Responsible comrades and Green New World

Do you know what term “responsible comrade” means? It’s an official Soviet term, applied to person entitled with power, according to person’s rank and position in Soviet Union ruling class, Nomenklatura (in modern Orwell’s new language, it is called “elite”). Commons were, by default, treated as irresponsible persons, though they were also called comrades. “Responsible comrades” lived in their socialist haven, with no shortages of food, consumer goods or comfortable housing, in dire contrast with us, commons. Their way of life was a State Secret, fiercely guarded by KGB, militia and military. They’ve been living behind high walls and armed guards. Everything they did was opposite to what they’ve been ordering us to do – but you see, they enjoyed luxuries, because they were “responsible comrades”, they were entitled to higher way of living, they deserve it, unlike us, serfs. But still, they were comrades, and we also, were comrades. A baron ruling region or factory or shipping company, as his own fiefdom, called a common “comrade”, and a serf while listening to ruler’s orders, also addresses him as “comrade”, not Your High Excellency or Sire or Your Highness. That’s what the Marxists scum call “equality”.

Since late last year, we witness an ongoing, growing, absolutely unhinged, hysterical and grotesque, series of campaigns, each based on a new “scientific study”, each “study” being more apocalyptic than its’ predecessor. I mean of course, so-called “Climate Change existential threat” hoax, based on lies and nothing, but lies.
Mainstream media and politicians, members of modern global Nomenklatura class, call us to restrict our needs and our aspirations, to change the ways we live, eat and consume. Mainstream media are insanely propagating new “green” food, such as insects or artificial “meat”, mixture of soy or beans, and some chemical stuff. They call us to be ready for electricity, travel and housing space restrictions. We are to prepare ourselves for austerity and close to Dark Ages ways of life, in the name of saving the planet from non-existent threat, we’re to hand over our future and our lives (and our children’s future) to those who know better, who’re responsible and who’re heroically saving the planet from us and our comfortable living standards.

Well, ok, but let’s look at modern “responsible comrades”, and appreciate their ways of living – right now, when we’re all facing looming Global Warming disaster. Surely, they already changed old habits, and now they are eating chemicals and insects instead of natural products, and traveling as little as possible, preferring bicycle and commercial flights to limos and private jets? We all know the answer – nothing of the kind, they enjoy most polluting and most expensive ways of life, which money and power can buy.
Who’re they, those “responsible comrades”? Why, but of course, we know these comrades, all too well. Comrade Al Gore, comrade UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, comrade Macron, comrade Trudeau, comrade Sanders, comrade Putin, comrade Xi Jinping, the UN staff comrades, comrades CEOs of UN Branches (WHO, IMF, IMO, etc), comrades celebrities and royalties, comrades CEOs of major corporations and companies, comrades who’re staffing NGOs, comrades journalists, “experts” and whoring scientists – the list seems to be endless, well into hundreds of thousands.

They belligerently, in utter shamelessness, behave themselves, and live, like they’re the rulers of the world, absolutely unaccountable to humankind. They live and behave in such manner now – when there’s still some freedom of speech left, when internet is still free, partially at least. Can you imagine how will they behave themselves, if the UN Climate Action Summit 2019, to be held in NY in September, will enforce the UN “Green Agenda”? AOC’s notorious Green New Deal was just a test, a probe, but in general, that insane and antihuman “deal” of hers is a draft, a light version of the UN’s Agenda 2030 – a Plan to enslave humankind, without asking us if we agree to their dystopian anti-human future, or do we have plans of our own.

Educate yourselves – go to yet uncensored Internet, listen to lectures, read studies debunking the greatest and most shameful hoax in human history, that Global Warming scam. Compare what you’ll hear and read with mainstream media and Nomenklatura propaganda, and decide for yourself whom you trust more. Educate your family and your friends, your job colleagues – everybody you can reach. This is not existential climate change fear-mongering, this is real, clear and present, danger. “Responsible comrades” speed up the whole process of grabbing total power, they can’t wait, because the reality is proving, with each passing month and year, time and again, that all their fear-mongering was and is fake, and that there is only one existential threat we’re facing – the threat of leftist anti human theories and practices.

If you’re a staunch Climate Change Cult worshipper, no problem, remain in your delusion. Hopefully, you’ll recall this and other warnings, if your Green World New Order will materialize. Maybe then, in your misery, you’ll think again, maybe you’ll finally, understand, even if too late. Better later than never.
I’ll publish, ASAP, a list of links to most important and interesting online lectures debunking Climate Change scam and the mob behind it.

Now just a few:
Very interesting and enlightening lecture, giving in-deep understanding of all types of fuels basics, including solar and wind, and explaining, for example, solar/wind power paradox – the more solar/wind power we use, the more expensive and unreliable it becomes. Alex Epstein: “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” | Talks at Google The Other Side of the Global Warming Story Shouldn’t sea levels have risen by now? Global Warming: Was it Ever Really a Crisis? World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University) What is Going on with Antarctic Ice loss and Global Temperatures Corruption Of The US Temperature Record WELCOME TO 2030: I OWN NOTHING, HAVE NO PRIVACY AND LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER. AGENDA 21 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming Corruption inside the UN: the Strategic Implications



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