Tanker managed to unmoor in adverse weather, avoiding major accident

Product tanker STONE 1 was offloading gas oil at Aabernaa Fjord, Denmark, Little Belt, when in the morning Jan 4 strong wind battered the area and moored tanker. Mooring lines started to snap, tanker managed to start engine and move away from berth. In the process of unmooring some 30 tons (according to officials and media) of oil leaked overboard, not exactly clear how – either pump wasn’t stopped in time, or hose broke, or both. Tanker anchored in Aabernaa Fjord, and as of Jan 5, remained in the same position. Nobody was injured, tanker understood not to suffer any damages. Crew, hopefully, won’t be blamed for leak, they managed to do most important thing – to take tanker away from pier in dire emergency, thus avoiding major disaster.
Product tanker STONE 1, IMO 9380582, dwt 37889, built 2008, flag Marshall Islands, manager ZENITH GEMI ISLETMECILIGI AS.



Erofey is a Merchant Marine Captain with more than 20 years experience in commanding oil tankers. He works as a Captain, being most of his time at sea. He contributes maritime news.