Shipping analysts failed to grasp Green New Deal disastrous consequences

Recently published report by consultants Maritime Strategies International (MSI) on decarbonisation implications for the global shipping industry draw a lot of attention around, and not only in industry media. The biggest surprise lies not in report itself, but in surprising reaction it triggered, like it was a revelation, something nobody before could think of, or foresee. Like it wasn’t clear until report release, that we’re in for very hard times.
As for report itself, it is staggeringly superficial, to a point of being misleading. The basic approach is narrowed to the impact on bulk and liquid cargoes and carriers, and even that impact is calculated in distinctively mechanistic manner. It calculates the reduction of bulk and oil cargo volumes (and bulk/tanker fleet respectively) in accordance with Paris Agreement, and more broadly, with the UN Green Agenda, timeline and goals. It’s pure arithmetic, secondary school, plus, minus, equals.

It doesn’t matter if one’s Climate Change Cult worshipper, or Global Warming denier, because oncoming economical and political disaster will hit us all, equally hard, for many it will be a lethal blow. Abstract yourself from your belief or disbelief in climate apocalypsis, and try to evaluate proposed “rescue planet” agenda, from the point of view of global, national and industry economy. Have a look at three documents – UN Agenda 21/30, The Green New Deal and the plan to fight global warming in the EU. They’re the same because they originated from one source, from the UN. In a decade’s time, they plan to eliminate following industries, vitally important for our existence:
Fossil fuels and all conventional energy infrastructure;
Aviation industry;
Cattle farming with all related infrastructure – actually, UN wants all modern agriculture to be radically changed, planning to replace natural food with insects, chemical food and soy-based imitations;
All cars and other private vehicles types.
With that, they plan to enforce us into “responsible consumption” ways of life, in order to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. We must eat less, dress poorly, move around by public transportation only, and switch to so-called “service economy” – no things of your own, nothing private – if you want an iron, or bed sheets, or bed itself, or a shower, or a room to spend a night, rent them, not own them.

New ideas on how to make our lives worse, or plain unbearable, emerge every passing day. Take for example, cruise industry – isn’t it a luxury which must be reserved for super elites only? Voilla – here comes campaign against cruise ships and long-distance travels. Cruise ships are horrific polluters, say junk science and unhinged “environmentalists”.
Everything, absolutely everything which makes our lives livable, let alone comfortable, is under fire, and severe criticism. Everything we do is ruining our dear mother Nature, though facts tell the opposite. Facts tell us that everything Climate Change Agenda says and does, is a lie, a hoax, fake, fraud and crime.

Should one to be a “researcher” and an “expert” to predict the results of Green New Deal? Its’ essence is the destruction of existing economy and industries, replacing them with severe rationing (power, food, consumer goods – you name it, everything will be rationed), which means that general poverty, hunger and mass unemployment will engulf all humankind or at least, regions and countries stupid enough to fall for Climate Change insanity.

The UN and Climate Change freaks attack West, closing eyes on such main CO2 emitters, as China and India (keep in mind, that man-made CO2 is no threat or harm, with or without USA, or EU, or China, or India), but don’t fool or reassure yourself – ruining only the EU economy will be more than enough to take down global economy. If Dems win in USA, the result will be the same – severe global crisis with absolutely unpredictable consequences, including economical, social and political chaos, not just in USA, but throughout the world.

There’s no such thing as modern economy, based on so-called “renewable” energy. The whole idea is a lunacy. There are no “millions of jobs” to be created by Green New Deal, but there are tens and hundreds of millions jobs to become extinct, if anti-human UN Agenda wins.
There’s no gradual switch to new “sustainable” economy, allowing enough time for shipping industry to somehow, fit in the new wonderful world. The collapse will go in a landslide, after some comparatively short period of slow descend and recession (which is already under way in renewables global leader Germany, or France).
There will be no cargoes to carry, including containerized cargoes:
“…Whilst some sectors of the shipping market would be relatively unscathed – containerships being the most notable – sectors in which hydrocarbons make up a significant proportion of the cargo mix would undergo decades of stagnant or falling demand…” said the MSI Report.
What?! Relatively unscathed? The whole bloody UN scheme is aimed at radical consumption cut and severe rationing, and MSI analysts believe, that container sector will go off unscathed?

There may be two possible explanations to such an astonishing conclusion on container sector:
1 – report authors don’t take UN Agenda seriously, remaining in belief, that it will all somehow, settle down, leaving global economy and consumption/production more or less “unscathed”;
2 – authors utterly failed to comprehend and asses the UN Agenda goals and consequences, and globalists determination in pursuing Agenda goals.

Here’s latest example of how deadly serious globalists are, in pursuing Green New Deal:
Indonesia rejected to implement Sulphur Cap in its’ coastal shipping, but several days later, Indonesia capitulated:
Shipping association INTERTANKO on Friday (16 August) published a statement clarifying Indonesia’s position on IMO 2020; contrary to the country’s earlier stance, it will now comply with the new global 0.5% sulphur limit for marine fuels.

I have no doubt that there was some kind of agreement achieved – Indonesia can ease or ignore Sulphur Cap regulation in nation’s coastal shipping sector, as long as officially and in public, it keeps saying that the regulation is implemented.
UN fears open rebellion much more than it cares for factual Sulphur Cap implementation, simply because the main plotters behind Green Agenda believe in Global Warming no more than any of your Climate Change denier, they aren’t that stupid, and they articulate and admit it, by the way, openly. They’re in for power, and rescuing planet crap is for idiots.

What is scaring, is the ease with which nations give up their sovereignty and obey to the UN and its’ puppet “international bodies”, the mass betrayal of nations interests, demonstrated by politicians and “leaders”.

August 2019



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. It was me who made public, and unravel, freighter ARCTIC SEA mystery. I've been also closely involved in a number of maritime disaster, one of them being MSC FLAMINIA major fire.