Aframax tanker crew requested repatriation from Shanghai, turned down

18 crew of Aframax tanker STI ROSE requested replacement and repatriation from Shanghai, where tanker is presently docked, pending 2-month repairs at ship repair yard. 21 crew include 10 Russian, 10 Filipino and 1 Greek nationalities. Russian seamen also contacted Russian General Consular in Shanghai, with the same request. Shanghai isn’t listed in red-hot zones stricken by coronavirus epidemics, and according to Consular and ship’s Greek management, there’s no clear and present danger of infection, but sailors want to be on the safe side and insist on repatriation. The crew didn’t get enough supplies of face masks, they have been provided with only 100 masks, while each such mask should be replaced with new one each 2 hours, so the crew isn’t protected by masks for quite some time already. Russian authorities, therefore, rejected seamen in repatriation. They turned to ITF, but with the same result.
Presently, crew is banned from shore leaves, for whatever purposes, except maybe, repairs-related.
Crude oil tanker STI ROSE, IMO 9696682, dwt 109999, built 2015, flag Marshall Islands, manager OPTIMUM, Greece.



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