Chief officer assaulted with knife, badly injured seaman VIDEO

Russian media, mainstream and local, reported a bloody knife fight on board of a vessel, which was identified by media as “tanker”, without any other details. Somehow, fight was filmed, and all media posted that video. The ship was in Kerch Strait near Kavkaz Port, accident occurred on Jan 30 or 31. Chief officer, naked torso, punched one of the crew in the face and then struck him four times with a knife, in stomach and breast. He was stopped by another crew, later arrested, now in custody, under investigation. He may be sentenced up to 10 years. Wounded crew was hospitalized in a bad condition, but understood, not life-threatening. Chief officer is of Russian nationality. It is said, that there was an ongoing conflict between 33-year old Chief Officer and seaman he assaulted.
If anyone knows ship’s details, please advise [email protected]



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