidental Province
Ships from China, Hong Kong and Macau are banned from anchoring, berthing or docking at the San Carlos City Port in northern Negros Occidental Province, Negros island.
All ships are directed to proceed to the ports of Cebu or Manila, as the San Carlos port doesn’t have quarantine facilities or qualified quarantine personnel.
Busan Korea: Busan container terminals are on the verge of container capacity, piled up with containers waiting for shipment.
Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese media report numerous ships being kept at sea, off ports of Australia and Singapore, because of quarantine. Some ships, they say, are running out of supplies, including food.

Are such strict measures towards cargo ships justified? We don’t know, as we can’t assess situation and risks, because of lack of trustworthy information. What we are supposed to make out of this?
Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths
Tencent briefly lists 154,023 infections and 24,589 deaths from Wuhan coronavirus
Taiwan News

In view of the above accidentally leaked numbers, harsh preventive measures implemented by authorities of some countries, including most extreme one of 14-day quarantine of all ships coming from China PRIOR to health checks and virus test, don’t look all that stupid or rash. Maybe authorities know more than we do, including these numbers, but stick to cover-up, favorable game of all the ruling elites of all times? Who knows.
Still, I believe that among all involved in international movements, transportation and border crossing, cargo ships are least virus risky, and considering vital importance of their role in supply chains, they must be given a priority in health checks, to be docked and handled as quickly as possible. Cargo ships crews are some 15-30 people, all living in easy to isolate quarters. Why not berth the ships as scheduled, and carry out tests and screening while simultaneously, handling cargo? Crews of ships arriving from China (or any Asian port, if they call some Americas countries) are banned from leaving the ship, anyway. All the more so, if leaked information, including very distressing, gruesome videos from China, published even by mainstream media, is grossly exaggerated, or even fake, though it doesn’t look like fake, not at all.
Voytenko Mikhail
Feb 7 2020



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